TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — There are several new players the Bucs signed this offseason who are veteran guys looking for that ring — including defensive lineman Akiem Hicks.

“I’ve played on some pretty good teams and one thing you’ve got to do is strike while the iron is hot,” Hicks said about making the most of a stacked roster.

Going into year 11 in the league, Hicks is still on a quest to win a Super Bowl.

“You’ve got a group of guys around here that are excited about football, that are inspired when they come to work,” Hicks continued.

Coming to Tampa after his last six seasons with the Bears, he thinks this is the locker room that can get it done.

“You’ve got to capitalize on that moment because it’s only for a span,” Hicks said. “You never know how long it is, but you’ve got to take advantage while it’s there.” 

Hicks played with Tom Brady for one year in New England (2015) and knows having him on your team is an instant advantage in helping them reach that ultimate goal.

“To have a quarterback leader like that,” Hicks said. “It’s something that– you can’t put a value on it.”

Hicks spoke with the highest level of respect for Brady, as they now get to be reunited with the Bucs.

“He’s a leader of men,” Hicks said. “If I were a guy at his position and I was following him, I would emulate everything he did, from the way he tied his shoes.”

Another player Hicks has a lot of respect for is Vita Vea—someone he now gets to team up with upfront. He said Vea’s ‘one of one’ and not like anyone he’s ever played with. 

“I watched Vita long before I got here,” Hicks said. “[It was] even something I wanted to watch when he came up to play in Chicago. I really enjoy his style of play and I find that some of the things that he does, I like to do. The way he plays with power, the way he can bend, the way he can play athletically with a large frame, I enjoy. I think we will make a good match.”

Hicks is an imposing threat alone, at 6′ 5″, 352 pounds, but when you put him next to Vea, who’s nearly identical in stature, we’re talking 700 pounds combined. Bucs outside linebacker Shaq Barrett may have put it best: 

“(Hicks) and Vita up front – don’t nobody want to see that ever.”