TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – After an exciting WrestleMania weekend in Tampa, WWE Superstar Big E – who is a Tampa native and current resident – spoke about the increased diversity within the company.

WrestleMania weekend saw a diverse amount of Superstars compete, from the first ever main event championship match featuring two Black women, Grammy-nominated Latin rapper Bad Bunny teaming with partner Damian Priest, who hails from Puerto Rico, to Big E himself in a battle over his own championship with Apollo Crews.

WFLA.com caught up with Big E on Thursday, a few days after the big event.

“I think one of the beautiful things for me, is when I look around and I look at our roster, I don’t see Black talent being given opportunities solely because they’re Black,” Big E said.

He said those Superstars who are good are undeniably good, not just in the Black community, as the company has seen an increase in Japanese and Hispanic talent as well.

“You look at so many of these Black talents getting opportunities on the men’s side, on the women’s side, and they’re all undeniable. That’s what I love. We all bring something to the table as well,” he said.

Big E said that within WWE, if you’re the best at your craft, you get the opportunity. He said it’s the Superstars’ hopes to continue to do more of that. He called it “beautiful.”

Across the board in WWE, its fandom and throughout the Tampa Bay community, representation does matter.

“When I talk to my friends, when you see the amount of people moved by Bianca and Sasha’s match…. being a young Black girl and see two Black women in WrestleMania who are unafraid to be themselves and go out there and put on a masterful performance,” he said. “When I walked away, I remember a lot from that WrestleMania, but if I had to pick one thing, it’s probably Sasha and Bianca. And not just that it meant so much, but they really delivered on the grandest stage. They had one incredible match, something that people won’t forget and that’s beautiful to see.” 

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