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When prepping to whisk your matcha, add the matcha powder to the bowl before the water. This will allow the water to help stir the matcha while you pour.

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Which matcha whisk is best?

A matcha whisk is a specialized tool designed to brew matcha in a wide-brimmed bowl. The whisk is made from one piece of bamboo, known in Japanese as a chasen, and oxygenates the matcha to the perfect level to achieve its signature frothy texture.

These whisks are smaller and shaped differently from a regular whisk. They also require proper care and cleaning to preserve them properly. The technique used when whisking matcha is very particular and when done correctly, should only take 20-30 seconds of whisking to achieve the perfect matcha tea.

For those passionate about their matcha, the whisk that comes in the MoonshineDesignShop set is an excellent choice.

What to know before you buy a matcha whisk


Learning the proper technique for whisking matcha is vital. With the improper technique, you can damage your whisk or your Chawan bowl, shortening the life span of these two apparatuses. Chawan bowls are made from a thick ceramic, which can damage the delicate whisk if it is hit or pressed against too much.

When whisking matcha for the signature foam, you want tour motions back and forth, not in circles. The best way to do this is to imagine you are tracing a zig-zag or “N” while whisking. The main goal of this whisking motion is to keep the tines of the whisk away from the sides and the bottom of the bowl as much as possible.


Like any other new kitchen apparatus or appliance you purchase, a thorough clean is highly recommended. Cleaning this tool is fairly simple. Rather than running the whisk under water, you’re better off soaking it in clean hot water for 60 seconds. You can soak the whisk in the Chawan bowl.

Don’t panic if you notice the core loosen a bit after the cleaning process. A looser core helps when it comes to whisking; it will be more flexible and therefore, the tines will be more effective in transferring air into the mixture. 


Drying your matcha whisk is just as important as cleaning it. Once washed, the whisk must be given time to air-dry fully before it is put away. When drying the whisk, place it on its handle instead of on the tines, because you don’t want the soft bamboo to bend or break.

If your set comes with a matcha whisk holder, place the whisk on there to dry. Once dry, leave the whisk on the holder so it can remain in its correct shape until you next use it. These whisks are delicate and easily bent out of shape, so how and where you store them is very important.

If not appropriately dried, a matcha whisk can start to grow mold or slowly fall apart, damaging both the whisk and the quality of your matcha tea in the future.

What to look for in a quality matcha whisk


You do not want a metal whisk or scoop when looking for the perfect matcha whisk. This is why you can’t use a standard metal whisk. Matcha powder tends to clump when added to liquid, and only a bamboo whisk will froth it adequately and get rid of any of the lumps.

Number of tines

When you’re shopping around, you’ll notice different matcha whisks with different amounts of tines. Some have 80, and some have 120. Eighty is the standard number, but the more expensive the whisks get, the more bristles they have. The more bristles your whisk has, the more aerated your matcha will be by the end of the whisking process.


A good matcha whisk set comes with added accessories. When looking to purchase your set, you will have plenty of designs to choose from, as Chawan bowl manufacturers like to get creative with their designs. The Chawan bowl can be shallow or deep but always is wide enough to accommodate the zig-zag whisking motion.

The tea scoop is called a chashaku and is always bamboo. This curved scoop helps you perfectly measure out your matcha every time.

The whisk holder is called a chasente and is a crucial part of drying and storing the chasen. The curved shape of the tool allows the bristles of the chasen to maintain their shape for longer and helps with the drying process.

How much you can expect to spend on a matcha whisk

Whether you’re going for the whole set or just the whisk, matcha whisks can cost $5-$175. Most budget-friendly options are $5-$15 and include all the correct parts. These whisks won’t last as long as the high-quality ones, but if looked after properly, they stand a chance of being in your cupboard for a few years. Midrange whisks are $20-$50, and high-range whisks can be from $75 upward.

Matcha whisk FAQ

Is a matcha whisk worth it?

A. If you love your matcha, then yes. No blender, frother or regular whisk will achieve the level of frothiness that a matcha whisk can. 

How long does a matcha whisk last?

A. When taken care of properly, a matcha whisk can last up to two years. If you notice a broken tine, it might be time to replace your whisk.

What’s the best matcha whisk to buy?

Top matcha whisk

MoonshineDesignShop Matcha Set

MoonshineDesignShop Matcha Set

What you need to know: This matcha whisk comes with a custom glazed cup, spoon and holder. 

What you’ll love: The elements of this set are all handcrafted from organic materials. The bowl has been designed with a spout for easy pouring and has plenty of space for the correct whisking technique.

What you should consider: The whisk needs to be stored in a dark place once dry.

Where to buy: Sold by Etsy

Top matcha whisk for the money

BambooWorx Japanese Matcha Set

BambooWorx Japanese Matcha Set 

What you need to know: This bamboo matcha set includes the whisk, spoon and scoop. 

What you’ll love: The chasen has 100 tines. The scoop measures the perfect amount of matcha for one serving.

What you should consider: No stand is included.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

ShizenCha Whisk

ShizenCha Whisk

You need to know: A single whisk is perfect for replacing other whisks in a set previously bought.

What you’ll love: This whisk has 100 tines. The whisk is durable and heat resistant. The whisk is handmade from all-natural bamboo. 

What you should consider: It does not come as part of a set. 

Where to buy: Sold by Etsy


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