TAMPA, Fla (WFLA) – Tampa Bay football is back! As fans pack the stands for the first preseason game at Raymond James Stadium, the Bucs are gearing up to take on the Pittsburgh Steelers.

With Baker Mayfield leading the offense, Bucs fans are going to get a first-hand look at what their new quarterback is bringing to the table this season.

Not going to the game? Fans can only watch the game on WFLA News Channel 8, but we’ll bring you all the latest updates in this story.

FINAL SCORE: Steelers 27 – Buccaneers 17

0:38: Steelers’ Morgan kneels to TB 43 for a 1-yard loss.

0:52: Mann punts 49 yards to TB 38. Geiger fumbles the ball and it’s covered by Steelers Fitzpatrick at TB 42.

1:58: BUCS TOUCHDOWN! Rookie TE Payne Durham runs it in for a 4-yard TD. Extra point is good, as the Bucs trail 27-17.

2:07: World throws another incomplete pass. Steelers’ Dawson was injured during the play. His return is questionable.

2:10: Wolford throws an incomplete pass to Moore, however, too many men were on the field for the Steelers, so penalty is called – declined. Defensive offside was also called on Pitt – enforced at PIT 7.

2:18: Wolford goes right to Brown for 15 yards. Penalty of Pittsburgh for roughing the passer.

4:56: Wolford passes deep right to Taula for 20 yards.

5:01: False start called on Bucs’ Dazansi.

5:44: Mann punts 42 yards. Holding called on Bucs’ Pitts – 4-yard penalty enforced at TB 9.

6:11: BUCS SACK! Morgan goes down and fumbles the ball. Markees Watts gets the takedown, but holding called on offense – declined.

12:30: Bucs’ Barber runs for a gain of 13.

13:35: McLaughlin kicks 69 yards from TB 35, Byrd runs the ball back 22 yards to PIT 18.

13:38: Bucs’ Rodrigo Blankenship kicks a 35-yard FG and IT’S GOOD! Bucs push the gap to 27-10.

13:47: Bucs’ Sean Tucker runs the ball in for a 12-yard TD. Touchdown was nullified by offensive holding.

14:49: Steelers’ Morgan passes short middle intended for Williams, but is INTERCEPTED by Bucs’ Russell at PIT 20 for no gain.

15:00: Steelers’ Ryan McCollum fumbles at PIT 9. Recovered by Tampa Bay’s Brewer. The Replay Officials reviewed the loose ball recovery ruling and the play was REVERSED – recovered at PIT 8.

End of the third quarter: Steelers 27 – Buccaneers 7

0:20: Camarda punts 51 yards to PIT 10 – no gain.

0:59: Wolford scrambles left end pushed out of bounds at TB 39 for no gain.

2:10: Bucs’ QB Wolford passes deep left to Barber for a gain of 17 yards.

5:49: Camarda punts 44 yards to end zone for a touchback.

8:03: Trask goes short to Moore for a 38-yard gain. Face Mask called on Bucs’ Moore – 15-yard penalty.

8:28: Holding called on Mauch – 10-yard penalty.

8:28: STEELERS TOUCHDOWN. Rudolph passes deep left to Calvin Austin for a 67-yard TD. Steelers increase the lead 27-7.

10:00: Camarda punts 36 yards. Fair catch by Jordan Byrd.

11:26: Trask sacked at TB 34 for a 6-yard loss.

12:04: Trask throws an incomplete pass to Palmer. Holding called on Steelers for a 5-yard penalty.

12:37: Potter kicks 65 yards from PIT 35, Palmer returns the ball for 32 yards.

12:42: Potter kicks a 43-yard FG, pushing the Steelers’ lead to 20. Pittsburgh 20, Tampa Bay 17.

14:54: Rudolph throws incomplete deep right to Austin. Pass interference called on Bucs’ Lowe – enforced at PIT 24.

15:00: Camarda kicks 55 yards to PIT 10. Steelers’ Jordan Byrd returns the kick for 14 yards before being pushed out of play.

End of the second quarter: Steelers 17 – Buccaneers 7

0:02: Potter kicks a 30-yard FG to push the Steelers’ lead to 17-7.

0:40: SPLIT SACK. Bucs’ Gill and Greene split the sack on Rudolph. Steelers lost 4 yards on the play.

0:51: Steelers QB goes deep right to Co. Heyward for 24 yards.

1:10: Rudolph goes short to Olszewski for a gain of 14.

1:18: Camarda punts 40 yards to PIT 32.

1:52: Trask sacked for a 5-yard loss.

2:13: GILL GETS THE SACK. Bucs’ Cam Gill sacks Rudolph for a 9-yard loss.

3:39: Rudolph aborts, Green fumbles at TB 48, recovered by Rudolph.

4:04: McFarland goes left for 16 yards. Penalty called on Steelers’ Green for holding.

4:28: Pittsburgh QB Mason Rudolph enters the game, passes short to White. Illegal contact called on Bucs’ McCullum.

5:21: Trask’s pass intended for Moore is intercepted by Thompson at PIT 43. Thompson ran the ball for 9 yards.

7:37: Bucs switch up and put QB Kyle Trask in. He passes deep middle to Moore for a 23-yard gain.

8:25: STEELERS TOUCHDOWN. McFarland picks up a 14-yard TD and the extra point is good. The Steelers lead the Bucs once again at 14-7.

8:49: Trubisky passes to Connor Heyward for 10 yards. Bucs’ rookie YaYa Diaby was injured during the play. His return is questionable.

11:22: Mayfield goes deep to Geiger for a 20-yard gain.

12:04: Mayfield throws a dime to Palmer, but pass interference is called on Tampa Bay – 10-yard penalty.

12:20: Trubisky’s pass intended for White is INTERCEPTED by Zyon McCollum, Bucs get the ball back.

12:20: Camarda kicks 65 yards to TB 35 for a touchback.

12:28: BUCCANEERS TOUCHDOWN!! Mayfield goes short to Palmer for an 8-yard TD and the extra point is good. Bucs tie it up 7-7.

14:20: Mayfield foes short left to Kaylon Geiger for a 10-yard gain.

15:00: Bucs’ Chase Edmonds gains 3 yards.

End of the first quarter: Steelers 7 – Buccaneers 0

0:16: Mayfield throws incomplete pass, Illegal Formation called on Bucs – declined.

1:18: Mayfield passes short for a 2-yard loss. Unnecessary Roughness called on Steelers Alexander – enforced at TB 47.

2:02: Steelers’ Braden Mann punts 51 yards, downed by Barcoo for 4th & 6 at PIT 8

2:06: As we near the two-minute warning, the Steelers switch from Pickett to QB Mitch Trubisky.

3:37: Camarda punts 61 yards to PIT 8. Illegal block above the waist called on Steelers, but the penalty was declined. Offensive Holding was also called on PIT, that penalty was accepted.

4:31: Mayfield scrambles left before getting pushed out of pounds. Holding called on Bucs’ Aaron Stinnie.

6:22: Illegal Formation called on Bucs’ Trey Palmer. 5-yard penalty enforced at TB 33.

7:33: Bucs’ QB Baker Mayfield passed to Thompkins for a first down.

7:39: Potter kicks 61 yards to TB 4. Bucs Deven Thompkins runs it back for a 19-yard gain.

7:47: STEELERS TOUCHDOWN. Pickett passed short middle to George Pickens for a 33-yard touchdown and Potter’s extra point is good. Steelers lead the Bucs 7-0.

7:54: Pickett throws short right for an incomplete pass.

12:53: Steelers QB Kenny Pickett passes short left to Diontae Johnson for an 8-yard gain.

13:05: Bucs’ Jake Camarda punts 54 yards to PIT 17, downed by Zach Triner.

13:16: False Start called on Bucs’ rookie Cody Mauch – enforced at TB 34.

15:00: Steelers B.T. Potter kicks 65 yards from PIT 35 to the end zone for a touchback.