TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are welcoming divisional rivals, the New Orleans Saints to Raymond James Stadium for a primetime matchup.

Monday night’s game is important for both teams as the Saints (4-8) need a win to even have a chance of making it to the playoffs.

A win for the Buccaneers (5-6) would only boost their winning percentage, making it easier for them to clinch the NFC South.

4th Quarter

FINAL – Buccaneers 17 – Saints 16

0:08: BUCS TD!!! R. WHITE TIES THE GAME WITH THE EXTRA POINT TO COME AND IT’S GOOD. Flag on the play for unsportsmanlike conduct on the Saints – 15 yards – enforced between downs.

0:12: Brady to Godwin with 9 yards before running out.

0:19: Brady to Godwin with a beautiful TD pas but it’s called back. Holding called on Bucs’ Donovan Smith 10 yard penalty.

0:39: JULIO JONES WITH THE CATCH. He picks up 15 yards at the 1st & 10.

0:58: Brady to Miller for 7 yards. He gets the first down.

1:01: Incomplete pass short left to Otton.

1:54: Fournette up the middle with 10 yards as the Bucs are taking it close to the end zone.

2:04: Pass to Godwin is caught up to midfield and they get the first down. Bucs down by six with a timeout in their pocket.

2:29: Pass from Brady is quick and it’s caught by Jones for 5 yards.

2:39: Gillikin punts 45 yards to TB37 downed by Saints.

2:47: Incomplete pass from Dalton to Hill. Bucs defense knocked the ball out.

2:54: SACKED! Carl Nassib takes down Dalton for a 10-yard loss.

3:00: Camarda kicks 65 yards to end zone for a touchback.

3:03: BUCS TD. Otton runs it in for a 1-yard TD. Bucs put 7 up to close the gap. Saints still lead 16-10.

3:10: Brady goes DEEP in the end zone to Evans and passer interference is called on Adebo. Automatic first down.

3:19: Fournette picks up 6 yards, but offensive holding takes them back with a 10-yard penalty.

3:23: Brady throws and its incomplete for Otton.

4:09: 2nd & 2, Brady goes to Fournette who picks up 10.

4:53: Another first down as Evans catches the ball for a 14-yard gain.

5:18: Brady goes to Godwin for 13 yards and gets the first down.

5:21: Brady passes incomplete to Godwin. The pass was almost an interception.

5:31: Gillikin punts 35 yards to TB9 and it’s downed by the Saints.

6:11: Dalton to Ingram for 7 yards.

7:06: Brady was overruled by the sideline as Camarda comes out to punt. He punts 45 yards and Shaheed was able to run it back 17 yards.

7:34: Brady passes short right to R.White for 7 yards. Saints’ Cameron Jordan was injured during the play. His return is questionable.

7:39: Brady pass short to Godwin – incomplete.

8:02: Brady sacked at TB18 for a 7-yard loss.

8:06: SAINTS FG. Lutz makes a 29-yard FG to put the Saints up 16-3.

8:24: Ingram picks up 5 yards, but was injured during the play. His return is questionable.

9:53: Another third down completion for Dalton, this time for 8 yards.

11:20: Hill runs up the middle for 6 yards.

11:25: Dalton throws a deep incomplete pass to Olave. Pass Interference called on Bucs’ Carlton Davis – 9-yard penalty. Only the second penalty called on the Bucs, but this one was a big one for the team.

12:07: Ingram on the run, gets 4 yards.

13:28: Dalton goes deep right to rookie Olave who gains 26 yards before being pushed out.

15:00: Camarda punts 40 yards to end zone for a touchback.

3rd Quarter

End of the third quarter: Saints 13 – Buccaneers 13

0:09: Brady goes to Otton on the final play of the 3rd quarter to get a 3-yard gain.

0:13: Brady incomplete to Otton.

0:51: Brady goes to Cade Otton to pick up 10 yards.

1:37: Brady passes short right to Godwin who picks up 6.

2:15: Fournette runs up the middle for 8 yards.

2:46: Lutz kicks 65 yards to end zone – touchback.

2:49: SAINTS FG. The Saints add three more to the board with a 21-yard FG. Saints 13, Bucs 3.

3:49: Penalty on Saints for too many men on field – 5 yard penalty – enforced at TB3.

4:53: Dalton passes short left to Kamara for 8 yards. Bucs’ David was injured during the play, his return is questionable.

5:37: Dalton to Trautman who broke two tackles to gain 8 yards. He gets the first down.

6:44: Hill passes to Olave who picked up 21 yards before running out.

9:28: Ingram up the middle for 4 yards just shy of a first down.

10:06: Dalton goes to Ingram for 5 yards.

10:18: The second takeaway for the Saints tonight as Brady passes to R. WHite for 8 yards, and it gets knocked out of his hands. Saints’ Carl Granderson recovered the ball at NO32.

11:19: R. White goes up the middle for 9 yards. Holding called on Bucs – 10 yard penalty enforced at NO49.

12:03: Brady connects to Evans for a 22-yard completion to get the first down.

12:40: Bucs open the second half with a 3-yard run by R. White.

12:52: Gillikin punts 62 yards to TB11, Bucs’ Darden picks up 15 yards before running out at TB26.

14:22: Hill goes up the middle for 3 yards.

15:00: Camarda kicks 65 yards to end zone – touchback.

2nd Quarter

End of the second quarter: Saints 10 – Buccaneers 3

0:25: FIELD GOAL. Lutz kicks a 38-yard field goal to add three more to the score before closing out the half. Saints 10, Bucs 3.

1:05: Shaheed picks up 12 yards before running out at TB27.

1:27: Dalton goes to Olave to gain 10 yards.

1:32: Brady throws a pass intended for Godwin, but it’s intercepted by Saints’ Demario Davis.

1:37: Brady passes to Mike Evans, ruled incomplete due to him stepping out of bounds. PLayer was REVERSED and the pass is complete for 14 yards.

2:00: At the two-minute warning, Brady goes to White for 5.

3:07: Brady to R. White for 12 yards and get the first down they needed.

3:43: R. White carries and picks up 5 at 2nd & 10.

3:46: Nothing there for Godwin, incomplete pass from Brady.

3:56: Delay of game called on Saints’ Gillikin – 5 yard penalty enforced at TB39. Gillikin punts, downed by Dwayne Washington.

4:11: Dalton passes incomplete short left.

4:50: Kamara runs for 1 yard.

5:05: Camarda punts 50 yards to NO18, Shaheed runs the ball for 42 yards, gets pushed out by Camarda at TB40. His return is questionable.

6:31: Fournette gets pushed back, Bucs lose a yard.

7:00: Brady goes to Godwin for a 5-yard completion.

7:33: Lutz kicks 65 yards – touchback. Brady immediately goes to Fournette who picks up 5.

7:41: SAINTS TOUCHDOWN. Dalton goes to Hill for a 30-yard TD. Extra point is good and the Saints are on top for the first time tonight. Saints 7, Bucs 3.

8:59: Adam Trautman was wide open for Dalton to pass short right to him. He picks up 20 yards.

11:02: Dalton to Shaheed for a 19 yard gain.

12:25: Saints’ Mark Ingram runs for 5 yards.

12:25: Camarda punts 66 yards to the end zone – touchback.

12:31: Brady airs it out to Julio Jones, but it’s over his head – incomplete.

13:07: Brady passes to R. White for 2 yards.

14:03: Brady goes to Ko Kieft and picks up 12 yards. 1st & 10 TB20.

14:09: Brady passes incomplete deep right to Gage. Holding called on Saints’ Paulson Adebo for holding – 5 yard penalty.

14:56: Blake Gillikin punts 32 yards to TB13 – Fair catch by Darden.

15:00: Dalton throws an incomplete pass to start off the second quarter.

1st Quarter

End of the first quarter: Buccaneers 3 – Saints 0

0:01: Dalton passes short right to Jarvis Landry who picks up 8 yards as the first quarter comes to a close.

0:24: Direct snap to Taysom Hill. Hill goes up the middle for 5 yards. Holding called on Saints – 10 yard penalty.

1:50: WOW. Dalton connects to Shaheed for a 40-yard gain. 2nd & 10 NO13

1:53: Saints QB Andy Dalton throws incomplete to Chris Olave.

2:01: Camarda punts 46 yards to NO13 – fair catch by Shaheed.

4:07: Brady fires to Fournette who breaks a tackle and continues to run for 11 yards. 1st & 10.

4:18: Jaelon Darden runs the ball back 4 yards on a punt return.

5:09: SACKED! Lavonte David takes down Andy Dalton for an 8-yard loss.

5:47: Alvin Kamara picks up 4 yards before running out.

6:25: Jake Camarda kicks 66 yards and Saints’ Rashid Shaheed runs for 30 yards before being pushed out of bounds.

6:29: SUCCOP! Ryan Succop kicks a field goal for the Bucs to secure three points and get on the board first. Bucs 3, Saints 0.

9:49: Fournette runs for 4 yards and gets the first down. Next play, Brady goes to Fournette again to pick up the first down at the 3rd &1.

10:32: Brady goes to Fournette again for 5 yards.

11:04: Brady utilizes Leonard Fournette who’s back in after suffering from an injury. He picks up 8 yards.

12:08: Brady goes to Russell Gage for 11 yards. Defensive holding called on Saints – declined. Bucs get the first down.

12:38: Brady to Godwin for a 6-yard gain and a first down.

13:16: Rachaad White runs up the middle for 6 yards.

14:27: Bucs’ QB Tom Brady passes short right to Chris Godwin to pick up 14 yards.

15:00: Saints’ Wil Lutz kicks off the game with a 65 yard kick from NO35 for a touchback.