TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – The most anticipated game of the season is finally upon us, a Brady vs. Burrow showdown.

On Sunday, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (6-7) will go head to head against former Super Bowl runner-ups, the Cincinnati Bengals (9-4). With the playoffs right around the corner and both team leading their divisions, any game from here on out is a must-need win.

FINAL: Bengals 34 – Buccaneers 23


1:45: Brady passes left to Gage for 11 yards.

2:27: Burrow to Wilcox for a 12-yard TOUCHDOWN. Bengals 34, Bucs 17.

2:32: Encroachment called on Tampa Bay. 5-yard penalty. Bengals get away with a false start as Burrow moved his foot before the whistle was blown.

5:52: Burrow passes short middle to Mixon for 11-yards.

9:18: Illegal formation on Cincinnati. 5-yard penalty – enforced at CIN38.

11:54: Bengals’ Pratt intercepts Brady’s pass intended for Evans. Bengals get the ball back after another Bucs turnover. This is their fourth-straight drive ending in a turnover.

12:13: Holding called on Tampa Bay.

12:17: Brady complete to Evans. Pass interference called on Bengals’ Dax Hill.

12:38: Brady goes to Gage for 11 yards. Bengals’ Cam Taylor-Britt was injured during the play, his return is questionable.

12:49: Ja’Marr Chase TD puts the Bengals up 27-17.

14:15: Burrow to Wilcox for a huge 18-yard competition.

End of the third quarter: Bengals 20 – Buccaneers 17

2:44: Burrow to Boyd for a Bengals TD. Two-point conversion is good and the Bucs officially lose the lead. Bengals 20, Bucs 17.

5:06: Brady sacked, ball recovered by Cincinnati.

5:42: Burrow goes for the two-point conversion and it’s no good.

5:47: TEE HIGGINS TD. Burrow passes right 5 yards to score the Bengals first touchdown. Bucs 17, Bengals 12.

6:19: Face mask called on Davis – 5-yard penalty.

7:27: Bengals false start – 5-yard penalty – enforced at TB15.

8:14: Burrow sacked at TB47. Holding called on Tampa Bay and it cancels out what would’ve been a -23 yard sack.

9:42: Tre Flowers intercepts Brady’s pass intended for Brate.

10:28: Brady fires to Godwin for 12 yards.

10:49: Fournette runs for 9. Holding called on Kieft – 10-yard penalty – enforced at TB21.

12:08: Bengals add three more with a 21-yard FG. Bucs 17, Bengals 6.

13:31: Burrow scrambles left for 10 yards before running out of bounds.

13:34: Direct snap to Bernard, fumbled and Bengals recover the ball.

End of the second quarter: Buccaneers 17 – Bengals 3

0:03: Bengals put up 3 with a 41-yard McPherson FG as the first half comes to a close.

1:43: Brady goes to Godwin for a 5-yard TD. Bucs 17, Bengals 3.

2:00: Brady to Godwin for a cool 18 yards.

2:35: Nearing the two-minute warning, Brady passes short left to Fournette for 12 yards.

4:39: Brady and Godwin connect for 15 yards. 2nd & 7 – TB31.

6:36: Bengals unable to make anything happen in three plays, punt it away. Fair catch by Thompkins.

8:03: Succop’s 50-yard FG is no good.

10:17: Brady to Evans for 12 yards.

11:06: False start called on Evans – 5-yard penalty.

Winfield Jr. is back in the game.

14:07: BURROW SACKED!! Lavonte David takes Burrow down for a loss of 7 yards. This Bucs defense is playing with everything in them.

15:00: Fournette up the middle for 2 yards.

End of the first quarter: Buccaneers 3 – Bengals 0

0:03: Defensive offsides called on Bengals. Bucs chose not to extend the quarter.

1:29: Brady + Evans connection is there. Brady goes deep right to Evans for 24 yards.

3:58: Brady passes short middle to Evans for 33 yards. 15-yard penalty called on Tampa Bay – enforced at CIN35.

4:48: BUCS SACK BURROW. Sack split by Joe Tryon-Shoyinka and Anthony Nelson.

6:06: Burrow to Chase for 5 yards.

7:21: Donovan Smith was injured during the play. His return is questionable.

9:20: Brady to Otton for 20 yards.

11:46: Brady slings the ball to Russell Gage for a 6-yard gain.

12:26: Brady comes out gunning to Chris Godwin for 5 yards.

12:32: INTERCEPTION!! Carlton Davis intercepts Burrow’s pass intended for Ja’Marr Chase. Huge for the Bucs.

13:13: Burrow to Joe Mixon for 11 yards. 1st &10 CIN49.

15:00: QB Joe Burrow starts off the game with a quick 12-yard completion to Tee Higgins.