Brady’s throwing coach, Tom House, shares evaluation of Bucs QB


TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady has had many coaches along the way, but maybe none more important than his throwing coach, Tom House. The two are more friends now, as House says Brady knows all he needs to know about throwing a football, but he still watches Brady closely.

“When you say I’m his throwing coach, that’s really a compliment,” House said. “I’m just one of many really smart and helpful people in his bubble that help him with his physical, mental, emotional and nutritional, along with the throwing mechanics. He’s probably, along with Nolan Ryan, if there’s anybody that’s going to show that you can do at age 45 what you did at age 25, Tom Brady’s going to prove that in football. He is literally doing everything he needs to do to be the best he can be every day. And that commitment to excellence should allow him to compete to 45 or more years.”

At age 43 now and national chatter about Brady losing his touch on the deep ball, House shared his perspective on evaluating the quarterback’s play– specific to mechanics.

“Remember, results are all that people care about,” House explained. “If you’re a fan you want your team to win. But as a coach/ researcher, someone that evaluates on a regular basis, how he’s doing when he’s throwing and the success of his delivery, he’s actually throwing the ball as well as he has at any point in his career. Now the result may not be exactly what it’s supposed to be as far as the fans are concerned, but within the parameters that you can evaluate his throwing efficiency– as far as timing and sequencing and balance and posture– all the stuff that we quantify, he hasn’t lost a beat.”

House went-on to share some other factors in Brady’s performance this season.

“One of the things that [the Bucs] are working through as a veteran quarterback in a new system, is can the team around him keep him upright and give him the time to throw deep. So you can say he’s not throwing as effectively as he has in the past on the deep ball but he can still throw the deep ball and throw it accurately.”

Now House is sharing his throwing wisdom with the world, and launching a new coaching app called Mustard. The idea behind the technology, which is still in the beta stage of development, is to use video technology and artificial intelligence to analyze and grade 11 variables of throwing mechanics.

“This Mustard technology is our attempt, and I’ve surrounded myself with some really wonderful, smart people, to democratize the information and instruction that is available to the elite athlete that a lot of kids around the world– male or female– wouldn’t have access to,” House explained. “Everything that we’ve been researching, everything that we’ve been experiencing as coaches and players over the last 35-40 years, is now actually put on a cell phone.”

“If you had a child and was a pitcher in little league, you could go out in your backyard with your cell phone, capture a couple of videos of him or her, send it up to the Mustard cloud, and within a minute, you get back a complete analysis of exactly what the 11 variables that we coach the elite athletes are measured with. It’s a pass/ fail thing, where if you fail one of the variables, it would give you a what to do to fix. It’s basically a hand-held mentoring device. It’s like me in the palm of your hand teaching your kid.”

The app is expected to launch in the first quarter of 2021, with coaching for throwing and pitching to start with intended expansion to more rotational sports such as tennis, baseball and softball. As of now, the plan is for Mustard to be free initially and then become a monthly subscription-based service.

For more on Mustard you can visit their website.


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