TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have a hole to fill in the receiving room. The team lost their third receiver, Breshad Perriman, to free agency but they have a handful of options itching to slide into that spot.

One of those options, Scotty Miller, shared who is helping him prepare for his second season in the National Football League.

“Ever since this social distancing started,” said Miller, “we have been going outside almost every day and I try to do all of my different drills out in the backyard.”

Those drills include catching the football but, obviously, he cannot catch the ball unless someone throws it to him.

“That is actually one of the main reasons why I asked her to marry me,” said Miller with a smile on his face.

He is referring to his fiancée, Jenna Rizkalla. She has assumed the role of quarterback during this pandemic.

“It is a little secret talent of mine,” she said. “Scotty asks me to go out into the yard every day and throw so I have gotten pretty good at it.”

“She does a really good job putting the ball right where I want it,” said Miller. “She makes it hard on me!”

Miller, with the assistance of his better half, is doing everything in his power to prepare for his future quarterback, Tom Brady.

He admitted it will probably be “weird” catching passes from the six-time Super Bowl champion.

“I have looked up to him my whole life as one of the best athletes in the world really so catching passes from him is going to be different but, at the end of the day, it is just football,” said Miller. “It is what I do. I catch passes for a living and that is how I got to look at it.”

What does he think he will be able to learn from Brady?

“I think I will learn a ton of football knowledge on the field but, then, I think I can learn almost the most, almost more so, off the field, his mindset, how he recovers with his body, how he keeps his body healthy. That is a huge reason why he has been successful,” he said. “He has hardly ever been hurt in his 20-year career and just how he keeps his mind sharp, that competitive edge that he has. So if I can pick up on little things like that, I think it can really help me along the way.”

Although Miller is anxious to return to the team facility whenever the league allows it, he does have two special dates circled on the calendar in permanent marker.

“We are going to get married in April of next year but, in the meantime, we are going to get legally married in June, coming up here soon, so we are excited for that,” he said.

The couple has already had to cancel their wedding twice.

“It was definitely heartbreaking,” said Rizkalla, “but we have been getting through it together. There is not too much planning going on right now, just that little ceremony that we have coming up with our immediate family in June and that is it really until probably after the season.”

Miller is definitely making all of the wedding decisions.

“I always ask him what he thinks and he can either answer right or answer wrong! I give him options and see what he likes but both of the options are usually things that I like so either way, he is right,” said Rizkalla.

“She has pretty much done literally everything,” added Miller, “because most of the planning went on during our season last year so I was so busy and I would come home exhausted. She would be trying to get me to do stuff and I would be like just let me lay on the couch and recover.”

Rizkalla said she is happy to make most of the decisions. She knows Miller does not mind going with the flow. The two of them have been dating for more than four years. They met when they were freshmen in college.

“I went to Bowling Green for four years,” explained Miller. “She went to Bowling Green her freshman year before she transferred to Rutgers so we met at Bowling Green.”

Miller played football at Bowling Green State University. He started 34 of 45 games over his four-year career, catching 215 passes for 2,868 yards and 23 touchdowns.

Rizkalla is also an athlete. She competed on the gymnastics team at Rutgers University for three years. When she was a senior, her teammates selected her to be their captain.

Now, to the most important question, was it love at first sight?

“My roommate and I were going around the dorm knocking on doors for candy,” said Rizkalla. “You know, Halloween, trick or treat, to see who was home and if anyone had any candy and when Scotty opened the door it was love at first sight. I think it was mostly because he came out with a big 60-piece bag of candy and I was like, ‘Wow! He is the one!’”

Miller agreed it was love at first sight and, then, he confessed his mother sent him that candy shortly before Halloween.

“She came in clutch with that one,” he said before he got more serious. “I was pretty intrigued when I first saw her. Obviously, a good-looking girl and then her personality makes it even better so it has been great ever since.”

They plan to have a more traditional wedding in New Jersey, which is where Rizkalla is from, next year. She said she is “a big Jersey girl” so she wants to have “a big Jersey wedding.”