TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — The Buccaneers are back in action following a devastating 39-37 loss to the Houston Texans last week. Now, Tampa Bay is turning their energy to the Titans as they look to snap back against Tennessee, ending their losing streak.

During Week 9, the Bucs’ offense started to gel and come alive against the Texans. Unfortunately, their highly-praised defense was stagnant against rookie quarterback C.J. Stroud.

Meanwhile, the Titans are coming off a loss of their own, falling 20-16 against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Their loss came just a week after rookie quarterback Will Levis had a stellar debut against the Atlanta Falcons. He went 19 of 29 passing for 238 yards with four touchdowns for a 130.5 passer rating. The Titans went on to defeat the Falcons 28-23.


0:55: Levis throws incomplete to Okonkwo. The pass is almost picked off by Bucs’ Dee Delaney.

2:00: Camarda punts 35 yards to TEN18 – kick is returned for 2 yards.

4:26: SACKED! Levis sacked at TB46 for a loss of 7 yards. Rookie Diaby took the quarterback down.

4:56: Levis throws incomplete to Whyle.

5:03: Camarda punts 18 yards to TEN32 – out of bounds.

5:07: Mayfield gets sacked at the 50 for a 7-yard loss.

5:30: Mayfield scrambles up the middle for 4 yards. Illegal Formation called on Tampa Bay.

6:29: Levis throws deep right and it’s INTERCEPTED BY WINFIELD JR.!! The safety takes the ball 28 yards.

6:56: Levis throws to a wide-open Philips for a 23-yard completion and the first down.

7:01: Camarda kicks 65 yards for a touchback.

7:05: MCLAUGHLIN! Bucs’ kicker hits a 35-year FG to put the Bucs up 20-6.

9:04: Edmonds runs and picks up 9 yards. Face mask called on Tenn. Al-Shaair.

10:26: Mayfield scrambles left for 9 yards – he picks up the first down.

11:47: Mayfield throws incomplete to Evans. Illegal Contact called on Tenn. McCreary.

11:50: Mayfield incomplete to Edmonds. Holding called Titans’ Molden.

12:07: Edmonds goes to the right for 5 yards. Holding called on Bucs’ Luke Goedeke.

12:54: Mayfield passes short right to Palmer for 15 yards.

12:54: Folk kicks 65 yards for a touchback.

12:57: Folk hits a 27-yard field goal. Titans add three more to the board, but the Bucs remain in the lead 17-6.

13:46: Henry goes up the middle and gets pushed back by Bucs’ Calijah Kancey for a loss of 3.

15:00: Levis passes short right to Hopkins for 5 yards.

End of the third quarter: Buccaneers 17 – Titans 3

0:58: Levis goes short to Spears for 13 yards.

1:04: Levis throws incomplete to Hopkins. White was there waiting to break up the pass.

1:46: Holding called Bucs’ Jamel Dean.

2:13: Levis scrambles for no gain. Unnecessary roughness called on Bucs’ Gholston – a questionable penalty.

2:46: Camarda kicks 65 yards to TB35 for a touchback.

2:53: LET’S GO EVANS!!! Mayfield launches the ball downfield for a 22-yard TOUCHDOWN!! The extra point is GOOD, and the Bucs lead 17-3.

4:57: GODWIN! Mayfield goes to the WR for 17 yards.

6:13: Mayfield goes back to Evans for a 27-yard completion.

7:39: Stonehouse punts 55 yards for a touchback.

7:44: LAVONTE DAVID! Levis throws incomplete up the middle to Moor and David almost gets the pick.

8:23: Spears goes up the middle, but gets pushed back for a loss of 2.

8:27: Levis throws incomplete to Okonkwo – Offsides called on Tyron-Shoyinka.

9:13: Levis to Henry for a loss of 4 yards.

9:52: Levis passes short right to Sears for 15 yards.

10:45: McLaughlin nails a 25-year FG and the Bucs are up 10-7!!

12:17: Mayfield passes deep right to Evans for 43 yards.

12:21: Mayfield goes deep right to Trey Palmer for 32 yards. Tennessee challenged the pass completion ruling and the play was REVERSED. Mayfield incomplete to Palmer.

15:00: Mayfield passes short right to White for 4 yards.

End of the second quarter: Buccaneers 7 – Titans 3

0:41: Camarda punts 34 yards for a fair catch.

0:46: Mayfield incomplete to Evans.

1:22: Mayfield scrambles up the middle for 2 yards. The ball comes up, but Tristan Wirfs is right there to snatch the ball. The Replay Official reviewed the runner was down by contact ruling – and the play was upheld. The ruling on the field stands.

2:00: White goes up the middle for 3 yards.

4:10: Next play, Mayfield goes short middle to Godwin for 14 yards.

4:38: Mayfield gets taken down at the 30-yard line. The Bucs lost a yard on the play.

4:50: Stonehouse punts 55 yards to TB16 – Thompkins returns the kick for 15 yards.

4:53: Levis passes incomplete short right to Okonkwo.

5:49: RACHAAD WHITE!!!!!! The second-year running back TAKES IT TO THE HOUSE with a 43-yard TOUCHDOWN!! Bucs lead 7-0.

6:25: MAYFIELD TO EVANS! The star WR gets a 16-yard completion.

7:09: Mayfield goes to Otton, who runs left for 4 yards. He tries to hurdle for the first down but gets stopped just shy of the line.

8:25: Mayfield passes short to Evans for 15 yards.

8:56: Stonehouse punts 55 yards to TB15 – Thompkins runs out of bounds for no gain on the return.

9:35: Levis passes short right to Okonkwo for 8 yards.

9:39: D. WHITE! He bats down Levis’s pass intended for Spears – incomplete.

10:02: False start called on Radunz again.

10:29: False start called on Titans’ Radunz.

11:22: Camarda punts 37 yards to TEN18 – returned for 6 yards to TEN24.

12:02: Mayfield goes to Godwin for 6 yards.

12:39: Mayfield passes short right to Edmonds, who gets pushed back for a 2-yard loss.

12:43: Folk attempts a 51-yard FG, and it’s NO GOOD! It was the kicker’s first missed field goal of the season. Titans 3, Bucs 0.

14:08: DEVIN WHITE! He returns to the game after leaving with an apparent injury to SACK Levis for a loss of 6.

14:49: Henry picks up 4 yards.

15:00: Camarda punts 47 yards to TENN44. The punt gets returned for 15 yards. Bucs’ Devin White is back in the game.

End of the first quarter: Titans 3 – Buccaneers 0

0:06: Mayfield throws incomplete right to Godwin.

0:43: Rachaad White runs up the middle for 2 yards.

0:55: Stonehouse punts 62 yards to TB12 – downed by Titans’ Jackson. Illegal Substitution called on Tampa Bay.

1:30: Levis passes short to Spears for 6 yards.

2:54: SHAQQQQ!!!!! Barrett sacks Levis for a huge 10-yard loss. Bucs’ linebacker Devin White was being attended to by medical staff following the play.

5:02: YAYA DIABY! The rookie stuffs Henry for a 2-yard loss.

5:17: Mayfield passes deep middle for Godwin, but the pass is INTERCEPTED by McCreary at the 1-yard line. The Titans ran the ball for 16 yards after the pick.

5:54: Mayfield gets sacked for a loss of 7 yards. Titans’ Tart recorded the sack – his first of the season.

7:17: LIKE MIKE! Mayfield goes to Evans for 20 yards.

8:34: MAYFIELD TO GODWIN! Mayfield goes deep to the WR for a 17-yard completion.

8:34: Folk kicks 65 yards for a touchback.

8:38: Titans kick a 38-yard field goal and IT’S GOOD! Tenn. is the first on the board with 3.

9:14: VITA VEA!!! Vea takes down Levis for a loss of 9 yards.

12:04: Levis throws incomplete – Offsides called on Bucs’ Tryon-Shoyinka.

13:54: Derek Henry goes to the right, but Bucs’ Joe Tryon-Shoyinka is there and pushes him back for a loss of 2.

14:29: Direct snap to Spears – he runs and picks up 15 yards.

15:00: Tenn. rookie QB Will Levis passes short left to Hopkins for 15 yards and the first down.

15:00: Camarda kicks 61 yards to TB35 – fair catch by Titans’ Spears.