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Which wedding dress garment bags are best?

Once you find the wedding dress of your dreams, take the proper time to soak in the excitement — then make certain you have a reliable garment bag to safely transfer your treasure between necessary locations. You don’t want it to end up smudged or torn.

The best wedding dress garment bag protects your gown from snagging on corners or getting ruined in inclement weather. While there are unique shapes to suit various needs, the Personalized Wedding Dress Bag is one of the best.

What to know before you buy a wedding dress garment bag


Do you want a garment bag to keep your wedding gown safe for a long trip to a destination wedding? Are you hoping to use your garment bag to store your frock for years in the future? Do you simply want something cute to hang your dress in to keep it safe and improve photos? Clarify your needs before shopping.

Wedding dress

Are you planning on wearing a long wedding dress or a short one? Is the skirt full and heavily draped or did you go with a streamlined style? The size and shape of your wedding dress may determine what type of wedding dress garment bag works. Larger, longer dresses require a garment bag with more interior space than a shorter, sleek gown. Some garment bags even come with a gusset to allow you to expand the bag, accommodating larger pieces of clothing or fuller skirts. If your dress is substantial, think about a sizable bag.

Lightweight is best

You don’t want a garment bag that weighs down the volume or decorations on your dress. It helps to choose a bag that’s large enough to store the dress without crushing it. The material of your garment bag should be durable to protect your dress from dirt and moisture. However, it should still be breathable and lightweight to allow your dress to keep its shape. 

What to look for in a quality wedding dress garment bag

Quality closure

The zipper of a garment bag is just as important as the other features and materials. Check the craftsmanship and quality of the zipper before purchasing. If the zipper splits at any time or gets jammed, it can cause your wedding dress to spill out or become trapped. You want the zipper on your garment bag to glide closed and come open only when you wish to retrieve your dress.

Extra pockets for accessories

Some garment bags for wedding dresses include pockets to assist in transferring various accessories. If you plan on wearing valuable jewelry, unique shoes or a veil and want to keep everything together, a garment bag with pockets is helpful. Double-check the quality of the pockets. Look for reinforced seams so you don’t end up losing valuable accessories due to split junctions.

Waterproof material

The best garment bag for your wedding dress will be waterproof, or at least water-resistant. This helps ensure your dress remains stain-free and dry. You never know when an unexpected rain shower will occur or when celebratory beverages may spill. Prepare properly and protect your dress as best as possible with a garment bag that flicks away moisture.

How much you can expect to spend on a wedding dress garment bag

You can find plenty of high-quality wedding dress garment bags for under $25.

Wedding dress garment bag FAQ

What’s the best way to store a wedding dress?

A. Follow the care instructions of your particular dress for storage. This typically involves storing your dress in acid-free packaging. It’s a good idea to store your dress in cool, dry locations if you want to keep it in storage for an extended time. To prevent creases, check on your dress occasionally and air it out to keep it smooth.

Is it safe to vacuum-pack your wedding dress?

A. No. While vacuum seal packing is great for storing extra linens, it’s a bad idea for your wedding dress. You should avoid storing your wedding gown in any kind of plastic. Plastic emits fumes over time and it traps moisture. This can end up discoloring the fabric of your dress or building up mold and mildew on the fabric.

What are the best wedding dress garment bags to buy?

Top wedding dress garment bag

Personalized Wedding Dress Bag

Personalized Wedding Dress Bag

What you need to know: This is a personalizable, full-length wedding dress travel bag.

What you’ll love: The breathable, non-woven fabric of this bag keeps a dress in shape. You can add the name of the bride in any color. It is suitable for long- or short-term storage. A reinforced loop makes transportation hassle-free.

What you should consider: This bag can take a couple of weeks to deliver, so order with plenty of time to spare.

Where to buy: Sold by Etsy

Top wedding dress garment bag for the money

MISSLO 70-Inch Bridal Wedding Gown Dress Garment Bag With Accessories Pouch

MISSLO 70-Inch Bridal Wedding Gown Dress Garment Bag With Accessories Pouch

What you need to know: This wedding dress garment bag is full length with a zipper pocket and lower gusset, making it perfect for brides with poofy dresses.

What you’ll love: This garment bag is made from non-woven fabric to keep out dirt and keep air flowing. Organize your wedding-day apparel with the zipper accessory pocket and large dress compartment. It has strong trifold handles.

What you should consider: Some users were disappointed with the quality of this garment bag, and there are reports of it being slightly transparent.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Here Comes the Bride Ring Garment Bag

Here Comes the Bride Ring Garment Bag

What you need to know: This garment bag is an outstanding choice for any pink-loving bride.

What you’ll love: Choose the hanger option or opt for none at all. Handmade and exemplary for full-length gowns, you can transport your dress in a fun style. Acid-free and PH-neutral materials make this bag great for long- or short-term storage needs.

What you should consider: Some users reported the design arriving slightly faded.

Where to buy: Sold by Etsy


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