Which Lego Captain America is best?

Captain America has come to stand for more than just a superhero with a shield. He represents the ideals and values of America, created during the significant political and global conflict but as relevant as ever today. With his symbolic shield and his American-themed costume, “Cap” has become a sought-after figure for both play and display.

If you search for the best Lego Captain America that you can currently buy, the top choice is the LEGO Marvel Avengers: Endgame Final Battle 76192 Collectible Building Kit. Although Captain America may not be the central focus of this set, it comes with other heroes and Thanos, allowing you to recreate many scenes from “Infinity War” and “End Game,” including the final battle.

What to know before you buy a Lego Captain America

The origins of “The Captain”

You can’t talk about Captain America without addressing the context in which he was created. The Captain was created by cartoonists Joe Simon and Jack Kirby and made his first appearance in “Captain America Comics #1” back in 1941. Originally an artist named Steve Rogers, Captain America is a biologically engineered supersoldier designed to fight the Nazis during WW2. Captain America was popular during the war, waned during the decline of superhero comics, had a short revival in 1953, and then has been in publication since 1964.

Potential spoilers ahead

Captain America has featured in a long-running comic series as well as the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Throughout the years, there have been many major story arcs and plot twists. In the latest film, Captain America hands over the responsibility of the shield to a new hero. Since these Lego sets are based directly on comics and movies, some of these plot points may be inadvertently revealed by the sets. If you are planning on catching up without spoilers, be careful about which Lego sets you view. 

Assembly required

In case you’ve never heard of Lego, these are plastic bricks that interconnect. Each set must be built from scratch using the supplied instructions. If you are planning to get the set as a gift, consider whether your recipient will be able to put it together. If they are very young, such as below 8-years-old, you may wish to assist them in constructing the set or ensure they have an adult that can guide them. You will also want to keep the sets away from infants, as the bricks may pose a severe choking hazard.

What to look for in a quality Lego Captain America

Captain America design and motifs

Captain America is hard to miss: he wears a costume in bright blue, red, and white, an homage to the United States flag. He also carries signature weapons: his vibranium shield with red and white stripes, a star in the middle and Thor’s hammer. His new costume may look slightly different, as it features a new person behind the mask, Falcon. This Captain America has metallic wings and a white and blue palette instead. 

Build quality

Lego bricks are notoriously strong and durable. Stepping on a single piece barefoot can result in mild injury. When these bricks are formed in structurally sound designs, they can withstand accidental hits and drops. Don’t settle for knock-off bricks. Always look for the real Lego-branded sets.

Set piece design

Lego sets are as much about the background and props as it is about the mini-figures. And Lego does not disappoint. The set pieces designed by Lego span from a single, small-scale vehicle to a sprawling vista with numerous buildings. Expect to see iconic vehicles and locations in these Lego sets, from Captain’s motorcycle to the Avengers compound.

How much you can expect to spend on Lego Captain America

Lego Captain America starts at around $15 for individual mini-figures. They can go up to $100 for larger builds with more mini-figures and set pieces.

Lego Captain America FAQ

Why does Captain America look different now?

A. In the comics, Steve Rogers retires to hand over the shield to Falcon. The same thing happens in the MCU, except Rogers time travels back to his past instead of retiring.

What is the recommended age for these Lego sets?

A. The recommended age varies from set to set, with some stating it as for 8-years-old and up, and others saying it is for 13-years-old and up. Children 3-years-old or younger should stay away from Lego as they may choke on the pieces. 

What’s the best Lego Captain America to buy?

Top Lego Captain America

LEGO Marvel Avengers: Endgame Final Battle 76192 Collectible Building Kit

LEGO Marvel Avengers: Endgame Final Battle 76192 Collectible Building Kit

What you need to know: Finally, you can recreate the ultimate scene in Avengers: End Game with this set.

What you’ll love: This choice features Thanos, Captain America, Black Panther, Thor, Iron Man, Scarlet Witch and Chitauri warrior mini-figures, as well as an Ant-Man micro-figure.

What you should consider: There are a few movie inconsistencies, such as the colors used on Scarlet Witch and the compound jail.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Lego Captain America for the money

LEGO Marvel Avengers Captain America: Outriders Attack 76123 Building Kit

LEGO Marvel Avengers Captain America: Outriders Attack 76123 Building Kit

What you need to know: This set lets you take on the Outriders with a Captain America mini-figure and his bike.

What you’ll love: The bike comes with detachable blasters that make for exciting, tactile play.

What you should consider: Captain America’s printing on his figure isn’t that great and does not resemble his movie counterpart.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

LEGO Marvel Series 1: Captain America Falcon Minifigure

LEGO Marvel Series 1: Captain America Falcon Minifigure

What you need to know: Own a standalone mini-figure of the new Captain America Falcon.

What you’ll love: Falcon’s wings have a couple of joints that allow you to flap them manually.

What you should consider: Falcon’s hairstyle does not match his TV show counterpart.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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