Sports Unlimited football gear vs. Goalrilla football gear


In football’s earliest days, the forward pass was illegal, so the limited playbook led to a lot of injuries. As president, Teddy Roosevelt threatened to ban football unless new rules were established to ensure player safety. The revised rules introduced the forward pass.

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Which Sports Unlimited or Goalrilla football gear is better?

When the fall season hits, so does the tradition of the American Football season. Whether it’s a 5 a.m. run or two a day practice session, up to your game while staying as protected and safe as possible. Sports Unlimited and Goalrilla are two of the best-selling and most reputable brands of sporting equipment, but which one does a better job at designing and manufacturing football gear? Goalrilla started off making basketball hoops, so they have a heavier focus on that, while Sports Unlimited has a much more diverse set of protective gear and padding. 


Goalrilla first started in 1991 making basketball hoops for at-home courts and driveways. They quickly gained a reputation for being one of the best brands when it comes to quality and durability. Overall their goal was to deliver the same hooping experience you would get at a school, university, or professional NBA court. They quickly became known as one of the best brands in the field.

With this same dedication to quality and durability, they quickly expanded their marketing and started making other products for different sports, such as soccer goals, training dummies, and other accessories. When it comes to their training equipment for football, you can expect a price range of about $59.99 to somewhere around $139.99. The majority of their products can be found at online retailers such as Dick’s Sporting Goods and Amazon.

Goalrilla football gear pros

Goalrilla is known for creating their products to withstand the beatings of everyday wear and tear, from practice to outside elements and being stored away in off-seasons. Their products are also versatile and can be used for a variety of sports such as mixed martial arts, basketball, and soccer.  

Goalrilla football gear cons

Goalrilla offers very minimal options outside of tackling dummies when it comes to football gear and is very inexperienced when it comes to the field. They have no specialized padding, helmets, or other accessories. 

What’s the best Goalrilla football sports gear to buy?

Goalrilla Tackling Dummy

Goalrilla Tackling Dummy 

Safely stimulate contact drills with the perfect training dummy suitable for all athletes at any skill level. This has a wide variety of uses other than tackling, such as shedding, blocking, or place marking.

Sold by Dick’s Sporting Goods

Goalrilla Football Blocking Dummy

Goalrilla Football Blocking Dummy

This versatile product can be used for other sports as well, such as mixed martial arts and basketball. It’s made with thick, dense inner and outer material and reinforced handles to protect the instructor as well as the athlete.

Sold by Amazon

Goalrilla Football Step-Over Dummy

Goalrilla Football Step-Over Dummy

Perfect for footwork drills, this step-over dummy can be great for soccer as well. It has two reinforced, heavy-duty handles for improved control during training exercises.

Sold by Amazon

Sports Unlimited

Don Ball and David Neff opened the first Sports Unlimited brick-and-mortar storefront just outside Philadelphia in 1983. After over a decade of successfully making and selling sporting goods, they launched their first official website where customers could purchase their products. Over the next 10 years, they experienced so much success in the newly established e-commerce market that they closed all their retail stores by 2008 and strictly sold online. 

They offer a wide range of products suitable for virtually any sport imaginable. From soccer to ping pong, no matter what it is you’re looking for, they’ll have it. They have a seemingly infinite number of options when it comes to football gear and the prices range anywhere from $16.99 for padded pants to $1,000 helmets. A majority of their products can be found at Amazon

Sports Unlimited football gear pros

Sports Unlimited has one of the widest variety of products for football gear, including football gloves, training equipment, padding, helmets and so much more. No matter what the need, when it comes to youth football or any other sport for that matter, they’ll have what it is that you’re looking for. Their products are known for meeting professional standards, quality, and durability. They also carry a roster of other top brands such as Adidas and Nike.

Sports Unlimited football gear cons

They often tend to be sold out of certain products and have items that come in at higher price points than Goalrilla equipment and other competitors. Their products aren’t worn or endorsed by professional athletes, so they seemingly fall short when it comes to outside, more established brands, such as Nike and Adidas. Their tackling dummy is only suitable for football training and not other sports. 

What’s the best Sports Unlimited football gears to buy?

Sports Unlimited Football Tacking Ring

Sports Unlimited Football Tacking Ring

Suitable for any age or skill level, this tackling ring has a center-holed design that helps develop the proper tackling techniques with better head placement. The Velcro straps can hold a football, which enables fumbling drills and practice for punching the ball out.

Sold by Amazon

Sports Unlimited Triple Wrist Coach

Sports Unlimited Triple Wrist Coach

Three viewing windows make learning, memorizing, and coaching plays simple. Its compression is wrapped for a snug fit while keeping all your plays close by.

Sold by Amazon

Sports Unlimited Youth 5 Pad Integrated Football Girdle 2.0

Sports Unlimited Youth 5 Pad Integrated Football Girdle 2.0

New foam design helps freedom and mobility while providing protection for the hips, thighs, and tailbone. The compression fit keeps muscles warm and loose and a cup pocket is included as well.

Sold by Amazon

Should you get Goalrilla or Sports Unlimited football gear?

Goalrilla makes quality tackling and contact dummies, but that’s all they offer when it comes to football gear. Sports Unlimited makes more options to choose from, including shoulder pads, padded pants, gloves, and training gear. They are also much more experienced in the field and have a higher rate of customer satisfaction, making them the right decision for the sport. 


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