INGLEWOOD, Calif. (WFLA) – The Tampa Bay Buccaneers fell to the Los Angeles Rams on the road in their third game of the season. Despite only losing that game by 10 points, the Buccaneers showed lapses across the majority of their position groups.

The offense could be best described as “imbalanced.” The defense, which suffered another loss to the secondary, could not contain Matthew Stafford and his countless weapons. The special teams players seemed to struggle to create any sort of spark on the field.

Although these numbers do not tell the entire story, the Buccaneers defense has only recorded three sacks in three games this season. William Gholston reached Stafford in the fourth quarter when the Buccaneers were trailing the Rams by 17 points.

Consequently, the Buccaneers allowed the Rams to convert on 10 of 15 third downs.

Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians explained the reason for it.

“The front four did not get there,” said Arians. “We got one sack on a bootleg late but we have to do a better job with the front four getting home.”

The Buccaneers offense finished the game with 411 passing yards and 35 rushing yards and, shockingly, Tom Brady led the team in rushing yards with 14 of them. Ronald Jones had five carries for 11 yards and Leonard Fournette had four carries for eight yards.

“When you get down, you got to go to the two minutes and speed it up and throw it,” said Arians, “so it was not a game where you could say, ‘Hey, let’s stay in the running game for awhile.'”

Arians is expected to speak to the media again on Monday afternoon.