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In a safe and friendly environment, toy swords can be great for developing kids’ hand-eye coordination and creativity through imaginative roleplaying.

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Which toy swords are best?

Whether your kid wants to be a knight, a pirate or a ninja, they’re eventually going to want a sword to complete the experience. There are many types of sword toys on the market, and choosing one that’s going to be safe, fun and durable may be more complicated than it sounds.

Inspired by the popular video game series, the Legend of Zelda Link Sword is the top pick because it’s colorful, lightweight and comes with a matching scabbard. 

What to know before you buy a toy sword

Types of swords

Toy swords can appear in a wide variety of different shapes and sizes, from historically accurate medieval replicas to sci-fi lightsabers. Knowing a little bit about different types of swords can be helpful for choosing a toy that your kid is sure to love.

  • Medieval swords: Perhaps the most common type of toy sword, a medieval sword is usually depicted as a straight blade that meets a horizontal bar at the hilt. Kids interested in knights, dragons and princesses will probably want this type of sword.
  • Ninja swords: Also known as katanas, ninja sword toys usually feature a slightly curved blade and a single “sharp” side. Accompanying accessories may include throwing stars and ninja daggers.
  • Pirate swords: Historically called cutlasses, these swords have a dramatically curved blade and some type of knuckle covering on the handle. 
  • Sci-fi swords: Commonly found in the form of lightsabers from the “Star Wars” movie franchise, these toy weapons typically come with working lights and recognizable combat sounds from the films. 
  • Other swords: Many toy swords feature designs that resemble weapons from popular children’s shows, films and video games, like Minecraft or “Power Rangers.” Magic sword toys are also common and can include working LED lights and sound effects for particularly immersive roleplaying.


Most toy swords are plastic, but you can also find products constructed from thick foam or even high-quality wood. Plastic swords are usually the most intricately detailed and often integrate features like working lights and sound effects into their designs. Consider the safety and overall durability provided by the material before settling on a product.

Safety tips

If you give your child a toy sword, it’s only a matter of time before they hit someone or something with it. The best way to avoid damaged property or upset children is to choose a toy crafted from safe, lightweight materials. 

For particularly young children, foam is a solid choice. Hollow plastic is another safe option. Be careful with wooden swords, as these can be dangerous and should only be used by older children or kids under constant supervision. 

What to look for in a quality toy sword

Sounds and lights

Many toy swords come with working lights and sound effects for added immersion. These can include clashing steel sounds for imaginary medieval combat sequences or the distinctive humming of a lightsaber mid-swing. Toys with these features require batteries, but can be extra fun for kids to play with, particularly if the toys feature sounds from their favorite TV shows or movies.


Common accessories found alongside the purchase of a toy sword can include matching shields, armor or a sheath that lets your child carry their sword on their hip. A toy sword and shield is a popular choice for kids interested in medieval history. Certain products may even come with an informational booklet that details the history of the weapon.

How much you can expect to spend on a toy sword

The cost of a toy sword can vary widely depending on the construction and any included features. Most users can expect to spend $10-$35 for a fun and solidly built toy.

Toy sword FAQ

Are there toy swords for adults?

A. Many adult hobbyists enjoy collecting replicas of historical weapons like swords. These replicas are usually more intricately detailed and durable than their kid-friendly counterparts. 

Can my child bring their toy sword to school? 

A. Most schools prohibit toys that resemble weapons like swords, unless they’re expressly permitted for a history project or play. Check with your child’s school before letting them bring a toy sword to any school function.

What’s the best toy sword to buy?

Top toy sword

Legend of Zelda Link Sword

Legend of Zelda Link Sword

What you need to know: Modeled after the Master Sword from the popular video game series, this toy sword is great for Halloween costumes or playing make-believe at home. 

What you’ll love: This durable toy sword is 26 inches long and features an intricate full-color design. The toy also comes with a scabbard that your child can use to carry the sword on the hip. 

What you should consider: Some users received a toy with small bits of plastic rattling around the inside of the sword.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top toy sword for the money

Adventure Awaits! Wooden Sword 2-Pack

Adventure Awaits! Wooden Sword 2-Pack

What you need to know: This affordable two-pack comes with two lightweight wooden swords. 

What you’ll love: The purchase includes two swords for the price of one. Many users note the toys’ durability and choose to paint their swords for an extra fun activity. The handles are wrapped in jute twine for added comfort.

What you should consider: Wooden toy swords can be a safety issue if they ever break and expose sharp wooden pieces.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Super Z Outlet Foam Toy Sword and Shield

Super Z Outlet Foam Toy Sword and Shield

What you need to know: This toy sword and shield combo is colorful and safe for kids. 

What you’ll love: Perfect for a young child’s birthday party, this foam combo pack is lightweight and versatile. The back of the shield features a loop for storing the sword when it’s not in use. 

What you should consider: Some users question the durability of this toy sword.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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