TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — For the second time this season, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will be tasked with forcing an upset on primetime TV. However, this time, the Bucs will be playing with extra grit after falling out of first place in the NFC South following back-to-back losses.

With the Bucs (3-3) coming off a frustrating loss against the Falcons and the Bills (4-3) recording a loss against the New England Patriots, both offenses will be looking to make a rebound after sluggish starts.

So what do the Bucs need to do to improve their overall record and further solidify that they’re a playoff-contending team? Fix the run game and fix the penalties. However, the Bucs already know that.

“We’ve talked about how we need to be better. We all know that. It’s the little things here and there. We had a big run that was called back on a holding call. We’re kind of learning that we’re not going to be a run-first team, but we’re still going to do it,” Bucs’ quarterback Baker Mayfield ahead of TNF.

FINAL: Bills 24 – Buccaneers 18

0:04: Mayfield’s long ball was incomplete, just barely missing Godwin’s hands. Hail Mary fell incomplete.

0:04: Defensive offside called on Bills’ Miller.

0:08: Mayfield passes to Evans for 8 yards.

0:16: As he’s going down, Mayfield makes an off-balance throw to White for a 5-yard completion.

0:21: Mayfield passes short right to Otton for 7 yards.

2:24: Allen passes short left to Diggs for 15 yards.

2:44: Camarda kicks 66 yards from TB20 – Shakir returned it for 9 yards and gave himself up at BUF23.

2:51: EVANS TOUCHDOWN!!! Mayfield passes deep to Evans for a 24-yard TOUCHDOWN. Tampa Bay attempts a two-point conversion and IT’S GOOD! Bills 24, Bucs 18. Unnecessary roughness called on Bucs’ Leverett – enforced between downs.

3:11: Mayfield sacked at BUF49. Face mask called on Buffalo – enforced at BUF39.

4:13: Mayfield goes to Godwin. Illegal contact called on Buffalo.

4:59: Mayfield is sacked AGAIN for a loss of 1.

5:40: Mayfield is sacked for a loss of 5 yards at BUF45.

7:00: Mayfield passes short to White for 9 yards.

9:16: Mayfield goes to Evans for his first completion of the game for 41 yards, however, holding on the play brings in back. Rookie Cody Mauch was tagged with the penalty.

10:01: Mayfield passes short middle to White for 20 yards.

10:05: False start called on Bucs’ Goedeke – his third penalty of the night, Tampa Bay’s ninth.

10:14: Martin punts 41 yards to TB8 – Thompkins smothers the catch and recovers it at TB8.

10:14: Delay of Game called on Buffalo – enforced at TB44.

13:12: Camarda punts 63 yards to BUF27. Holding called on Bills’ Lewis – enforced at BUF40. Return credited to BUF40.

14:12: Delay of Game called on Bills.

15:00: Allen passes short left to Diggs, who picks up 7 yards.

End of the 3rd Quarter: Bills 24 – Buccaneers 10

0:02: SACKED! Bucs’ Anthony Nelson takes down Allen for a loss of 11 yards.

1:02: Bills’ QB scrambles and picks up 9 yards.

1:02: Neutral Zone Infraction called on Bucs’ rookie Calijah Kancey. Tampa Bay’s eighth penalty of the night.

1:37: Allen to Diggs for 10 yards.

2:47: Camarda punts 61 yards to BUF27; Bills’ Harty returns the kick for 23 yards. Holding called on Bills’ Neal – enforced at BUF27.

5:07: Allen throws incomplete to Diggs. Bucs’ Carlton Davis had good coverage on the play.

6:27: Allen passes short left to Kincaid for 15 yards.

7:51: Camarda punts 48 yards to BUF9 – Illegal Touch Kick called on Bucs’ Hayes.

10:40: Mayfield scrambles and takes off downfield for 11 yards and the first down.

10:40: Bass kicks 65 yards for a touchback.

10:46: Allen passes short left to Davis for a 4-yard TOUCHDOWN and the extra point is good. Bills 24, Bucs 10.

12:41: Allen fires to Diggs for a gain of 3.

13:33: Allen scrambles for 8 yards. Holding called on Bucs’ Ryan Neal.

14:59: Allen passes short to Kincaid for 18 yards.

15:00: Camarda kicks 65 yards from TB35 for a touchback – ball struck an official 7 yards into the end zone.

End of the 2nd Quarter: Bills 17 – Buccaneers 10

0:19: Delay of Game called on Tampa Bay.

0:39: Mayfield connects with Otton for 12-yards.

0:47: Mayfield gets sacked by Bills’ Oliver.

0:47: False start called on Bucs’ Goedeke.

2:40: White takes the ball up for 15 yards to get the first down.

2:46: Allen to Kincaid for a 22-yard TD. Bills extend the lead 17-10.

3:27: Antoine and Lavonte David push back Bills’ Cook for a loss of 2.

3:56: Allen goes to Diggs for 12.

6:09: Allen passes short left to Davis for 14 yards.

6:50: TOUCHDOWN CHRIS GODWIN!!!! Mayfield connects with Godwin for a 3-yard TD! The extra point is good and we’re tied 10-10.

7:33: RACHAAD WHITE ON THE RUN! The RB picks up 20 yards on the run.

7:40: INTERCEPTION!!! Bucs’ Will Gholston intercepts Allen’s pass intended for Kincaid.

7:45: McLaughlin NAILS a 57-yard FG to put the Bucs on the board and shorten the lead to a score.

8:28: Chris Godwin picks up 9 yards.

8:49: False start called on Bucs’ Luke Goedeke.

9:16: White runs for 26 yards before being pushed out of bounds. Holding called on Bucs’ Palmer.

11:03: R. White runs for 3 yards.

11:10: Allen takes it up the middle for a 13-yard touchdown and the extra point is good. Bills extend the lead 10-0.

11:51: YAYA!! The rookie sacks Allen for a loss of 2 yards.

14:04: Camarda punts a 44-yard line drive and Bills’ Harty returns it for 23 yards.

14:57: Bucs’ Edmonds runs up the middle for 2 yards. This is his first game of the season after coming off an injury.

15:00: JAMEL DEAN!!! Allen foes to Kincaid and the pass is broken up by the Bucs’ cornerback.

End of the 1st Quarter: Bills 3 – Buccaneers 0

0:37: Buffalo’s Murray goes up the middle for no gain at 3rd & Goal TB1.

2:31: Allen has a huge downfield pass to Shakir for 30 yards.

3:46: Allen passes short left to Davis for a loss of a yard. Holding called on Bills’ Sherfield.

4:26: Tampa Bay goes for a 50-yard FG attempt and it’s blocked – no good. Bills 3, Bucs 0.

5:11: Mayfield fumbles on a bad snap; ball is recovered by the QB at BUF39.

5:57: Mayfield throws incomplete to TE Cade Otton. Pass interference called on Bills’ Rapp.

7:58: Bucs’ Chris Godwin goes on a run for 14 yards.

8:04: Bills kick 63 yards to TB20 – Thompkins returns it for 18 yards.

8:08: The Bucs were able to hold the Bills to a 37-yard FG AND IT’S GOOD! Bills put 3 on the board.

10:52: Allen passes short right to Davis for 14 yards.

11:29: Allen passes short right to Shakir, who picked up 21 yards before running out of bonds.

12:35: Right out of the gates, QB Josh Allen makes a 13-yard completion to Shakir for a first down.

12:46: Jake Camarda punts 53 yards to BUF4 – Bucs’ Hayes downed the punt.

13:31: False start called on Bucs’ Tristan Wirfs.

14:14: Baker Mayfield connects with rookie Trey Palmer for a 15-yard completion.

14:52: Bucs’ RB Rachaad White runs up the middle for a gain of 6.

15:00: Bills’ Bass kicks 64 yards and Thompkins returns the kick for 26 yards.