TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – The Buccaneers have added several new pieces to their team this offseason – not just players, but coaches too. In the receivers’ room, they have some of their most valuable returning players in Mike Evans and Chris Godwin, but they’ll be under new leadership. Brad Idzik is the Bucs’ new receivers coach, who’s ready to work with some of the top pass catchers in the NFL.

“When you talk about some of the best wide receiver rooms in the league, to be a part of two of them now is a real blessing,” Idzik said. “Everyone around the league, they’re trying to mimic them, so it’s a blessing to be able to work with them and then bring other guys in along the way too.”

With Evans and Godwin bringing their leadership as well as football talents on the field, Idzik has made it clear what he expects from them in their position group.

“The last two meetings, I’ve put a real emphasis on the guys that we do have here in this room,” Idzik said. “I want you guys to own the room. I want ownership to start to create this bond between them, but then also when we’re inside the white lines on game day, those are the guys making the decisions. Those are the guys that have to communicate. So as long as they can teach the guys around them, then they’ll start to create that ownership that I want to see in the room.”

Idzik comes to Tampa from Seattle, where he was on the Seahawks coaching staff for the past four seasons, working alongside Bucs’ new offensive coordinator Dave Canales. As someone who knows Canales’ offensive system, Idzik’s helping get the Bucs’ returning coaches up to speed. From where he’s sitting, the blending of the new and returning coaches seems to be coming along well.

“The communication between all of us coaches has been phenomenal,” Idzik said. “I couldn’t say more about the guys who have been in this building and how much they’ve helped me and Dave [Canales] understand who we are dealing with. […] Now as we get into week four and five of this thing, everybody is participating and interjecting, understanding exactly what Dave wants to accomplish.”