TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – He does not care if you are vaccinated or if you are unvaccinated. If you are a player on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers roster and you are traveling for a game, head coach Bruce Arians states you “ain’t going anywhere.”

Bucs kicker Ryan Succop tested positive for COVID-19 on Tuesday morning. He had attended an indoor dinner with a group of Tennessee Titans players ahead of that positive test.

That positive tests, essentially, serves as a warning for the other players. Succop, according to Arians, had been vaccinated.

“For us, life is not normal. We are pretty much under the same protocols, we are going to be under the same protocols, as last year because that is the way it is – especially living here,” Arians said. “And having Tennessee come in and going out to dinner, they found out the hard way, you know, and so did Ryan. We can only tell them so much but, once we get to 53 [on the roster,] even this weekend, our guys are going to make a bunch of sacrifices that you have to make now. Families at the hotel, all of those things, they are all out the window. They ain’t going anywhere. We are doing the same as last year.”