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Which bird toys are best?

Keeping a bird at home can be a wonderful experience. Birds provide companionship and entertainment. But what happens when you leave the house? When your bird is home alone, it needs appropriate stimulation to prevent it from becoming bored. Bored birds can develop destructive behaviors and may even engage in self-harm, plucking feathers and gnawing on their cage so much that their beaks wear down.

Fortunately, well-designed bird toys can keep your bird engaged and happy when there is no one else around. A great option is the Featherland Paradise Knots N Blocks Bird Toy, which is large and durable enough for oversized birds to use.  

Bird toy considerations

Bird size and personality

You should select bird toys based on your bird’s size and playtime personality. Larger birds who prefer aggressive and active play need larger toys with multiple materials to hang on or chew.

Smaller, more timid birds would be scared of a loud, clanking toy. Size down for birds that prefer something smaller than them or nearer their size, and choose quiet materials.


The materials should be durable enough to stand up to rough play. For the most engagement, choose a toy with many different materials that can include: 

  • Wood
  • Natural fiber and material
  • Metal
  • Leather
  • Plastic 

Hand toys vs. hanging toys

You’ll select different toys depending on when your bird plays with them.

  • Hand toys: When it’s time for you to bond with your feathered friend, hand toys can help. These let you interact with your bird safely and in an engaging way. 
  • Hanging toys: Hanging toys are designed for solo play in the cage. These relieve the boredom that can lead to damaging physical behaviors and poor mental health. 

Bird toy features

For features to look for, the number one feature is safe materials. 

Safe woods include:

  • Pine
  • Balsa
  • Birch 
  • Basswood
  • Poplar
  • Maple
  • Walnut
  • Ash
  • Elm

Any color should be added with safe dyes, not paint that can chip. Never purchase a toy made of pressure-treated wood. If you add natural branches to your bird cage, scrub them thoroughly and ensure they’re completely dry before adding them to the cage. 

If your bird toy has a rope, it should be 100% natural fiber such as cotton, hemp or sisal. Never use nylon blend ropes, and remove the toy when the rope becomes frayed. 

Chains should be safely welded and not have open links, and all fasteners should be secure with no sharp edges. To prevent rust, metal pieces should be powder coated or bare with bird-safe sealant.

Acrylic toys can be indestructible, but you should select other types of plastic thoughtfully. Brittle plastic and large birds do not mix well, as the birds can easily break them.

Finally, leather is safe for birds but should be vegetable tanned and not dyed with toxic colorants.

Which bird toys are best?

Best Featherland Paradise Knots N Blocks Bird Toy

Featherland Paradise Knots N Blocks Bird Toy 

It features chunky wooden blocks and bird-safe rope for hours of entertainment. This toy is available in sizes that range from extra small to XXL. The largest sizes are sturdy enough for big birds to climb and play on. Sold by Amazon

Pets-Best Super Bird Creations Wiggles And Wafers Bird Toy

Super Bird Creations Wiggles and Wafers Bird Toy 

This toy is best for medium birds such as conures and ringnecks. Acrylic wiggle beads and translucent pacifiers are paired with wood parts for chewing and aggressive play. All components are bird safe and designed to keep boredom at bay. Sold by Amazon 

Best Planet Pleasures Large Spiked Pinata Toy

Planet Pleasures Large Spiked Pinata Toy 

Just like a child’s birthday surprise, all-natural palm leaves are woven and filled with shreddable stuffing. Your bird will have hours of fun chewing into the middle and playing with what’s inside. It is available in four sizes and is made of renewable, recyclable materials. Sold by Amazon 

Best JW Pet Company Activitoy Disco Ball Small Bird Toy

JW Pet Company Activitoy Disco Ball Small Bird Toy 

This simple disco ball with tiny reflective squares attracts and engages your bird. There’s a bell at the end of the disco ball for more playtime fun. It’s perfect for cockatiels, parakeets and other smaller birds. Sold by Amazon

Best Bonka Bird Toys 1969 Spoon Delight

Bonka Bird Toys 1969 Spoon Delight 

This toy is great for medium or large birds who prefer rough play. Colorful acrylic rings and stainless steel spoons attach to chain links that you can hang horizontally or vertically. It can support a bird who likes to hang on its toys and is good for all life stages. Sold by Amazon

Best Iovyococo Bird Shredding Foraging Toys

Iovyococo Bird Shredding Foraging Toys 

Treat your bird friend to this assortment of shredder toys made from loofah, rattan balls and wood stuffed with crinkly paper. They satisfy your bird’s natural instinct for chewing and shredding. The toys are handwoven and designs vary. Sold by Amazon

Best Super Bird Creations Wicker Foraging Basket

Super Bird Creations Wicker Foraging Basket 

This boredom-relieving toy is perfect for medium-size birds. This bamboo basket is stuffed with natural toy parts, including vine sticks, loofah slices and woven palm leaves. This toy promotes foraging, which gives your bird intellectual stimulation and prevents more destructive behaviors. Sold by Amazon

Best Skylety Store Bird Training Toys

Skylety Store Bird Training Toys 

When it is time to train your bird and teach it some tricks, this six-piece set of hand toys has you covered. It comes with a mini shopping cart, table training ring, pair of mini roller skates, bird basketball toy and two bell balls. This set is best for playing with small- or medium-size birds. Some assembly of some components is required. Sold by Amazon

Best Bonka Bird Toys Sola Atta Ball

Bonka Bird Toys Sola Atta Ball  

This works for birds of all sizes. Sola stems are natural and dyed different colors in the center to attract your bird. They’re easy to pick up and chew. This six-pack is engaging and satisfies your bird’s need to chew. It also comes in a  pack of three, too. Sold by Amazon

Best Super Bird Creations SB1107 Bagel Cascade Bird Toy

Super Bird Creations SB1107 Bagel Cascade Bird Toy 

This toy is for large birds at all stages of their development. It features a plastic core surrounded by 24 compressed cardboard bagels. You can refill these as your bird peels them. This is sturdy enough for even large birds to hang from, too. Sold by Amazon

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