TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — The chemistry between a quarterback and his offensive line is key to a team’s success. For the Buccaneers, so far so good through their first game.

Head Coach Todd Bowles had a great way of explaining how Baker Mayfield has already won over his O-line. 

“He’s a quarterback with an offensive lineman mentality,” Bowles said.  

Mayfield’s physicality showed-up numerous times against the Vikings, getting in the mix when his team needed the yards. 

“He’s willing to go the extra mile to put his face in the fan when the situation calls for it and hopefully he doesn’t have to do that too much where he can get banged-up,” Bowles continued. 

From Mayfield’s side, it’s just his passion for the game shining through. 

“I love football,” Mayfield said when he was asked about his thoughts on Coach Bowles saying he’s a quarterback with an offensive lineman mentality. “It’s the game of football. It’s a physical game. I’ve always loved it, love contact. You can’t shy away from it. I think that’s how you get hurt. But obviously like I mentioned, playing quarterback’s a little bit different story so you definitely want to protect yourself. I always want to be a part of the guys. There’s something about that, just being involved, showing them that I like to get down and dirty with them as well.” 

His grit on the field is already contagious—quickly gaining respect from the guys in front of him especially. 

“Offensive linemen feed off of that and he becomes one of them,” Bowles continued. “It’s a rallying cry for the offense.” 

“He’s always got a lot of juice to him, a lot of fire to him,” said Bucs offensive lineman Tristan Wirfs. “Seeing him go do that – put his shoulder down, you know, it kind of gets you going a little bit.” 

And the respect is mutual, with Mayfield singing the praises of the group protecting him. 

“The expectations for that O-line compared to how they played – furthest thing from reality,” Mayfield said. “We knew what they were capable of. We knew what we had going into that game. So really proud of those guys and they’re only going to continue to get better, especially in the run game aspects as well.”