NEW ORLEANS, La. (WFLA) — The rivalry continues. The Buccaneers will face off against the New Orleans Saints at the Superdome – one of the loudest NFL stadiums in what’s become a heated rivalry over the years.

With both the Bucs (2-1) and Saints (2-1) coming off their first losses of the season in Week 3, this matchup is the one to watch on both sides of the ball, considering how critical intradivision games will be in what’s likely to be a tight race throughout the season.

Sunday’s matchup will be a dicey one. Since 2017, Bucs’ wide receiver Mike Evans and Saints defensive back Marshon Lattimore have had three fights, with Evans given one-game suspensions as the result of his actions in two of the altercations.

The latest fight between the two occurred in the 2022-23 season during the Bucs 20-10 win over New Orleans in Week 2. Both Evans and Lattimore were ejected from the game.

FINAL SCORE: Buccaneers 26 – Saints 9

2:00: Illegal Use of Hands called on Saints’ Bresee.

2:24: Saints enter former Bucs’ QB Jameis Winston into the game. Bucs’ Dee Delaney intercepts Winston’s first pass intended for Olave. Delaney picked up 5 yards and holding was called on Saints’ Hurst.

2:27: MCLAUGHLIN!! Chase McLaughlin nails a 28-yard FG. Bucs lead 26-9 in a very important division game.

3:29: Carr sacked by VITA VEA! Carr lost 9 yards on the ball and the ball was recovered by Bucs’ Logan Hall.

3:53: THOMPKINS TOUCHDOWN!! Mayfield to Thompkins for a 5-yard TD. The Bucs attempted a two-point conversion, but the attempt failed. Bucs extend the lead 23-9.

4:11: GODWIN ON THE RUN!!! Mayfield passes short middle to Godwin. He TAKES OFF and picks up 42 yards. Holding called on Saints’ Davis – declined.

6:19: WHAT A CATCH! Mayfield throws to Godwin, who makes the completion over Saints’ Yiadom. Godwin gets 12 yards on the play.

8:29: Mayfield throws a low ball to Otton for 3 yards.

8:34: Saints go for a 44-yard FG attempt and IT’S GOOD! Bucs still lead 17-9.

9:13: Carr passes incomplete to Olave. Holding called on Bucs’ Izien.

12:11: Carr passes short right to Thomas for 20 yards.

12:25: Kamara picks up 6 yards. Holding called on Saints’ Garcia.

13:31: Camarda kicks 65 yards – touchback.

13:35: AND IT’S GOOD! McLaughlin nails a 51-yard FG to put the Bucs up 17-6 over the Saints.

14:10: Mayfield scrambles right to pick up 7 yards to get the Bucs within field goal range.

14:06: False start on Bucs’ Thompkins.

14:51: Mayfield scrambles up the middle to pick up 10 yards.

14:55: Mayfield throws incomplete to Otton. Ineligible Downfield Pass called on Bucs’ Robert Hainsey.

15:00: Mayfield passes incomplete short left.

End of the third quarter: Buccaneers 14 – Saints 6

0:12: CHRIS GODWIN! Mayfield goes deep to Godwin, who picked up 32 yards before being pushed out of bounds.

0:52: Saints’ Grupe hits a 32-yard FG and IT’S GOOD! The Saints now trail 14-6.

2:48: VITA VEA AGAIN! Hill sacked at TB22 for a loss of 2 yards.

5:30: Kamara goes to the right for 13 yards.

8:08: Delay of Game called on Mayfield.

11:38: Carr launches downfield to Olave, but Winfield Jr. is waiting AGAIN! He breaks up the pass in the end zone.

12:25: Carr passes short right to Kamara. Winfield Jr. was waiting and made a huge play, tackling Kamara for a loss of 6.

12:45: VITA VEA! Vea takes down Carr for a loss of 3 yards. Face Mask called on Bucs’ Shaq Barrett.

12:45: False start called on Saints’ McCoy.

12:57: Camarda punts again, this time for 63 yards. Shaheed returns it for 29 yards, nearly breaking through the tackle.

13:07: Camarda punts 50 yards to NO30 – Saints’ Shaheed returns if for 15 yards. Unsportsmanlike Conduct called on Bucs’ Jarett. Holding also called on Saints’ Amadi.

13:44: Mayfield sacked at TB20 for a loss of 7 yards. Saints’ Bresee picked up the sack.

15:00: Grupe kicks 65 yards to NO35 – touchback.

End of the second quarter: Buccaneers 14 – Saints 3

0:22: BUCS TOUCHDOWN!!! Rookie Trey Palmer extends the lead with a 1-yard touchdown, his second of the year. The extra point is good! Bucs lead 14-3.

0:29: White carries the ball for 5 yards.

0:41: Saints’ Prentince gets 5 yards, but the ball is FUMBLED AND RECOVERED by WINFIELD JR. at NO6!

0:45: Mayfield passes deep right intended for Chris Godwin was intercepted by Saints’ Yiadom for no gain.

0:59: White picks up 18 yards going out of bounds. Holding called on Bucs’ Trey Palmer.

1:20: DEVEN THOMPKINS! Mayfield to Thompkins for 26 yards!!

2:06: R. White on the run, picks up 11 yards and the first down!

2:17: Saints punt 48 yards to TB12. Thompkins picks up 3 yards on the return. Ineligible Downfield Kick called on New Orleans’ Wood.

3:10: DOWN GOES CARR! Antoine Winfield Jr. Gets the sack on Carr for a loss of 4 yards. That marks the 10th sack of the year for this Bucs defense.

4:46: Carr passes short right to Shaheed. He picks up 10 yards on the run.

5:19: Bucs’ kicker Chase McLaughlin nails the extra point. Bucs lead 7-3.

5:24: THE BUCS TAKE THE LEAD! Mayfield passes to Otton for a 4-yard TOUCHDOWN! Roughing the passer called on Saints’ Shepherd.

6:02: Bucs’ Vaughn goes right, but gets stopped for a loss of 2 yards.

6:40: Mayfield goes to White for 11 yards.

8:02: Mayfield throws incomplete to Evans. Pass Interference called on Saints’ Lattimore.

9:20: Bucs’ Rachaad White runs right, but gets pushed back 3 yards.

11:20: Mayfield passes deep left to Evans for 18 yards.

13:08: Mayfield goes to Thompkins, who picks up 11 yards.

15:00: Carr passes short right to Miller for 5 yards.

End of the first quarter: Buccaneers 0 – Saints 3

1:23: Neutral Zone Infraction called on Bucs’ Diaby.

2:16: Hill scrambles right for 9 yards. Holding called on Saints’ Hurst.

2:56: Carr passes short left to Kamara. He picked up 10 yards before going out.

3:41: Camarda punts 41 yards to NO19. Fair catch by Saints’ Shaheed.

3:46: Mayfield throws incomplete to Otton. The pass was nearly picked off by Saints’ Johnson.

4:30: Saints’ Hedley punts 36 yards to TB47. Bucs’ Deven Thompkins makes a fair catch, however, holding was called on Bucs’ J.J. Russell – enforced at TB47.

4:37: Carr had room to run, escaped the Bucs defense, but threw incomplete to Prentice.

5:27: Camarda punts 27 yards to NO16 – out of bounds.

6:58: Mayfield goes to Otton, who picks up 6 yards.

7:05: Mayfield incomplete short right. Intentional Grounding called on Mayfield – 12 yards – enforced at NO47.

7:43: False start called on Bucs’ TE Cade Otton.

9:20: Bucs’ QB Baker Mayfield connects with WR Mike Evans on a deep ball for 18 yards.

9:29: The Saints are the first on the board after Grupe nails a 37-yard FG. Saints 3, Bucs 0.

10:48: YAYA DIABY!! Hill takes a direct snap, and Carr passes short middle to Kamara, but Bucs’ rookie is there and makes the tackle for a loss of 7.

11:31: Carr passes incomplete short left. Roughing the Passer called on Bucs’ Mike Greene.

12:09: Carr passes incomplete deep right to Shaheed.

14:22: Direct snap to Taysom Hill. He picks up 13 yards before being pushed out of bounds.

14:22: Saints’ QB Derek Carr passes short to Shaheed for 12 yards. Bucs’ Ryan Neal was injured during the play. His return is probable.

15:00: Bucs’ Jake Camarda kicks 62 yards from TB35. Saints’ Rashid Shaheed returns it for 22 yards.