TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – After the Buccaneers snuck by the Cardinals on Christmas night, Bucs’ veteran running back revealed he’s been playing with a painful injury that sidelines most NFL players.

After defeating Arizona 19-16 in overtime, Bucs’ Leonard Fournette and one of Tom Brady’s go-to guys announced his injury in a Tweet that has since been deleted on Monday.

“I hate when people be on here just talking saying I’m out of shape etc.,” Forunette wrote. “Do y’all understand I’m playing with a lisfranc in my foot every week can barely push off my foot but through the Grace of God I’m going to keep proving y’all wrong…… #BucsWin.”

Shortly after the Tweet was deleted, Fournette posted a picture of Bucs’ running back Giovani Bernard that showed his reaction when he was asked about the botched fake punt against the Cincinnati Bengals last week.

Fournette captioned the picture “#BucsWin.”

Lisfranc injuries result if bones in the midfoot are broken or ligaments that support the midfoot are torn.

According to the Cleveland Clinic, this injury isn’t life-threatening, but it’s still very serious. “Because the Lisfranc joint is so important to your ability to walk, run or move, breaking any of the bones in it – or injuring any of the ligaments and tendons supporting it – can have a big impact on your quality of life,” said the clinic.

On Sunday, Fournette recorded his 27th career game with 100-or-more yards from scrimmage and his 10th with Tampa Bay. His 10 games are the most by any Buccaneers’ player since Fournette joined the team in 2020.

In the fourth quarter, Fournette had a huge 44-yard catch-and-run, making it the longest reception of his NFL career. His 162 yards from scrimmage are the most in the regular season with Tampa Bay and the third-most in any regular season game of his NFL career.