TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – Three days after Antonio Brown’s mid-game exit against the Jets, there are still lots of questions in regards to events and conversations leading up to the moment– and why he ultimately left.

What we do know, is that while there’s been no roster transaction for the Bucs yet, they are moving forward without him.

As of Wednesday afternoon, there was no official roster move with Brown on the Bucs’ transactions list, and he was listed on their injury report as ‘did not participate — not injury-related- personal.’ Arians clarified that even though there has been no official removal, they’re still in the process of handling that.

“It’s a management decision on what is happening right now,” Arians said.

Bucs players spoke about Brown’s actions briefly after the game, with quarterback Tom Brady leading the way with empathetic words. After Wednesday’s, defensive lineman Ndamukong Suh echoed similar sentiments.

“Everybody, no matter who you are, man or woman, throughout your life has trials and tribulations,” Suh said. “Unfortunately, as athletes, as professionals, ours are put on front stage and that comes with the territory of the business that we’re in. Some people understand that. Some people don’t have a great crew around them of people to help them and guide them through some of those different things. I think for my personal self, when I had my trials and tribulations, I had good people, a strong family and things of that nature that helped me through those different pieces. The only thing I would wish for (Antonio Brown) in talking about that topic – I assume that is what you were getting at – is that I just wish him the best. If you need something, I am happy to help you and tell you how I got through my stuff. At the same time, really, you’ve just got to make sure you focus on yourself, make sure you take care of yourself at this point in time and go from there.”

In regards to the football side of it though, the team says they are treating it like an injured player– someone who is just not with the team.

“You’re kind of in that situation throughout the whole year when someone’s missing, you see someone go down,” said Bucs tight end Rob Gronkowski. “In this aspect, it’s not an injury, it’s a different way that some other people have to step in. It’s football. That’s what it is. It’s always other teammates stepping up. That’s what we’ve got to do.”

“When it comes to the playing side of things, injuries happen,” Suh said. “We’re looking at this from an injury perspective and really the next man needs to be up and step-up in that particular role. It happened earlier in this year to a multitude of different players, let alone AB himself. When we look at it from that standpoint. we’ll move forward from football in that manner. When it comes to the personal side of things, I think everyone has compassion and has true hearts to understand that something’s going on. Something needs to be taken care of on a personal level and we’re here to help you but you have to want the help at the same time as well.”