TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will look to redeem themselves this week after losing their third consecutive game for the first time since Tom Brady joined the roster.

After dipping below .500 following Thursday night’s loss to the Baltimore Ravens, the Bucs (3-5) will face off against the reigning Super Bowl Champions the Los Angeles Rams (3-4) at Raymond James Stadium.

Tampa Bay is currently 0-3 against the Rams over the 2020-21 seasons, which means Brady has yet to win against the Rams in a Buccaneers jersey.

4th Quarter

FINAL: Buccaneers 16 – Rams 13

0:09: False start called on Rams – 5-yard penalty.

0:13: TOUCHDOWNNN!!!!! Brady goes to Otton to score a TD for the Bucs. Tampa Bay takes the lead 16-13.

0:16: Brady throws incomplete to Evans. Pass interference called on the Rams.

0:24: Brady to Miller for a 14-yard gain. Bucs are closing into the end zone, they picked up 53 yards since having the ball.

0:44: Brady goes deep middle to Otton for a huge 28-yard pass.

0:54: Dixon punts 47 yards to TB40. Darden is unable to gain any yards and will stay at the 40.

1:39: Henderson runs, gains 1 yard.

1:52: Henderson runs up the middle for no gain thanks to Vea. Tampa Bay uses their second timeout.

2:06: Brady passes to Miller in the END ZONE and it hits his face mask – incomplete.

2:50: 1st & Goal, Godwin gains 1 yard.

3:35: Brady passes short right to Otton for 19 yards.

4:29: Brady goes to Miller for a 9-yard gain. Goes to Miller again on the next play and he picks up 7 yards.

5:43: Brady to Miller for a 4 yards.

6:33: SACK #4 FOR TAMPA BAY!! Genard Avery gets credit for the sack at LAR15.

8:07: Camarda kicks 54 yards and Rams run the ball for an 11-yard gain.

8:13: Succop hits a 50-yard field goal and it’s good!! Bucs add three more to the board. Rams 13, Bucs 9.

9:05: Despite the penalties hurting the Buccaneers, Brady goes to Fournette for a 15-yard gain. And with the 15-yard completion, Brady becomes the first player in NFL history with 100,000 career passing yards (regular season and postseason).

9:19: Brady passes short left to Otton for a 9-yard gain. Holding called on Tampa Bay – 10-yard penalty.

9:54: Clear shot from Brady to Godwin for a 7-yard gain.

11:12: Brady goes to Otton for a 10-yard gain and gets the first down.

11:47: Dixon punts 52 yards, Darden runs 9 yards before running out of bounds.

12:38: Stafford goes to Kupp for a 1-yard loss.

13:34: Camarda punts 66 yards to end zone – touchback. Ball looked like it hit just short of the goal line.

13:39: Aaron Donald bats Brady’s pass – incomplete.

13:44: Pump fake by Brady to Evans and it’s an incomplete pass. Evans was already out of bounds so the catch wouldn’t have mattered, but that was frustrating to see considering last game, the Bucs would’ve had an opening drive touchdown if Evans made the catch.

14:08: Brady goes to Godwin, and they lost 2 yards on the play.

15:00: Fournette starts off the fourth quarter with a 3-yard run.

3rd Quarter

End of the third quarter: Rams 13 – Buccaneers 6

0:09: Bucs gain 6 yards after a short middle pass from Brady to Godwin.

0:13: Gay kicks a 35-yard field goal. The Rams now lead by one possession. Rams 13, Bucs 6.

1:36: DOWN GOES STAFFORD! Bucs have sacked the QB three times tonight. Rakeem Nunez-Roches takes him down this time with a 9-yard loss.

3:11: Stafford goes deep to Kupp for 34 yards as the Rams are edging closer to the end zone.

4:01: Aaron Donald takes down Brady at TB47 for a 8-yard loss.

5:21: Brady to Kieft for 6 yards.

5:32: Dixon punts 58 yards. Darden gains 15 yards on the run.

6:53: VITA VEA!!! He takes down Stafford for the second time tonight.

7:36: Carlton Davis makes a great stop on Akers. No gain for the Rams.

7:46: False start called on Anthony Nelson. This is the sixth penalty called on the Buccaneers. This is what’s been killing the Bucs all season long. Camarda punts again, this time for 74 yards – out of bounds.

7:46: Camarda punts 57-yeards, Powell runs it for 10 yards. Holding called on Tampa Bay during the punt.

8:02: Brady to Evans for an incomplete pass.

9:14: Gay kicks 65 yards from LAR35 to the end zone – touchback.

9:17: Rams go for the 26-yard field goal attempt and it’s good. Rams now lead 10-6.

9:22: Stafford passes incomplete to Ben Skowronek, who was wide open in the end zone.

9:54: Stafford goes to Kupp for a quick 3 yards.

10:42: Darrell Henderson runs for 23 yards before Sean Murphy-Bunting takes him down at the TB11. That run was the longest one for the Rams so far this year.

12:07: Stafford goes to Malcolm Brown to get the first down. He ran for 10-yards before being pushed out of bounds.

13:21: Stafford to Robinson for a quick 15-yard gain.

14:17: Camarda comes in to punt after an iffy start to the second half for the Buccaneers. Powell runs for 41 yards before being pushed out. Holding called on Rams for a 10-yard loss.

14:25: Brady passes incomplete to Ko Kieft.

15:00: Matt Gay kicks 65 yards to the end zone – touchback.

2nd Quarter

End of the second quarter: Rams 7 – Buccaneers 6

0:23: Camarda kicks 73 yards and Powell runs the ball for 23 yards.

0:28: Succop comes back onto the field for a 38-yard field goal attempt and IT’S GOOD!! Bucs now trail by one point.

0:41: Fournette gets the first down, penalty called on Rams’ Terrell Lewis – declined. Bucs need to make something happen as the clock runs down to halftime.

1:15: Brady to Jones for a quick 9-yard gain.

1:41: Brady passes to Evans, ball is knocked out by Rams’ Derion Kendrick. Pass interference called on Kendrick – 32-yard penalty.

1:57: Godwin picks up 7 yards.

2:11: Dixon punts and Darden returns the ball on a 9-yard run. This is Dixon’s fifth punt of the game.

2:48: STAFFORD FUMBLES THE BALL, recovered by Rams at LAR35.

2:57: Stafford goes deep the Jefferson but the Bucs are right there and it’s incomplete.

3:03: Bucs bring out Ryan Succop for a 52-yard field goal attempt instead of going for it and it’s BLOCKED by the Rams at the 40. Rams’ Bobby Wagner blocked and recovered the ball.

3:46: Vaughn runs up the middle for a 1-yard loss.

4:44: Brady passes to Godwin for a 9-yard gain. Defensive offside called on Rams – declined.

6:33: Evans gets the first down for the Bucs. Rams’ Jalen Ramsey walks away shaking his head.

7:44: White goes up the middle for 7 yards. Next play, White goes up the middle again, no yards gained this time.

7:51: Dixon punts 48 yards – Darden makes a fair catch. Both teams have been struggling to reach first downs.

7:55: Stafford launches the ball short middle and Tryon was there waiting – almost intercepted the pass, but is incomplete.

9:28: Camarda punts 48 yards – fair catch made by Brandon Powell.

10:06: Brady throws short middle to Scotty Miller for a 6-yard gain.

10:09: Incomplete pass from Brady to Godwin, almost picked off by Rams.

10:23: Dixon punts 53 yards, Darden runs it back for 11 yards before going out of bounds.

10:26: Stafford throws over the head to Robinson – incomplete pass.

11:14: Stafford to Kupp with an incomplete pass – almost intercepted by Tampa Bay.

11:27: Camarda punts 48 yards to LAR19, downed by Bucs’ Anthony Nelson.

12:05: Brady passes short to Evans for 4 yards.

12:57: Bucs’ Rachaad White returns the punt with a 25-yard run.

13:08: Rams’ star wide receiver Cooper Kupp runs for a 69-yard touchdown. The extra point is good. Rams lead the Bucs 7-3.

14:15: Stafford passes 5 yards to Allen Robinson for the first down.

15:00: Rams’ start off the second quarter with a short 2-yard run.

1st Quarter

End of the first quarter: Buccaneers 3 – Rams 0

0:15: Stafford goes to Henderson for a short 2 yards. Penalty called on Bucs’ Genard Avery – 5-yard penalty and that’ll end the first quarter.

0:20: Stafford under pressure throws an incomplete pass to the middle.

0:58: Rams’ Cam Akers runs for 2 yards. Bucs’ Carlton Davis was injured during the play. His return is questionable. He was listed as questionable on Friday.

1:18: Stafford passes to Cooper Kupp for an 8-yard gain.

2:10: Camarda punts 68 yards. Rams’ Bradon Powell muffs, Bucs defense almost recovered the ball.

2:53: Brady to Cade Otton for a 10-yard run.

3:18: Fournette runs 6-yards and holding is called on the Bucs. This is the second holding penalty called on Tampa Bay this quarter.

4:02: Ke’Shawn Vaughn breaks the tackle for a 5-yard gain.

4:12: Dixon punts 59-yards, Bucs’ Darden runs for 10-yards before running out of bounds.

5:31: STAFFORD SACKED AGAIN!! Vita Vea takes down the QB for a 9-yard loss.

6:24: DOWN GOES STAFFORD! Bucs’ Joe Tryon-Shoyinka takes down Stafford for a 7-yard loss. Defensive offside called on Tryon-Shoyinka.

7:16: Camarda kicks 65-yards to the end zone – touchback. First play for the Rams, Stafford throws a deep incomplete pass to Van Jefferson.

7:19: Bucs unable to score a touchdown in the opening drive, settle for a 20-year field goal. Bucs lead 3-0.

8:25: Fournette runs 7 yards as the Bucs near the end zone.

9:52: Brady down the middle with a beautiful pass to Evans for 13 yards.

11:43: Brady to Julio Jones for a 19-yard run.

12:27: Fournette runs for a 6-yard gain.

12:43: Leonard Fournetter goes up the middle and gets a 4-yard gain for the Buccaneers. Offensive holding called on Bucs’ Robert Hainsey.

13:09: Bucs’ QB Tom Brady goes short to Mike Evans for a 10-yard gain. Evans was injured during the play. His return is questionable.

14:01: Rams’ Riley Dixon punts 41 yards and Bucs’ Jaelon Darden runs for 17 yards before being pushing out of bounds.

14:06: QB Matthew Stafford throws to Tyler Higbee – incomplete pass.

14:50: Rams’ Darrell Henderson runs right for a 5-yard gain.

15:00: Bucs’ Jake Camarda kicks off 67 yards from TB35 and Rams’ Brandon Powell runs the ball for 29 yards.