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Which slam ball is best?

Slam balls have become foundational pieces of workout equipment for people both at the gym and at home. Because they provide so many options for exercises, many can incorporate them fully into their fitness routine. While slam balls are known for their popularity in extreme training programs such as CrossFit, their flexibility makes them ideal for people of all fitness levels.

The TRX Training Slam Ball features a rugged rubber exterior with a texture that prevents slipping. Available in weights up to 40 pounds, this slam ball can accommodate many uses and is manufactured by one of the top brands in fitness gear.

What to know before you buy a slam ball

Workout routine

Slam balls are a great addition to an already existing routine. The added challenge that a slam ball brings might be just what you need to kick your fitness into a higher gear from squats to situps. However, it’s essential to consider your goals and current regimen to determine how a slam ball will be incorporated. If you already have a set of weights, for example, you may find that a slam ball is redundant. Consider your current routine and your fitness goals to ensure that a slam ball will help to bolster and enhance your workout.


Slam balls, as their name implies, are often thrown against the floor or walls. If you are living in a shared space or have downstairs neighbors, a workout routine with a slam ball will likely result in an unacceptable amount of noise and disruption. As a result, you’ll get the most out of your slam ball if you use it outdoors, in a ground floor location or in a gym space dedicated to exercise.

Fitness level

Slam balls come in a variety of sizes and weights. The excitement of starting a new routine may cause some to select equipment that exceeds their current ability. In some cases, this can encourage growth and fitness progress as you make your routine easier. However, it can also cause people to abandon their fitness goals due to extreme soreness or frustration. Consider your experience with weight training, and be sure to select a slam ball that will allow you to ease into your routine with limited discomfort and pain. If you suffer from chronic pain or have an outstanding injury, consult your doctor before engaging in a slam ball workout.

What to look for in a quality slam ball


Select a slam ball that is the appropriate size and weight for the moves you intend to use it. Heavy slam balls are great for strength training, whereas lighter balls that can be held while performing aerobic moves can greatly enhance the effectiveness of a cardio workout. Those looking to incorporate a slam ball into a regimen for both cardio fitness and strength training will benefit from having multiple balls of different weights.


Because slam balls are heavy and some moves require you to hold the ball over your head, it’s important to select a ball with a grip that will prevent you from dropping it. A secure grip will allow you to focus on the muscles you want to build instead of fumbling with a slippery piece of equipment. All slam balls feature a rubberized exterior, but some go further by incorporating aggressive textures to improve grip.


Slam balls are not meant to bounce and roll. Rather, they remain exactly where you throw them. Select a ball with zero bounce. This will ensure that you can continue working out without having to reposition yourself or potentially overreach and cause injury to grab a ball that has bounced or rolled away from your desired spot on the floor.


Slam balls feature a core filled with heavy sand, but some still require inflation with a bicycle tire pump to fully take shape. Inflatable slam balls allow you to choose how firm you want them to be by increasing or decreasing the amount of air they hold. The firmness of your slam ball will determine its bounce and how easy it is to grip.

How much you can expect to spend on a slam ball

Slam ball prices increase based on their weight. Light slam balls can cost as little as $25, whereas those that reach weights of up to 100 pounds can cost $100 or more.

Slam ball FAQ

Do you need to buy more than one slam ball?

A. Eventually, yes. You will want to use a slam ball that is the proper weight for the exercises you intend to do. Those who utilize a slam ball for cardio and strength training will want at least two different weights. Additionally, as your strength progresses, you will want to increase the ball’s weight you use to maintain your fitness trajectory. 

Can you gain muscle using a slam ball?

A. Yes. Because they offer so many workout options, slam balls have become an indispensable part of many strength training routines. Proper form and regular use will definitely result in strength and muscle gain.

What muscles do slam balls exercise?

A. A major advantage to using a slam ball is that you can target a wide range of muscles simultaneously depending on the moves you perform. Incorporating a slam ball into your gym routine can result in a full-body workout from your core to your legs and shoulders.

What’s the best slam ball to buy?

Top slam ball

TRX Training Slam Ball

TRX Training Slam Ball

What you need to know: This slam ball from TRX features a textured surface and is available in a wide range of weights. 

What you’ll love: Requiring no inflation, this slam ball is ready out of the box. Its rubber surface is textured for superior grip, and it provides almost no bounce.

What you should consider: Some users report that this ball can leak sand, and some quality control issues may be present.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top slam ball for the money

Amazon Basics Exercise Slam Ball

Amazon Basics Exercise Slam Ball

What you need to know: Affordable and rugged, this slam ball from Amazon is a great way to explore slam ball workouts. 

What you’ll love: This ball’s PVC exterior is thick and tough enough to withstand the hardest workouts. Available in weights from 10 to 35 pounds.

What you should consider: The shifting sand inside this ball makes it challenging for some users to balance while using.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

RAGE Fitness Slam Ball

RAGE Fitness Slam Ball

What you need to know: Available in weights up to 40 pounds, this slam ball is geared towards CrossFit and high-intensity workout enthusiasts.

What you’ll love: This ball’s rubber surface allows for excellent grip even when wet. It allows for inflation, making its firmness adjustable.

What you should consider: Some users felt that these balls were not filled with enough sand, which caused their shape to deform after use.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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