TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – Saturday night is “going to be a party” for the Buccaneers. At least that’s what cornerback Carlton Davis III said following what was supposed to be the team’s second joint practice with the New York Jets.

Ahead of tonight’s preseason matchup at MetLife Stadium, the Bucs were scheduled to have two joint practices with the Jets. However, multiple fights between the two teams on Wednesday led to New York canceling the second practice, forcing the Bucs to find an alternate practice location.

With veteran quarterback Aaron Rodgers standing on the sidelines watching over his new team, and the ongoing quarterback competition between Bucs’ Baker Mayfield and Kyle Trask, tonight’s preseason game is sure to be a “party.”

And it was indeed a party as the Bucs defeated the Jets 13 to 6.

FINAL SCORE: Buccaneers 13 – Jets 6

0:54: Boyle passes short to middle, the ball is fumbled and the Bucs recover it.

2:13: Boyle’s pass intended for Brownlee is INTERCEPTED by Bucs’ Delaney. However, pass interference was called on Tampa Bay – 16 yards – enforced at NYJ 22.

2:46: Blankenship attempts a 32-yard FG and it’s NO GOOD. Score stays 13-6.

5:26: Trask goes deep again, this time to Barber for 26 yards.

7:28: Trask launches the ball down field for 36 yards.

9:52: Boyle sacked at NYJ for a loss of 3 yards. Defensive offside called on Bucs’ Snowden.

10:06: False start called on Jets – enforced at NYJ 31.

11:10: Bucs’ McLaughlin kicks a 48-yard FG and it’s GOOD! Bucs force lead to 13-6.

12:04: Trask throws incomplete pass; Intentional Grounding called on Trask.

15:00: Bucs’ Jarrett runs left for a 3-yard loss.

End of the third quarter: Buccaneers 10 – Jets 6

1:20: Jets go for a 40-yard FG and it’s NO GOOD! Bucs 10, Jets 6.

1:56: Holding called on Jets’ Kuntz – enforced at TB 12.

4:01: Bucs within field goal range as Blankenship attempts a 55-yard FG and it’s NO GOOD. Lead stays at 10-6.

5:08: Holding called on Bucs’ Skule – enforced at NYJ 31.

5:18: False start called on Bucs’ Molchon.

7:07: Wolford passes deep to Jarrett again, this time for 27.

8:42: Bucs’ QB John Wolford enters the game and immediately passes deep to Jarrett for 21 yards.

9:18: Jets’ Boyle passes incomplete. Bucs thought they recovered the ball and challenged the incomplete ruling and the play was REVERSED. Bucs’ Delaney intercepted the ball – touchback.

11:44: Holding called on Jets – enforced at TB 28.

13:33: Jets’ Boyle passes short for 11 yards.

15:00: Blankenship kicks 56 yards from TB 35 to NYJ 9; Jets run the ball for 21 yards.

End of the second quarter: Buccaneers 10 – Jets 6

0:50: Trask to Tucker again, picks up 15 yards.

1:09: Trask incomplete to Tucker. Holding called on Tampa Bay this time.

1:13: Trask throws incomplete pass; Holding called on Jets – 10-yard penalty.

1:53: TOUCHDOWN, TREY PALMER! The Bucs take the lead for the first time tonight. Trask goes deep for a 33-yard TD. Bucs now lead 10-6.

2:18: Bucs’ Sean Tucker goes on a run and gains 27 yards.

2:45: Trask throws a nice low pass to Thompkins for 4 yards.

6:10: Jets take the lead with a 38-yard FG. Jets 6, Bucs 3.

8:48: Next play, Wilson scrambles and picks up 35 yards.

9:32: Jets’ Wilson passes short to Brownlee, who runs for 26 yards.

9:37: Camarda punts 71 yards, Jets run it back for 23 yards.

9:37: TIED BALL GAME! Bucs’ kicker Rodrigo Blankenship nails a 35-yard FG to put the Bucs even with the Jets at 3-3.

10:49: Trask scrambles down the field to avoid a sack; picks up 3 yards.

13:27: Jets FUMBLE the ball, Bucs’ Anthony Nelson gets the recovery – Bucs ball!!

13:38: After two incomplete passes from Trask and a 2-yard play, Camarda punts 28 yards – out of bounds.

15:00: The Jets are the first to put numbers on the board with a 31-yard field goal. New York leads 3-0.

End of the first quarter: Buccaneers 0 – Jets 0

1:52: Bucs’ McCollum pushes Knight back for a loss; Holding called on Jets.

2:42: Wilson passes short left to Lazard for 16 yards.

3:54: Wilson throws a dart to Brownlee for a first down.

5:41: Camarda punts 49 yards, Jets return the ball for a 31-yard gain.

6:27: TRASK SACKED. Jets take down Trask for a 9-yard loss and fumble. Cade Otton recovered the ball.

7:08: Trask passes short left to Tucker for a 3-yard loss.

7:55: Jets punt the ball back; Thompkins returns the ball for 3 yards before going out of bounds.

8:34: New York’s QB Zach Wilson scrambles up the middle for 6 yards.

9:18: Jets’ Zonovan Knight runs left for a yard, putting them at 1st & 10 NYJ 22.

10:42: Bucs’ Jake Camarda punts 61 yards to end zone for a touchback. Unnecessary roughness called on Jets – 10-yard penalty.

11:24: Trask throws incomplete pass to Ko Kieft.

12:01: Bucs’ QB Kyle Trask passes short right to Cade Otton for 9 yards.

15:00: Jets’ Greg Zuerlin kicks 61 yards. Bucs’ Deven Thompkins returns the ball for 41 yards. Illegal blindside block called on Bucs’ rookie TE Payne Durham.