TAMPA (WFLA) – When Byron Kennedy went to Sunday’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers game, he could have never imagined how memorable of a day it would be.

Since that game, he’s been talked about on national media and his phone has been blowing up. Sports radio announcers are talking about his decision and sports memorabilia experts are debating over what the prize he had in his hands for a few brief moments, is worth.

Kennedy was sitting in the end zone with a friend when Buccaneers Quarterback Tom Brady threw his fourth touchdown of the game. It was coming right at him. Kennedy whipped out his phone to record the moment.

“Wanted to get a video of them scoring, coming straight at us, so I was actually videotaping that touchdown and actually stopped paying attention after he scored the touchdown,” said Kennedy. “I didn’t realize that he was coming to jump up and give me the ball until he was jumping up and giving me the ball.”

That ball was one Tom Brady used to throw his 600th touchdown pass which is an NFL record. Bucs wide receiver Mike Evans had no idea and tossed the ball to Kennedy. That made his day … perhaps his year.

“I just thought it was cool that I got a touchdown ball,” said Kennedy. “Not a historic touchdown ball. “

Andy Broome was also watching the game as a fan, but also as an expert. He is a senior grading finalizer with Certified Sports Guaranty. In layman’s terms, if it’s a piece of sports memorabilia that has significance, Broome knows what it’s worth.

He watched as Brady passed the ball, and then Evans passed the ball to Kennedy.

“I don’t think anyone really realized immediately what was going on,” said Broome. “And then once it was figured out that it was the 600th touchdown pass and the ball was handed off to a fan. I think everybody quickly realized, hey we gotta get this back.”

Kennedy says that is exactly what happened. Moments after catching the ball, a Bucs representative approached him.

“They said, is there any way we can get that ball back? And I said no. (laughs) Cause I didn’t care that it was the 600th touchdown ball, I just wanted the game ball that I got from the touchdown,” said Kennedy. “I just thought it was the coolest thing ever.”

The representative did not give up, and finally, Kennedy gave in.

“And he said listen, Tom Brady wants that football back. This is a record-breaking touchdown for him,” the man told Kennedy. ” And so I said, okay, I”m not going to say no to Tom Brady.”

Broome believes the ball is worth quite a chunk of change.

“There’s been talk that this is at least a half-million-dollar ball. It very well could be more than that. We could be talking 750,” said Broome. “I wouldn’t even be shocked if it did get close to a million.”

The team gave Kennedy another game ball and a gift certificate for merchandise in the team store. He knows the ball is worth a lot of money, but feels he did the right thing. He’s hoping the team sweetens the deal with, perhaps a round of golf with the GOAT.

“That would be really cool,” said Kennedy. “I remember watching Tom and Tiger Woods play in the celebrity pro am together and that looked like a blast.”