CINCINNATI, Ohio (WFLA) – After suffering a cardiac arrest during Monday Night Football against the Cincinnati Bengals, Bills’ safety Damar Hamlin used the past week as an opportunity to give back.

As doctors continue to monitor Hamlin’s improving condition, he took to Twitter on Saturday to announce his new shirt.

“We all won,” he said in reference to the first question he asked doctors. Hamlin added, “I want to give back an ounce of the love y’all showed me,” and shared that proceeds from the shirt that reads “Did We Win?” will benefit first responders and the University of Cincinnati Trauma Center.

He concluded the tweet by saying, “Go get yours!”

Following the horrific event that unfolded during the Monday night game, NFL teams, players, and fans around the country flooded Hamlin’s foundation to show their support.

Since last week, The Chasing M’s Foundation Community Toy Drive has raised over $8.5 million. The initial goal for the GoFundMe was only $2,500.

As NFL teams prepared to take the field for the first time following Hamlin’s collapse, stadiums were filled with the #3, reds, and blues for the 24-year-old, who remains in critical condition.

Anyone wanting to donate to Hamlin’s foundation can do so by following this link. For those wanting to buy a shirt, visit the link here.