Wrangler jeans vs. Levi’s jeans


Wrangler jeans and Levi’s jeans are two of the world’s most popular manufacturers of denim apparel. Each has its own unique aesthetic and heritage.

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Are Wrangler or Levi’s jeans best? 

Both Wrangler jeans and Levi’s jeans are steeped in tradition and are closely associated with the American way of life. Levi’s produced the first pair of denim work overalls in 1873, and Wrangler followed in 1947 with what were by now called blue jeans, inspired by their southern heritage and rodeo culture. 

There are many similarities between Wrangler and Levi’s jeans, with their five-pocket, riveted and double-stitched designs. The main difference between the two product lines lies in their styling, with Wrangler favoring a workwear aesthetic, whereas Levi’s are known for their tailored, fashionable fit.

Wrangler jeans

Wrangler is a conscientious company that cares about where its materials come from and the conservation of the planet. They set their own sustainability goals, including a pledge for 100% renewable energy and 100% sustainable cotton by 2025 and a 50% reduction in water usage by 2030. Wrangler jeans represent good value for money with their “Authentics” range, starting at as little as $20-$30. Their more stylized Boot Cut, Cowboy Cut, Icon and Carpenter Cut jeans are more expensive and cost $40-$120, depending on the choice of material, size and model. 

While Wranglers are worn by people with many different tastes and styles, their overall aesthetic is firmly rooted in the American south with its rodeos, country music and agriculture. Wrangler jeans’ styles are influenced by this, with their popular bootcut bottoms that give them a relaxed and casual look and feel. You can buy a selection of Wrangler jeans for men, women and children at Amazon and Macy’s online stores. 

Wrangler jeans pros

Wrangler jeans are rugged and durable. Strengthened elements include the double-stitched outer leg that features on most pairs, and the addition of two extra belt loops as compared to most other jeans. Their denim is also usually made of a heavier twill, which is not only more enduring but also fades evenly, leaving them looking good for longer.

Wrangler jeans cons

The hardier nature of Wrangler jeans makes them less soft and comfortable than some other makes of jeans, and some people find the double-stitched outer seam off-putting. The pockets are generally higher up and closer to the yoke at the rear, which is not in keeping with some modern trends.

Best Wrangler jeans

Wrangler Cowboy Cut

One of the most common Wrangler jeans styles is the Wrangler Cowboy Cut. These are available in Original Fit, Slim Fit and Regular Fit iterations to suit all shapes and sizes and leg-profile preferences. Their popularity is well-deserved, as these jeans are suitable for casual and smart wear and look great with boots, shoes and sneakers.

Sold by Macy’s

Levi’s jeans

Like Wrangler, Levi Strauss & Co. are passionate about their values. They have been proponents of diversity and corporate integrity in and out of the workplace for many years. They also place great importance on sustainability and environmental issues. Levi’s encourages recycling of their products and their popular SecondHand program sells vintage jeans via their website to help ensure they’re enjoyed by generations to come. 

Levi’s jeans are an American tradition, and you may pay a little extra for the quality and integrity attached to the brand. Expect to pay a minimum of $45 for a popular style and $70 for premium apparel. Some custom cuts from their “Made and Crafted” range can cost as much as $200. Levi’s jeans come in many colors, materials, shapes and sizes to suit every possible taste. You can purchase a pair online at Amazon and Macy’s.

Levi’s jeans pros

Levi’s jeans are iconic, and the brand recognizes the importance of its customers to guide their innovations and styles. The company tends to stay ahead of the curve, and as such has remained part of popular culture for decades. Their products are generally well-made and there is good attention to detail and quality assurance, allowing you to buy with confidence at approved retail outlets.

Levi’s jeans cons

As with many iconic products, Levi’s jeans have been subject to much imitation over the years, leading to the availability of many products that are equal in quality, but lower in price. In the same instance, counterfeiting is rife and there are many instances of fake jeans being sold to unwary consumers. Always check stitching, buttons, rivets and tabs for official L.S. & Co. stamps and Levi’s logo.

Best Levi’s jeans

Levi’s 501 Original Jeans

If you had to pick a style of Levi’s jeans that are stylish, versatile and of good value, it has to be Levi’s 501 Original Jeans. This cut has barely changed since it was first introduced over 100 years ago, with straight legs and a relaxed fit. They’re also available in a wide range of materials and colors for both casual and more formal occasions.

Sold by Macy’s and Amazon

Should you get Wrangler jeans or Levi’s jeans?

When it comes to Wrangler jeans versus Levi’s jeans, it’s a close call. Ultimately, the preferred choice of brand is dependent on the individual’s tastes and requirements. If you’re looking for a more stylized and unique look, Levi’s has much more to offer by way of materials, styles and colors. 

With that said, if you’re after an everyday pair of jeans for casual use, Wranglers offer great comfort with their relaxed fit and are more affordable, making them ideal for regular workwear and active pursuits. 

As a generalization, you could say Levi’s are better for dressing up and Wranglers for dressing down, but in truth, there are options from both brands that suit both scenarios, and good deals are often available for old stock and popular styles.


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