TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Coming off their second loss, with first place on the line, Sunday’s matchup against the Atlanta Falcons (3-3) is a key to solidifying Tampa Bay’s (3-2) presence in the playoffs.

Last week’s defeat to the Detroit Lions proved faults in the Buccaneers’ offense. However, this week, Tampa Bay honed in on their errors and cleaned them up, leaving no room for error against the Falcons.

“Everybody just understands what we need to do to get it fixed. Like I mentioned after the game, I’ll get my stuff fixed, and everybody else is doing the same thing, so I’m not worried about it,” Bucs’ quarterback Baker Mayfield said during practice earlier this week.

As for the Falcons, their biggest weapon is rookie running back Bijan Robinson. The rookie has 401 rush yards (10th in the NFL), and he is third among all running backs in the NFL with 590 scrimmage yards.

But Tampa Bay’s defense is tough, and they’re aware of Atlanta’s weapons.

“They’ve got a lot of great weapons,” Bucs’ linebacker Devin White said. “I think we’ve just got to be sound and our weapons got to show up as well. We’ve got weapons on our side at every position, but our good’s got to be better than their good at the end of the day.”

FINAL SCORE: Falcons 16 – Buccaneers 13

0:04: Falcons’ Koo hits a 51-yard FG and Atlanta takes the win 16-13.

0:45: Ridder to Pitts for a 17-yard completion.

0:49: CHASE MCLAUGHLIN!!! The Bucs’ kicker nails a 36-yard FG to tie the game 13-13.

0:56: Mayfield sacked at ATL18 for a loss of 10 yards.

1:09: Mayfield throws incomplete deep middle to Palmer. Pass interference called on Falcons’ Alford.

2:07: MAYFIELD ON THE RUN!!! The QB takes the ball 31 yards to get the first down.

3:46: Mayfield’s pass intended for Otton is intercepted by Falcons’ Grant at ATL11. He returned it for 4 yards.

6:27: Mayfield passes short middle to Otton for 12 yards.

6:35: Ridder ran the ball in 12 yards for a TOUCHDOWN. The Replay Official reviewed the score ruling and the play was REVERSED. The ball was fumbled out of bounds in the end zone – touchback.

6:35: Delay of Game called on Atlanta.

11:16: Falcons’ Patterson runs left for 18 yards.

12:01: Ridder passes deep right to Allgeier for 46 yards.

13:30: Mayfield sacked at TB46 for a loss of 6 yards.

14:54: Holding called on Bucs’ Cody Mauch.

15:00: Illegal contact called on Falcons.

End of the 3rd Quarter: Falcons 13 – Buccaneers 10

2:08: Falcons take a three-point lead in the third as Koo hits a 41-yard FG. Falcons 13, Bucs 10.

7:17: Mayfield connects with Evans on a short middle pass for 8 yards.

8:00: False start called on Feiler.

8:05: Ridder FUMBLES the ball and Bucs’ rookie Yaya Diaby recovers it at TB3.

8:42: Ridder passed short to London, who ran for 13 yards. Tampa Bay challenged the runner was down by contact ruling – and the play was upheld. The ruling on the field stands and the Bucs used their first timeout.

11:57: Mayfield passes short right to Thompkins. The ball is fumbled and the Falcons recover it at TB27.

12:18: White goes up the middle for 17 yards – Holding called on Palmer brings the ball back.

12:22: Mayfield throws incomplete to Evans – Illegal use of hands called on Falcons.

13:45: Falcons’ Pinion punts 48 yards – Bucs’ Thompkins makes the fair catch. Holding called on Tampa Bay’s Delaney.

15:00: Camarda kicks 60 yards to ATL5 – Patterson returns the kick for 25 yards.

End of the 2nd Quarter: Falcons 10 – Buccaneers 10

0:25: FORCED FUMBLE!! Shaq Barrett and rookie Calijah Kancey split the sack on Ridder, who lost 11 yards on the play. The ball was fumbled and recovered by Jamel Dean to end the first half.

1:16: Atlanta’s Patterson runs for 13 yards.

2:00: Allgeier up the middle for 19 yards. Offensive holding called on Falcons’ Hollins – enforced at TB25.

3:16: Ridder passes incomplete. Pass interference called on Bucs’ Christian Izien.

5:17: Chase McLaughlin delivers for Tampa Bay as he hits a 24-yard FG and IT’S GOOD!! We’re tied up once again at 10-10.

6:31: Bucs’ QB goes down at ATL 11 for a loss of 5 yards.

7:15: Mayfield on the run, avoids a sack and throws to White for 22 yards.

9:47: Mayfield, Evans connect for 16 yards.

9:57: Mayfield throws incomplete to Godwin. Holding called on Falcons – enforced at TB37.

10:42: Mayfield to Godwin for the first down!! Mayfield threw short left to the WR, who picked up 13 yards.

11:47: White ran to the right for no gain. Illegal Formation called on Tampa Bay.

11:54: Falcons’ Koo hit a 24-yard field goal to put ATL up by three. Falcons 10, Bucs 7.

14:51: WOW. Ridder launched it DEEP to former Buc Scotty Miller, who completed the pass for 45 yards.

15:00: Camarda punts 44 yards to ATL 25. Falcons return the kick for 9 yards. Bucs’ Merriweather was injured during the play.

End of the 1st Quarter: Falcons 7 – Buccaneers 7

0:18: Mayfield goes to Evans for 6 yards.

0:28: False start called on Bucs’ Hainsey.

1:20: White picks up for 5 yards. Holding called on Bucs’ Hainsey.

1:34: False start called on Bucs’ Trey Palmer.

2:15: False start called on Falcons Abernathy

3:31: MAYFIELD TO EVANS!!! Mayfield LAUNCHED the ball down field to Evans for a 40-yard TOUCHDOWN!! The extra point is good and we have a tied ball game.

6:52: Ridder runs it in himself for a 2-yard TD. The Falcons are the first on the board and the extra point is good. Falcons 7, Bucs 0.

8:39: Ridder goes deep right to Smith for 18 yards.

10:39: Falcons’ QB Desmond Ridder passes short middle to Hodge for 19 yards.

11:39: Mayfield throws incomplete. Holding called on Falcons’ Terrell.

13:44: Rachaad White goes up the middle and gets pushed back for a loss of a yard.

14:25: Mayfield passes short middle to Mike Evans for a first down.

15:00: Falcons’ Pinion kicks 65 yards for a touchback