Which Tech Deck ramps are best?

Tech Decks have been supplying kids and skate fans with fingerboards for more than two decades. They’re not the first — fingerboards have been around since the 1960s, but Tech Deck is by far the most successful fingerboard brand and a household name. It’s unlikely you’ll be landing McTwists or 900s on a fingerboard unless you just pick it up, throw it and catch it, but you can definitely learn ollies, grinds and simple tricks like kickflips. 

It’s hard to learn those things unless you have Tech Deck ramps, but the Tech Deck Nyjax X-Connect Skatepark Creator will streamline the process. 

What to know before you buy a Tech Deck ramp


Tech Decks are generally used as toys or as ways for skateboarders to develop creative ideas and tricks. Fingerboards have griptape like a regular skateboard, and they should also have wheels that roll smoothly. You want the fingerboard to be able to roll for a long time as long as nothing is in the way, just like you want the wheels on your skateboard to glide along the pavement without having to push hard continually. Ramps make fingerboards more immersive and have smooth surfaces to facilitate speed and rails that are the correct size for grinding. 


Quarter and half pipes are for picking up speed or getting a lot of air. If you want to style yourself as more of a Tony Hawk vert skater, then pipes are what you should practice on. It will be hard to keep control of your fingerboard and land tricks, but if you can get it down, then you’ll have more impressive skills than most. 

Blocks and rails

Stairs and ledges are a street skater’s friend. Fingerboarders won’t have to worry as much about falling when they miss a gap, at least. Tech Decks are great for these kinds of ramps because it’s easier to practice jumping and landing. Rails are much easier for fingerboarders as well since there’s no balance involved, as long as you can pop that board up high enough and get it on there, you’ll be grinding like a pro.

What to look for in a quality Tech Deck ramp


Tech Deck ramp sets are designed to help you learn and have fun. They usually include a unique fingerboard and sometimes come with tutorials and step-by-step instructions to land certain tricks. These sets are also cheaper than buying many individual ramp pieces separately.


If your arm keeps pushing and sliding the ramps around when landing tricks, it is because the ground isn’t stable. Good ramps will have bottoms with grip that resist sliding on surfaces. If you have stable ramps, you’ll be able to do more intricate tricks and land them without wobbling.


Tech Deck ramps are made out of high-quality plastic. The rails ought to be metal, but they are just a denser plastic that’s still good for sliding but not as good. The pieces are either held together by metal screws or interlocking plastic. Unfortunately, the polymer is dense enough to take a beating, as you might end up hitting it as you move your hand quickly to land tricks.

How much you can expect to spend on Tech Deck ramps

The price of a Tech Deck ramp depends mostly on the overall size and number of components in the kit and whether or not it’s branded with specific skaters or skate companies. You can expect to pay anywhere from $10-$70 for Tech Deck ramps.

Tech Deck ramp FAQ

How is a Tech Deck ramp useful?

A. It will give you something to practice on that fits your board to scale. The setup also excels at planning out tricks and giving skaters a better idea of how to move their feet without having to fall painfully all the time.

Why should you choose Tech Deck’s fingerboard ramps?

A. Tech Deck has been making fingerboard ramps better than any other manufacturer since 1998. The build quality means they’re more durable than competitors’, but Tech Deck is the only fingerboard company that has deals with the biggest skateboard brands.

What’s the best Tech Deck ramp to buy?

Top Tech Deck ramp

Tech Deck Nyjax X-Connect Skatepark Creator

Tech Deck Nyjax X-Connect Skatepark Creator

What you need to know: This huge set of stairs, rails and ramps is set up to imitate the private training facility of pro skater Nyjah Huston.

What you’ll love: You’ll be able to customize exactly how you want each piece to fit together since it’s very big. Plus, it comes with six Tech Deck boards.

What you should consider: While the set comes with six boards, there are only enough trucks to put together two at a time. That said, you’ll have to switch out trucks if you want to use boards with other designs.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Tech Deck ramp for the money

Tech Deck Jump N’ Grind X-Connect Park Creator

Tech Deck Jump N’ Grind X-Connect Park Creator

What you need to know: This affordable ramp set is a simple set with stairs, a ramp and a rail.

What you’ll love: The simplicity of the ramp will get you used to the motion of popping up from the ramp and getting the board centered on the rail.

What you should consider: Customers have reported that the hex nuts on the board that comes with it can fall off and that you need a separate repair kit if you want to fix it.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Tech Deck Ultimate Half-Pipe Ramp

Tech Deck Ultimate Half-Pipe Ramp

What you need to know: This half-pipe is incredibly easy to put together and comes with an exclusive Paul Rodriguez pro board.

What you’ll love: This half-pipe’s classic shape and graffiti-like stickers will bring your fingerboard skatepark to the next level. It may be difficult to try and get air to do tricks, but it’s great for all kinds of grinds.

What you should consider: Some customers reported faulty trucks in the fingerboard.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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