TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — The Bucs kicked off their season with an electric win over the Vikings in Minnesota last weekend. Now, Tampa Bay is taking that early success into their home opener against the Chicago Bears.

For Chicago, the team is looking to rebound from a 38-20 loss to Green Bay. Against the Packers, Bears’ quarterback Justin Fields was sacked four times, lost a fumble and had an interception returned for a touchdown.

With Bucs’ quarterback Baker Mayfield’s confidence growing and the defense staying aggressive and playing with grit, the Bucs could come away with another victory.

FINAL SCORE: Buccaneers 27 – Bears 17

1:17: Fields pass short middle intended for Claypool INTERCEPTED by Bucs’ rookie Izien!!!


1:55: SACKED! Vita Vea takes down Fields for an 11-yard loss!

2:12: PICK SIX!!! Fields pass short middle intended to Herbert and it’s INTERCEPTED by Shaq Barrett for a 4-yard TD!!! Bucs push the lead 27-10.

2:18: Fields passes short right to Herbert to CHI 21 for 9 yards. Pass Interference called on Bears’ Claypool.

2:24: Neutral Zone Infraction called on Bucs’ Barrett.

2:43: Mayfield passes short middle to Godwin for 10 yards.

4:12: False start called on Bucs’ Goedeke.

4:12: White goes to the right end and picks up 13 yards.

6:17: White goes up the middle for 5 yards.

6:23: TOUCHDOWN! Fields goes to Claypool for a 20 yard TD and the extra point is GOOD! Bears close the gap to 3. Bucs 20, Bears 17.

6:59: Fields to Moore for for 12 yards.

7:21: Fields passes deep to Moore for 22 yards. Bucs’ Jamel Dean was injured during the play. His return is questionable.

8:41: Fields fumbles at CHI 38 – and recovers at CHI 38.

9:12: Fields goes short to K. Herbert for 23 yards.

10:18: Camarda punts 48 yards to CHI 10 – fair catch.

11:44: Mayfield goes to White for 8 yards.

12:05: Mayfield passes short left to Godwin, pushed out of bounds at TB 28 for -9 yards. Holding called on Mike Evans – enforced at TB 38.

12:39: Gill punts 49 yards to TB 35 – out of bounds.

12:44: Fields passes incomplete to Kmet. Both Kmet and Moore ran the same route, causing confusion on field.

14:32: Mayfield passes short right to Otton for 9 yards.

15:00: Sean Tucker goes up the middle for a 3-yard loss.

End of the third quarter: Buccaneers 20 – Bears 10

0:46: Fields goes to Claypool and the pass is almost picked off by Bucs’ Zyon McCollum. However, it was ruled an incomplete pass.

0:48: SACKED! Devin White takes down Fields for a loss of 8. The ball is fumbled and recovered by Bucs’ Christian Izien. Izien ran the ball for 10 yards. The Replay Official reviewed the fumble ruling and the play was REVERSED (shotgun). Fields pass incomplete right to DJ Moore.

2:01: Herbert runs for 8 yards.

2:42: Fields passes short middle to Kmet for 9 yards.

4:14: FIRE THE CANNONS! Mayfield FIRES downfield to Evans for a 32-yard TD and the extra point is good! Bucs 20, Bears 10.

5:03: Mayfield passes short right to Wells at CHI 21 for no gain. The ball was fumbled, but recovered by Mayfield at CHI 32.

7:02: Mayfield with a nice sidearm throw to Otton as he avoids a sack. The TE picks up 5 yards.

7:52: Mayfield passes incomplete to Godwin. The pass was batted down as it left his hands.

10:21: EVANS!! Mayfield goes deep to No. 13 for 36 yards.

11:03: Tucker up the middle to TB 13 for -3 yards.

11:31: Bucs’ Sean Tucker picks up a yard. Defensive offside called on Bears’ Ngakoue.

11:42: Bears’ Gill punts 47 yards to TB 21. Holding called on Bucs’ Hayes – enforced at TB 21.

13:00: DOWN GOES FIELDS! Fields sacked by Tryon-Shoyinka for -10 yards.

13:18: False start called on Bears’ Jones.

14:18: Bears’ Herbert goes up the middle for 4 yards.

15:00: Camarda kicks 65 yards from TB 35 to end zone – touchback.

End of second quarter: Buccaneers 13 – Bears 10

0:03: BUCS TAKE THE LEAD! McLaughlin hits a 25-yard FG to put the Bucs up 13-10 going into halftime.

0:22: Mayfield scrambles, attempts another angry run and picks up 9 yards. Unnecessary Roughness called on Bears’ Stroman.

0:31: Bucs’ rookie Trey Palmer picks up 20 yards for a deep ball by Mayfield.

1:16: Mayfield passes short middle to R. White for a gain of 9.

2:00: At the two-minute warning, the Bears tied it up with 10s. Santos kicked a 52-yard FG and it was GOOD!

2:19: SACKED AGAIN! Fields is sacked again, this time for -7 yards. Gill picks up the sack and the ball is fumbled, by recovered by Chicago.

3:12: SACKED! Vita Vea and rookie Yaya Diaby pick up a split sack on Fields for a 3-yard loss.

4:32: Fields to Kmet for 11 yards. 2nd & 15 TB 46.

4:58: False start called on Chicago’s Darnell Wright.

5:37: Bears’ Johnson goes on a run, picking up 29 yards before being pushed out by Jamel Dean.

6:11: Fields passes short left to Chase Claypool and he picks up 8 yards before going out of bounds.

6:57: Carmarda punts 72 yards to end zone – touchback.

9:19: Mayfield goes short right to Cade Otton for 9 yards. Holding called on Bucs’ Luke Goedeke.

9:29: Gill punts 56 yards to TB 18. Thompkins pushed out of bounds at TB 19 for 1 yard.

10:49: R. Johnson runs for 1 yard.

10:58: BUCS TOUCHDOWN!! Mayfield passes to R. White for a 4-yard TD and the extra point is GOOD! Bucs lead 10-3.

13:15: MIKE EVANS!! Mayfield launches deep to Evans for 70 YARDS!

13:26: Bears’ Gill punts 47 yards. Thompkins returns it for 6 yards – the ball is fumbled out of bounds at TB 23. Defensive offside called on Bucs’ K.J. Britt – declined.

13:36: SACKED! Fields is sacked again, this time for a loss of 11 yards. Joe Tryon-Shoyinka picks up the sack this time. Holding called on Bears’ Jones – declined.

14:11: Bears’ Jones pushed out of bounds for a loss of 3 yards.

14:49: SACKED! Bucs’ Shaq Barrett gets the first sack of the day.

14:56: McLaughlin’s 40-yard FG is BLOCKED by the Bears. Jake Camarda recovered the ball at the 50.

15:00: Mayfield passes incomplete to Trey Palmer.

End of the first quarter: Bears 7 – Buccaneers 3

1:03: FALSE START called on Bucs’ Tristan Wirfs.

1:42: Mayfield scrambles to elude a sack and picks up 8 yards, just short of a first down.

3:40: Mayfield passes deep to Godwin for 24 yards. Bears’ Jackson was injured during the play. His return is questionable.

4:58: R. White goes up the middle for 5 yards. Bears’ Brisker was injured during the play. His return is questionable.

6:23: Fields runs the ball in himself for a TOUCHDOWN and the extra point is GOOD! Bears now lead 7-3.

7:36: Fields passes to Moore for 31 yards. 1st & Goal TB 6.

9:03: Bears’ QB Justin Fields finds former Panther DJ Moore in the first play of their drive. He picked up 33 yards.

9:06: Bucs put up points on their first drive after kicker Chase McLaughlin nails a 26-yard FG. Bucs 3, Bears 0.

9:53: Mayfield throws incomplete to Godwin in the end zone.

10:51: Bucs’ Chase Edmonds goes up the middle for 14 yards.

11:37: Mayfield passes deep to Evans for 20 yards as they continue to march downfield.

11:58: Rachaad White runs up the middle for 3 yards. Holding called on Bucs’ Cody Mauch – enforced at CHI 37.

14:03: Deven Thompkins runs for 11 yards.

14:31: Mayfield fires to Chris Godwin for 16 yards.

14:35: Bucs’ QB Baker Mayfield throws incomplete pass to Mike Evans and it was almost picked off.

15:00: Bears’ Santos kicks 65 yards to end zone – touchback.