TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – Tom Brady took everyone by surprise Sunday night announcing he has some “Unfinished business” and will be coming back for his 23rd season in Tampa.

Bucs fans have been reeling with excitement about the news ever since.

“Regardless of if we go to the Super Bowl or not, it’s still going to be a good thing,” Bucs fan Kyle Martin said.

Martin tells WFLA it’s more than just having a superstar player like Tom Brady back on the team. His legacy and knowledge of the game are what truly make him the “GOAT.”

“To have that leadership for the young guys that are coming in, you can’t buy that. To have his mindset and his wherewithal, money can’t buy that so it’s good to have that in any locker room,” said Martin.

Brady’s return is also great news for those who bank on his name and image across the nation. Kevin Krim, CEO of Edo Inc, calls it “The Brady Effect.”

“We first saw the effect a couple years ago after Tom won that first Super Bowl in Tampa Bay,” said Krim.

EDO analyzes tv ads and what drivers consumers. He said live football is the number one influencer, but a flash of Brady is like liquid gold.

“Even though the NFL is already the best thing on TV, when Tom Brady is in a game on tv, the people are 15% more likely to engage with the ads in those games than the average across the NFL.”

Krim said the percentage doubles if Brady is seen during a playoff or Super Bowl game.

“That is the highest effect of any star quarterback that we’ve ever seen in our data sets.”