TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – One Tampa Bay Buccaneers player who’s really stood out over training camp is rookie linebacker SirVocea Dennis. Between rookie camp, minicamp, and training camp, he has a total of four interceptions.

“Just showing off my skills. Being able to show that I can drop back in coverage. It’s also learning the defense. Learning the holes and things like that,” Dennis said.

He credits his football IQ to spending four years as a quarterback in high school. Dennis is even getting praise from veteran players like Lavonte David, who is one of the best inside linebackers in the NFL.

“He’s a very smart football player. Really savvy for a young guy. He knows where he’s supposed to be in certain situations. Knowing how offenses are trying to attack the defenses that we are in. I’m glad to have him a part of our room,” David said.

“My NFL moment is really just being out here,” Dennis shared ahead of his first NFL preseason game.

“Seeing some of these superstar players, even the guys in my room. The linebacker room, so that’s really my NFL moment. Now, it’s just like, go out there and play. The lights will be really bright, but that’s when you make a play,” Dennis.

Dennis will be making plays against a familiar team.

He was drafted out of the University of Pittsburgh this year and will be playing against his childhood team on Friday, the Pittsburgh Steelers. 

“We watched the Steelers every Sunday. Every time we could. Obviously, Kenny Pickett was our quarterback, so yeah, I definitely paid attention to him and watched him a lot,” Dennis said.