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Buccaneers Head Coach Bruce Arians on Saturday’s training camp


TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) –The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are preparing for the regular season.

As training camp progresses, 8 On Your Side’s Dan Lucas and Annie Sabo will provide updates.

(Opening statement)

“Again, like I told the team, Bucs win tonight. That was a heck of a practice. You roll the dice when you’re tackling each other, but we’ve got to see it, we’ve got to get better at it. I thought the tackling was much better this go-around than it was the other day. I really liked the way the offense started that period. But, again, it was a really good ebb and flow. Our twos and threes – obviously with Caleb [Benenoch] and Dot (Demar Dotson) out – those young tackles are getting exposed rather than getting exposure. It’s going to happen one way or the other – either you’re going to get exposed or you’re going to have nice exposure. They’re getting exposed. That leads to some of the non-success for those quarterbacks, but overall, I loved the speed and tempo of the practice, again.”

(On which position will be the hardest to cut players at)

“Oh, gosh – receiver, defensive backs, inside linebackers, outside linebackers, even tight ends because a couple of guys are really showing up each week. It’s a good problem to have.”

(On DL Ndamukong Suh not practicing)

“He’s going to two on, one off, just like Dot (Demar Dotson). They go two on, one off every week.”

(On ILB Lavonte David’s health status)

“He’s got a little knee issue. We’ll re-evaluate it and see what happens.”

(On how QB Jameis Winston has thrown the deep ball)

“He’s thrown some really good ones but he’s measuring them a little bit, trying to throw too many jump balls. Just throw it out there – if you overthrow it, you overthrow it. I don’t like the jump-ball stuff, unless it’s in the end zone.”

(On if a lineman would break his hand trying to block K Matt Gay’s field goal attempts)

“I hope so. We ain’t blocking him in practice, so [we don’t have to worry about that].”

(On QB Jameis Winston’s deep touchdown pass to Mike Evans)

“That thing is in rhythm, really good rhythm. I hate that he missed Chris [Godwin] on the one. He threw him a jump ball, thinking he’d go up and take it away. Just hit him in stride. He’s doing a really good job with [Breshad] Perriman. So, I think, yeah, that part of it. I’m tired of seeing Scotty [Miller] jump up with his damn body; just catch the damn thing because you can make people miss. I kind of jumped on his ass a little bit because he’s great after the catch but he’s not using that.”

(On G Alex Cappa’s performance throughout training camp)

“He’s doing a heck of a job. He’s gotten better and better every practice. He’s going against some studs in there, so yeah, he’s holding his own.”

(On second and third-string players making big plays)

“Yeah, especially on the defensive side. That’s what you’re looking for. Devante Bond, some of those guys, De’Vante Harris – there’s two or three or four guys making plays over there every day.”

(On if RB Ronald Jones scored a touchdown in the live goal-line drill)

“Oh yeah, he had the ball out, I saw it. It was a great, great job. I thought the short-yardage period was excellent – we moved the ball. At the goal line, it was a give-and-take. When you can run it in, that’s nice, but the passes were like stealing. It’s really cheating in that drill to throw the ball.”

(On DL Jonathan Ledbetter’s performance)

“Yeah, he’s had some ups and downs. Today was an up. He played the run a little tougher, but as a pass-rusher he’s done a heck of a job.”

(On the offense beginning to win more matchups since the first few days of camp)

“Yeah, because it’s probably the second time through all the defenses now. We’ve seen just about everything we can do over there defensively, and they’re studying it, and it’s a lot easier the second time around.”

(On if he encouraged Defensive Coordinator Todd Bowles to show the Buccaneers offense many different looks to start off training camp)

“Oh yeah. We’ve got to throw everything at them, early, and then repeat it – for them and for us.”

(On what he wants to see on Monday after a day off)

“Well, that’s the thing. The last time we had a day off, the night practice was the worst practice we had. Now we’re coming back at eight in the morning and we’ve talked about it. We can’t come out here and be lethargic. We should be outside, which will be nice [to be] on grass and hopefully the weather will continue next week. But yeah, that’s been huge. We should be jacked up with the national anthem and the military guys here, so it should be a good practice.”

(On the team’s sports science professionals helping with practice conditions)

“Well, just knowing the temperature to keep this building [at] with the humidity to keep our body temperatures up for those games in September. We want our body temperatures at 101, 102 … That’s what you’re looking for, to get them there. That’s why we’re fluctuating the temperature in here.”

(On what part of practice needs to pick up heading into the next week)

“Consistency in all phases. We need to get outside so we can punt and cover punts – that is the hardest thing in here.”

(On the kicking battle and K Matt Gay’s performance on Saturday)

“It’s all about games. It’s not what you do in practice. Heinz Field is going to be one heck of a place to test them. He’s (Matt Gay) obviously got the distance, but he missed the extra point because he got lazy with it. Cairo [Santos] had a heck of a day yesterday and inside he hit a 54 [yard field goal], so it’s been a good battle.”

(On having a practice with no interceptions thrown)

“It’s outstanding, but I’m mad at the DBs (defensive backs) – we dropped a couple.”

Stay tuned for WFLA’s full breakdown of training camp after practice concludes.

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