TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — The outcome of Sunday’s game between the Buccaneers and the Falcons may not have any playoff implications, but around the Bucs’ locker room, players shared many reasons why it’s still a meaningful game for them.

“Every game’s important for one reason or another,” said Bucs quarterback Tom Brady. “Spring practice is important. Offseason workouts are important. Everything’s important. To minimize the importance of a game makes no sense to me. I don’t see it that way. It’s a very tough game. I’ve prepared this week like I prepare every single week.” 

Offensively and defensively, they feel they’re ascending, and want to keep things moving in that direction heading into the postseason.

“I think the point is, you’re always trying to make progress every day,” Brady said. “Certainly, we didn’t start at a great place. There’s certain games where it was probably better early and worse late, some games where it was not great early and great late. We’re going to have to play really well this week.” 

As competitors, not only do the starters want to play, but they want to play well and lead their team to another victory.

“Obviously we get paid to play football, but I think that we all enjoy playing,” said Bucs wide receiver Chris Godwin. “There’s a certain rhythm that kind of comes with continuing to play and continuing to stack opportunities.” 

“Every game you play you want to win, no matter what – even preseason,” said Bucs wide receiver Mike Evans. “Guys are playing their hardest trying to win. First off for me, I don’t like putting bad stuff on tape. So if I’m out there, I’m going to go my absolute hardest.” 

With a win, the Bucs would finish the regular season at (9-8), which would keep Brady’s streak alive of never having a losing record in his career. Then Evans, similar to other Bucs players who were around for numerous losing records, are hungry for more finishes above 500.

“I was telling the receivers that’s hard to do,” Evans said. “I’ve only done it a couple of times in my career, a few times. Hopefully I’ll do it a fourth this year. A winning record is always good.” 

There’s also consideration for personal milestones and contract incentives players may be trying to reach.

“Yeah, a lot of guys think about that stuff,” Evans said. “We’re human. Guys think about that stuff. Guys that are up for records, I hope they get them and guys that are chasing incentives, I hope they get them. I mean, why not?”

A few milestones to watch for on Sunday are with Brady and Godwin. Brady is just 262 passing yards away from having the second-most passing yards in franchise history in just his third season with the Bucs. That would move him past Vinny Testaverde, who is currently second on that list with 14,820 passing yards.

As for Godwin, he needs just two catches to have his first ever 100-catch season, 9 catches to pass Keyshawn Johnson (106) for most catches in a single season for the Bucs, and 32 receiving yards for his third 1,000-yard season.