TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – Joe Tryon, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers rookie linebacker, is already showing why he was a first-round draft pick this year.

Tryon barreled through the Cincinnati Bengals offensive line and sacked their quarterback, Brandon Allen, in the second quarter. 8 On Your Side’s Gabrielle Shirley said she thinks she heard the hit from her seat in the press box. He tackled him at full speed.

However, the referees tossed a flag onto the field charging Tryon with unnecessary roughness.

The Buccaneers head coach, Bruce Arians, did not agree with the call and he shared his thoughts with the officials. Shirley said she guarantees Arians will provide members of the media with an animated response when he is asked about it after the game and her intuition proved to be correct.

“That was the worst call I have seen in about 10 years,” said Arians.