TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are inching towards the team’s goal of a 100 percent vaccination rate for COVID-19.

According to head coach Bruce Arians, the team will eclipse 90 percent vaccinated by the first preseason game.

“On August 13, we’ll be 92% (vaccinated) – close to 100, really,” Arians said. “We have a couple guys who’ve had it and can’t get their vaccine. As soon as they get their shot, two weeks later, they’ll be good. Pretty much we’ll be close to 100%, at least 98%, for the first game.”

He acknowledged that receiving a vaccine is a personal decision but is confident that several players who have held off being vaccinated will eventually do so.

One of those players is running back Ronald Jones II, who not only spent time on the Reserved/COVID list last December but experienced a recent bout that had an effect on his beginning to training camp this year.

Jones says he experienced symptoms for about a day but sat out the required 10 days per NFL policy.

“Probably about the first two days but for me, it felt weird physically that first day,” Jones said.

He says he is likely to get the vaccine very soon in order to protect his teammates.

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