SANTA CLARA, Calif. (WFLA) — Sunday’s Week 11 matchup between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and San Francisco 49ers holds a little more depth than most realize.

The Bucs (4-5) are heading into this matchup coming off a much-needed victory after losing four straight in the previous weeks, but the same scene is set for the 49ers (6-3), who just snapped their three-game losing streak to the Jacksonville Jaguars last week.

The California team had previously lost to the Cleveland Browns, Minnesota Vikings (who the Bucs beat in Week 1), and the Cincinnati Bengals.

With the 49ers under the helm of second-year quarterback Brock Purdy, who destroyed the Bucs 35-7 during his first NFL start against Tom Brady, this year’s matchup will be a highly anticipated one on both sides.

“I hope the results are different,” Bucs’ head coach Todd Bowles said. “Obviously, they beat us pretty (bad) last year. There are some things we’ve got to change and we learned from. Hopefully, that change is for the better. He’s a good quarterback, he’s a good football player, he’s a smart football player. …He takes care of the ball, he knows where to go with the football and he can use his feet when he needs to.”

Aside from the 49ers’ skilled offense, the team has a scary defense with Nick Bosa, but even more so with the addition of his former Ohio State teammate and Washington Commander Chase Young.

FINAL: San Francisco 49ers 27 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers 14

1:44: Mayfield sacked at SF48 for a loss of 9 yards. Chase Young took down the quarterback.

1:50: Mayfield goes to Otton for 8 yards.

1:57: Mayfield gets taken down by Bosa and Greenlaw for a loss of 7 yards. Holding called on Bucs’ Goedeke.

2:13: Mayfield passes short right to Otton for 8 yards. Wirfs has returned to the game.

2:51: Purdy passes short right to Kittle for 12 yards.

3:38: McCaffrey runs up the middle and gets stopped by Vea for a 1-yard loss.

3:42: Mayfield’s pass intended for Godwin is INTERCEPTED by Brown in the end zone – touchback.

4:12: Mayfield passes short left to White for 4 yards. Bucs’ Tristan Wirfs was injured during the play.

5:11: McCaffrey runs the ball up the middle for 12 yards.

5:55: YAYA!!! The rookie takes down Purdy for his second sack of the day.

6:52: Mayfield almost throws a touchdown pass to Thompkins, but it’s rendered incomplete.

9:02: Mayfield passes short to Godwin for 11 yards.

14:11: False start called on San Francisco’s Juszczyk. According to the game broadcast, Bucs’ Lavote David has also been ruled out with a groin injury.

14:22: RACHAAD WHITE!!! The second-year running back hauls it in for a 1-yard TOUCHDOWN!!! The extra point is good, putting the Bucs at 27-14.

14:26: Mayfield passes incomplete to Otton. Pass interference called on 49ers’ Fred Warner.

15:00: Mayfield passes deep middle to Jarrett for 41 yards!!!

End of the third quarter: 49ers 27 – Buccaneers 7

1:42: Mayfield goes to Evans for 6 yards.

1:46: Purdy passes to Kittle for a 3-yard TOUCHDOWN. Niners extend their lead 27-7.

2:52: McCaffrey picks up 5 yards. Bucs’ LB Lavonte David was injured during the play.

4:57: Purdy goes deep to Samuel for a 40-yard completion. According to the broadcast, Dean sustained a foot/ankle injury and has been ruled OUT for the remainder of the game.

5:36: McCaffrey gets pushed back for a loss of 4 yards.

9:21: Mayfield passes short right to Evans for 13 yards.

10:04: Mayfield goes to Palmer for a loss of 1 yard.

10:54: Moody kicks 62 yards from SF35 to TB3. Illegal Block Above the Waist called on Tampa Bay – declined.

11:05: Purdy goes DEEP to Aiyuk for a 76-yard TOUCHODWN. The extra point is good and the 49ers lead by two scores. Bucs’ Dean, who was injured earlier in the game, was helped off the field. He was limping.

11:46: Purdy passes short left to Kittle for 21 yards.

12:27: Mayfield goes to Chris Godwin for the first time today, and he gets the catch for 7 yards.

13:33: Mayfield launches the ball downfield to Evans, but it’s incomplete.

15:00: Moody kicks 65 yards from SF35 to TB0. Thompkins returns it for 23 yards.

End of the second quarter: 49ers 13 – Buccaneers 7

0:19: San Fran nails a 28yard FG to extend the lead 13-7 at halftime.

1:33: DAVID! McCaffrey on the run but gets pushed back for a loss of 2 yards. David recorded the tackle.

1:43: Purdy passes short right to Aiyuk for 37 yards.

1:48: Camarda kicks 55 yards from TB35 to SF10 – the kick is returned for 19 yards.

1:52: MONEY MIKE!! Mayfield goes to Evans for a 1-yard TOUCHDOWN!! The extra point is good and the Bucs now trail by 3.

2:00: Mayfield to Thompkins for 17 yards to put the Bucs within 20 yards.

2:32: MAYFIELD TO OTTON! The second-year tight end makes the catch for 27 yards.

3:16: SACKED. Mayfield gets taken down for a loss of 9.

6:03: TREY PALMER! Mayfield passes deep right to make a 17-yard completion.

7:25: San Fran nails a 37-yard FG to extend their lead 10-0.

8:51: YAYA!! The Bucs’ rookie takes down Purdy for an 8-yard loss.

12:57: Mitchell goes to the right for 13 yards.

13:15: Mayfield sacked at SF34 for a loss of a yard. The ball is fumbled and recovered by 49ers Ferrell.

13:44: White goes up the middle for 4 yards. Offsides called on 49ers.

15:00: Bucs’ Trey Palmer goes to the right for 6 yards.

End of the first quarter: 49ers 7 – Buccaneers 0

1:13: Mayfield passes short to Thompkins for no gain. Offsides called on 49ers’ Hufanga.

1:53: Mayfield passes short tight to White, who runs for 5 yards.

3:59: TOUCHDOWN! Purdy connects with McCaffrey for a 4-yard TD. The extra point is good and San Fran leads 7-0.

6:43: Purdy throws deep to Aiyuk. Holding was called on Bucs’ Jamel Dean. Dean was injured during the play.

9:11: VITA VEA!! Vea sacks Purdy for a loss.

10:24: Neutral Zone Infraction called on Bucs’ rookie Yaya Diaby.

11:06: Purdy passes short middle to Samuel for 15 yards.

11:16: Camarda punts 42 yards – McCloud returns the ball for 2 yards.

12:03: Bucs’ RB Rachaad White takes the ball up the middle for 3 yards.

12:12: 49ers punt 44 yards to TB22 – Thompkins makes the faith catch. Fair catch interference called on San Francisco’s Odum.

12:51: LAVONTE DAVID!!! David takes down Purdy for a loss of 11 yards.

14:15: Brock Purdy comes out firing to Kittle for a 24-yard completion.

14:54: 49ers’ Deebo Samuel goes left but gets pushed back for a loss of a yard.

15:00: Camarda kicks 66 yards from TB35, and the ball is returned for 21 yards.