How to add boho decor to your home


Boho style doesn’t just refer to decor. It also applies to fashion and culture. This style appealed to free-thinking individuals with a unique taste and is still evolving today.

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A guide to boho home decor for beginners 

Boho or Bohemian style decor is a favorite for many because it’s beautiful and cozy, and it is usually colorful, eclectic and warm. It also forgoes the perfection that other styles strive for and focuses on being creative with contrasting and complementary elements. 

Boho style will be perfect for you if you want to give your home a fresh, fun twist. The best thing about this decor style is that you can approach it with either maximalist or minimalist decor. The maximalist boho decor mixes many colors, textures, designs and embraces many knick-knacks. Minimal boho decor takes a more laidback approach, adding little touches throughout your home.

No matter what approach you choose to take, the boho-style decor is fun to explore and will give your home a warm, chic and inviting look.

Use colors, textures and patterns  

Simple Shape stickers

In the case of bohemian style, less isn’t more. Find all the colors and patterns that you love, and don’t shy away from adding different textures as well. You can achieve this mixture using many colors, textures and patterns. 

You can use neutral colors for your base and add splashes of color and patterns. You also can choose to go all out and use a variety of designs without any particular base. One of the best ways to mix these elements is by incorporating them with prominent features, such as wall decals like the Simple Shapes stickers, which come in soft, pastel-colored peony shapes. You can also go for tapestries that come in various sizes and designs, like the Arfber cactus tapestry

Adding in texture can also be done by layering fabrics like area rugs. You can choose between different styles, such as the Artistic Weavers or Safavieh area rug. 


Nearly Natural Plant

Plants are not just beautiful, they also add a natural look to your home. It can also spruce up the room if you’re going for a more toned-down boho style. 

If you want real plants, you can pick any you prefer and add them into vases like this beautiful Stone & Beam vase, which has an earthy, natural look. It’s also okay if you love plants but don’t particularly have a green thumb. In that case, get artificial plants, like the Nearly Natural pothos, that come with a vase. Artificial plants like this won’t die on you and will give that green look that adds freshness. 

Don’t forget, no matter what plants you choose, having a plant stand, like the VIVOSUN stand or the Ufine multi-tier stand, lets you decorate your space more efficiently and make your plants stand out as a feature of their own. 

Comfortable lounging 

Haotian rocking chair

When it comes to comfort, boho style wins. 

One of the ways to get that comfortable look is by adding in furniture that looks inviting, soft and warm. Add unique pieces such as this Haotian rocking chair, giving an extra homey look. 

If you have enough space and are looking for a bit of fun, you can also add in a hanging egg chair, a hammock or a cute swing, like the Sorbus Macrame Swing

No matter what type of sofa or chairs you have, you can add that extra layer of warmth by throwing blankets, like the Chanasya faux fur, and decorative pillow covers, like this one from Morgan’s Home, on your sofa and chairs. You’ll find that family, friends and pets will have no problem cozying up here.  

You can throw your blankets and pillows down on the rugs if you want a different feel that’s just as comfortable as your sofa or chairs. Low seating also works if you don’t want to have your blankets and pillows on the floor.


OneSoul Collection Candle

Warm lighting is usually best for this style as it gives off the radiance associated with boho the boho look. 

You can incorporate lighting in various ways and through multiple pieces. Depending on the space, you can use lamps, string lights, chandeliers and lanterns, which add a unique vintage look. 

Another great way to add lighting elements into your room is by adding in all sorts of candles. This soy wax scented candle from OneSoul Collection adds warm light and gives off a sweet smell that fills the whole room. If you’re not a fan of having a lit fire due to the hazards it may cause, you can opt for artificial candles, such as these Sandstone & Sage flameless candles, which give off the same warmth and glow that regular candles do. 

Another option is to have a mix of lighting sources by turning on just a few electric lights and then have your real or artificial candles burning or turned on in central places of the room such as mantles and center tables. 

Creating a boho look

While boho decor is undoubtedly eclectic and has very few rules, it’s always a good idea to stick to more natural-looking textures and materials such as wood, rattan, second-hand items, vintage or handmade pieces and plants. Find details that you love and don’t be afraid to experiment with them. 

Getting the perfect boho decor for your home means putting in the effort to find a style that you love and that makes you feel most at home. 


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