TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – Tampa Bay Buccaneers Head Coach Todd Bowles spoke after the team’s final joint practice with the Tennessee Titans on Thursday and one of the topics at hand was quarterback Tom Brady’s absence.

Bowles announced last week that Brady will be away from the team for, at that time, at least 10 days with a “personal matter.”

On Thursday, Bowles was asked if he was communicating with Brady about practice during his absence.

He said Brady is “not involved with the coaches.”

He was also asked when he expects Brady to return to the team. Bowles previously said Brady would return sometime after the team’s preseason game against the Titans on Saturday.

“We’ll see. We’ll talk about it next week. I’m not concerned about it right now,” Bowles said after Thursday’s practice. “We’re trying to practice against Tennessee and play a game. I said sometime after Tennessee – there is no definitive date for me but we’ll check on it, we’ll keep in touch and we’ll find out.”

After Saturday’s game against the Titans, the Buccaneers will play their final preseason game once again on the road against the Indianapolis Colts on Aug. 27.

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