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Decrease setup time and increase your efficiency both at home or at work with a dedicated projector stand.

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Which projector stands are best?

While stacking books and boxes under your projector may do in a pinch, you will be able to more easily and efficiently get the most out of your presentations and movies with a dedicated projector stand. Once you own one of these simple but indispensable accessories, your days of unprofessionally untangling cables and repeatedly adjusting your projector will be a distant memory. 

The Mount-It! Mobile Projector and Laptop Stand provide a strong, stable base upon which to mount your device. Its wheels allow you to easily roll the stand into place, and its additional tray serves as a convenient laptop or tablet holder.

What to know before you buy a projector stand

What a projector stand does

A projector stand provides a solid, reliable platform upon which to confidently hold a projector. They are superior to desks and tables because they can be easily adjusted to one’s room or preferences and then the settings and placement can be saved intact for future use.

Why do you need a projector stand

Setting up a projector for optimum clarity, picture size and image placement can be a time-consuming and frustrating task. Even if you perfect all the settings, placing the projector on a table or other surface that will be used communally inevitably results in the device being moved, bumped or otherwise disturbed. A projector stand cuts down on setup time and allows you to keep your device permanently set, so you can focus more on your presentation and less on tweaking your hardware.

Your projector usage

Whether at the office or at home, a dedicated projector stand will yield better results compared with alternatives like desks and end tables. Even if you don’t intend to permanently place your projector in the room, a stand that can be stored along with the projector offers the advantage of not having to move furniture around to provide a base for it. Bring your colleagues up to speed or set up an outdoor projector stand for family movie night in a snap.

Your projector’s compatibility

Some projector stands feature a tabletop that can accommodate large, heavy devices. Others are tripods made for lighter models that require your projector to have a built-in, threaded tripod mount. Be sure to research stands carefully to ensure that the one you select will accommodate the projector that you intend to use it with.

What to look for in a quality projector stand


A projector stand with wheels not only allows the user to move the projector to different rooms or areas easily but also greatly simplifies adjusting the distance between the projector and wall. Wheeled projector stands also offer the advantage of being able to tuck the device away in a corner of the conference room, where it can remain undisturbed and ready to go when needed.

Additional shelf

Some projector stands include an additional shelf upon which you can place a laptop computer, notes, tablet or smartphone. This allows for greater efficiency, as all connected devices or presentation material can be carried by a single stand.


Straps help prevent the projector from falling off or being bumped off of the stand. Keeping the device tightly affixed to the stand prevents you from having to make adjustments to the hardware itself if it should be nudged out of place.


Stability is key, especially when it comes to heavy projectors that might result in your stand having a high center of gravity. Flimsy stands not only put expensive hardware at risk, they disrupt the experience by wobbling and vibrating as people walk around the room or as you touch the device. Select a projector stand that will provide a safe, secure foundation for your hardware.

Storage and travel

If your projector stand is to be used in multiple locations, select a model that can be folded up and stowed easily. A tripod-type stand combined with a mini projector makes for a light, efficient setup that can fit into a suitcase or backpack. Many foldable projectors stands also include travel bags or cases.

How much you can expect to spend on a projector stand

Quality projector stands can be purchased for between $35 and $100. Avoid cheaper models, as they tend to be of poor quality.

Projector stand FAQ

Are laptop stands and projector stands the same thing?

A. Many manufacturers provide stands that can accommodate a laptop computer or a projector with ease. Thanks to the wide variety of stands available, those looking for a multipurpose stand will have plenty to choose from. However, certain models are designed with specific projectors in mind. Consider your preferences and usage.

Can I mount my mini projector to my camera’s tripod?

A. Yes, as long as your tripod and the mount on your miniprojector are compatible. However, unless a camera tripod is especially stable and made for professional use, it is not recommended to use them with a full-size projector.

Can I permanently mount my projector to a projector stand?

A. Depending on the projector and the stand, yes. Some manufacturers offer brackets that allow users to permanently mount their devices to walls, ceilings and a variety of other surfaces. However, most users will be satisfied with a stand that includes straps that allow them to firmly keep their projector in place.

What are the best projector stands to buy?

Top projector stand

Mount-It! Mobile Projector and Laptop Stand

Mount-It! Mobile Projector and Laptop Stand 

What you need to know: This fully adjustable projector stand provides stability and ease of use.

What you’ll love: Heavy and sturdy enough for large projectors, this stand includes four locking wheels, an additional shelf and holes in its platforms to allow for ventilation and cable management.

What you should consider: The additional shelf cannot be adjusted and is at a fixed height and angle.

Where to buy: Sold by Staples and Amazon

Top projector stand for the money

Laptop Tripod Stand

Laptop Tripod Stand

What you need to know: This affordable tripod stand is portable and can work on the floor or on a tabletop.

What you’ll love: This tripod can fold up for compact storage. It also features a gooseneck phone holder, which can help free hands while presenting. Straps are included.

What you should consider: This stand is not stable enough for some devices, making it best for lighter projectors.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon 

Worth checking out

Powerextra Projector Tripod Stand

Powerextra Projector Tripod Stand

What you need to know: This stand combines the portability of a tripod with the convenience of a cart, thanks to its locking wheels.

What you’ll love: The wheels make it simple to move around or adjust, and its foldable tripod design makes travel and storage a breeze. It includes an additional tray and straps.

What you should consider: Some buyers have noted that this projector stand is not packed adequately and arrived bent or scratched.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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