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When Justice League was first created, it was a hit with comic-book fans, as they enjoyed seeing their favorite heroes work together. This caught Marvel founder Martin Goodman’s attention, and he ordered Stan Lee to create his own super-team, resulting in The Fantastic Four.

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Which Justice League toys are best?

Back in 1960, there was a crazy yet brilliant idea to bring together some of the most iconic heroes from DC’s multiverse. This supergroup included Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Aquaman, the Flash and many more. They were soon called the Justice League of America, or simply, the Justice League. Today, toys bring this supergroup to life.

The best Justice League toy to get is the Mattel Justice League Batman Steppenwolf Superman 3-Pack, which comes with Superman, Batman and Steppenwolf as well as his Electro Axe, fully rendered in beautiful detail. 

What to know before you buy a Justice League toy

Origins of the Justice League

Unlike the X-men, which feature characters specifically made for a supergroup, the Justice League’s members each had their own stories or comic series before they were brought together. They first appeared in “The Brave and the Bold” #28, an idea by comic writer Gardner Fox to revive the Justice Society of America, a similar, less popular supergroup.

Media adaptations

Justice League has been adapted from the comics several times into films, animations, TV shows, video games and even theme park rides. Each incarnation features a slightly different lineup and series of stories. Most notably, the Justice League appeared in their own cinematic adaptation directed by Zack Snyder, featuring Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot, Jason Momoa, Ezra Miller and Ray Fisher. 

Different toys by different brands

Each time a new Justice League toy line is introduced by DC, they license a different toy company to produce it. Over the years, there have been a variety of different manufacturers, from Mattel to Hot Wheels to Fisher-Price. Each one differs in its intended audience, design, quality and features.

What to look for in a quality Justice League toy


While not strictly a necessity, it’s more fun when the toys resemble their comic book counterparts. Certain toy lines, such as ones made by Mattel, feature lifelike expressions and meticulous details. That said, some of the Fisher-Price toys may be more appealing to younger children because of their simplicity. 


Whether the toy is for collecting or playing, a strong, durable toy will be one worth its value. Fortunately, the construction and design of toys have only improved over the years. However, some still have fragile parts, particularly with the joints and arms of certain figures. Mattel’s toys will be more rigid and durable compared to Fisher-Price toys. 


Figures are usually designed to be static, for show only. But there are some cases where the figures will have additional features. They may be posable, shoot plastic projectiles or have voice boxes with recorded dialogue. This can help sell the fantasy of a living, breathing hero in your arsenal.


If you’re a collector, then the box it comes in may be as important as the toy itself. Not only will the box protect the toy from wear and tear, but its sealed condition may actually increase its value as production of the line ceases. Look out for high-quality packaging from official brands, and make sure this isn’t dented or cracked in any way that might reduce its long term value.


Similarly, some toys may come with additional pieces that help bring your characters to life. This may come in the form capes, weapons, props or sets that you can use to direct mini action scenes from the comics or movies. In other cases, they may be sold separately.

How much you can expect to spend on Justice League toy

The cheapest Justice League toys start at around $30. The most expensive toys will set you back over $100. 

Justice League toy FAQ

Why are some toys so expensive?

A. Sometimes the manufacturing company stops producing the toy. This shoots up the price of the product several times over, as people scalp it for higher value. 

How tall are the figures?

A. The Mattel figures are about 6 inches tall. The DC comics figures are about 12 inches tall. The Fisher-Price and other children’s toys are much smaller.

What are the best Justice League toys to buy?

Top Justice League toy

Mattel Justice League Batman Steppenwolf Superman 3-Pack Figures

Mattel Justice League Batman Steppenwolf Superman 3-Pack Figures

What you need to know: This is a solid set for someone looking for a quintessential Justice League toy set, as it comes with two iconic heroes from the League and one villain from the movie.  

What you’ll love: Both Batman and Superman are detailed like their movie counterparts, and each figure has several intricate details that bring it to life.

What you should consider: These figures are rather expensive for a three-piece set, and they don’t do much besides have posable stances.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Justice League toy for the money

Jada Toys DC Comics 1.65" Die-cast Metal Collectible Figures 20-Pack Wave 1

Jada Toys DC Comics 1.65″ Die-cast Metal Collectible Figures 20-Pack Wave 1

What you need to know: Children and those who are a child at heart will enjoy this collection of 20 different characters from the DC universe, including heroes from the Justice League.

What you’ll love: These small figurines are made from 100% die-cast metal and painted with premium metallic paint. There are also quite a lot of characters included in just one pack.

What you should consider: The figures are rather small and don’t have any special features or actions. They’re like miniature statues. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon 

Worth checking out

DC COMICS Aquaman 12" Action Figure

DC COMICS Aquaman 12″ Action Figure

What you need to know: This is a detailed, 12 inch figure of Aquaman inspired by the movie.

What you’ll love: Aquaman has identical features to Jason Momoa. He can also equip a trident and his iconic chestplate and gauntlets.

What you should consider: Unfortunately, his accessories come separately and when bought all together, make this quite an investment.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon 

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