Best sand art for your desk


Are you wanting to make a statement with your desk decor or simply hoping to add quiet harmony to your office? Check out the best sand art for your desk either way.

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Which sand art for your desk is best?

Whether you’re hoping to add some mesmerizing calmness to your desk or simply want to increase the style and charm in your office, sand art fits the bill. You can enjoy ever-changing designs, some interactive styles and the overall relaxing effects of sand art in your office. 

If you’re a nature lover looking for something elegant that will captivate your attention throughout a workday, be sure to consider the Aoderun 12-inch Moving Sand Art Picture Round Glass. Choose your favorite color then sit back as you enjoy endless landscape creations. 

What to know before you buy sand art for your desk


While a calendar or desk lamp may be a practical addition to your desk, they don’t offer you a lot in terms of aesthetics. Sand art sets a unique tone for your office, and there is a lot of flexibility in design. You can find different colors, shapes and movements to suit your specific preferences. Glittery options or dark and moody designs are all available. Some mimic clouds and rain while others represent mountains. You can find a soothing sand art garden as well to add in some real zen aesthetics.

Create a relaxed workspace

While your planner deserves attention and your work spreadsheets may impress your boss, the best way to create a relaxed workspace is with the right type of art. Sand art is delicate, yet majestic. It can be magical in appearance, triggering calm energy in your office. The right sand art will bring a serene atmosphere to your office without being overwhelming or distracting. While you’re handling stressful work projects and crossing off a massive to-do list, the best sand art for your desk invites tranquility.


Sand art is often fragile. While this is perfectly suitable for a quiet office that you occupy alone, it may not be ideal for an overcrowded, shared space or for a home office where the kids like to play. You don’t want to be stressing about accidental elbows bumping your art and making a mess on your desk and floor. Think about the desired location of your sand art and make sure that the destination is safe.

What to look for in quality sand art for your desk

Art forms you’re drawn to

The amazing thing about sand art is that there are so many different designs and colors. If you prefer the classic white sand zen garden that you can decorate as you please, you can easily find one that fits in your desired space. If you want a classic sand timer that drains in attractive shapes, you’re sure to find some options. You can also find plenty of colorful sand art that drains into refreshing patterns mimicking various nature sites. The best sand art for your desk will express your style.

Pleasing and not distracting

While you certainly want to enjoy looking at your sand art, you don’t want it to distract you from your daily tasks. If for whatever reason the sand art makes noise, make sure it is pleasing and triggers relaxation rather than irritation. A lot of sand art moves throughout the day so you want to enjoy the motion and not find it displeasing or distracting.

Great for gifting

The best sand art for your desk is often the best sand art for someone else’s. Sand art makes for a great gift for any office worker needing something to cheer up their day. As you search for your favorite sand art, consider purchasing two and gifting the second when it arrives.

How much you can expect to spend on sand art for your desk

You can find a lot of great sand art for your desk for $25-$50. Some larger sand art can be as much as $100.

Sand art for your desk FAQ

What is the liquid in moving sand art?

A. Moving sand art is usually filled with sand, air and the perfect balance of water. Consider the fact that water evaporates over time. As the balance of air bubbles, sand and water changes, you may need to add additional water to keep your sand art operational. 

Is sand art for your desk worth it?

A. Whether or not sand art is worth it is entirely up to you. Many users find it exceptional while others don’t notice many benefits. If it brings peace and enjoyment to your day, then it’s worth it.

What’s the best sand art for your desk to buy?

Top sand art for your desk

Aoderun 12-inch Moving Sand Art Picture Round Glass

Aoderun 12-inch Moving Sand Art Picture Round Glass

What you need to know: Every time you turn this round sand feature, you can enjoy the dynamic sand picture that develops within the glass.

What you’ll love: Featuring lead-free, high-transparency glass, this art presents a clear picture of the water and sand flow as new landscapes develop. Enjoy the colorful sand and interesting 3D effect. You’ll wonder how you stayed calm in your office without it.

What you should consider: Some defective models of this sand art cause the sand to fall all at once rather than gradually, failing to create lovely landscapes.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top sand art for your desk for the money

COCORO Japanese Zen Garden for Desk and Office Accessories

COCORO Japanese Zen Garden for Desk and Office Accessories

What you need to know: Keep things simple by creating sand designs however you like with this minimalistic desk-sized zen sand garden.

What you’ll love: This is the complete kit. When you purchase, you get the wooden tray, purified white sand, rake and decorations. Enjoy creating distinct scenes and sand designs that are sure to bring tranquility to an otherwise hectic workday.

What you should consider: Some consumers complain that their purchase did not come with all of the promised elements.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Automatic Zen Garden Sand Bowl

Automatic Zen Garden Sand Bowl

What you need to know: If you’re searching for a constantly-changing sand garden and ready to spend some money on it, this auto sand bowl may be what you’ve been hunting for.

What you’ll love: This sand bowl automatically creates over 80 unique sand designs. Enjoy the soothing, mesmerizing effects of watching symmetric patterns develop in the sand. The metal ball glides through the sand all day if you desire.

What you should consider: This sand bowl has a 6-foot power cord so it cannot operate without a reachable power source.

Where to buy: Sold by Etsy


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