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Which crystal flower vases are best?

Crystal flower vases have been used to enhance interior decor for centuries. They are a unique style of vase that strays from the typical smooth look of glass used to hold bouquets. If you are looking for a vase that is handmade by a trusted international brand and holds all sizes of bouquets, the Waterford Cassidy Vase is the top choice.

What to know before you buy a crystal flower vase 


Crystal flower vases are made in different shapes that vary in size. Some are made smaller to accommodate tight spaces or small bouquets, and some larger so more flowers fit in the vase. 


Vases that come in sets of two or more of the same style can serve as decorative accent pieces that contribute to a theme. For example, a large crystal may come in a set with two smaller vases that complement it. The large vase is the most prominent, but the vases work together for an aesthetically pleasing display.  


Crystal vases can feature raised and indented designs. Raised vines climbing the vase with flower petals, jagged indented swords that extend up the glass and carefully sectioned squares both indented and raised in the center of the glass are a few of the many options. There are also smooth designs that focus more on how the glass was blown and less on the design carved into it. 

What to look for in a quality crystal flower vase 

Smooth edges

Quality vases with smooth edges keep those around the vase safer and give it a softer look. They are more protected during transportation. 

Shock resistant

Shock-resistant vases are not easily cracked when the object they are resting on moves or shakes. They are more adaptable to temperature. For example, shock-resistant glass will not crack as the temperatures get colder if they are set outside. 


Vases made with thick glass are sturdy. Though they are heavier and harder to transport, the thickness adds balance when flowers are inserted.

Gift box 

Crystal flower vases are fragile and should be carefully shipped and stored to prevent them from breaking or cracking. Those that come in a quality box make great gifts, or the box can be used for storage. 


  • If you would like your bouquet to look fuller, purchase a vase with a large sloped opening. 
  • If the flowers cause your vase to tip, add weight to the bottom.
  • A vase should only be filled with 75% water. Too much water could kill the flowers.  
  • Trim the flowers before you put them into your vase when you change the water. 
  • Change the water in the vase frequently and add plant food. Some people add sugar to the water. 
  • If you are filling the vase with fake flowers, you can add rocks to the bottom for stability. 
  • Some people put wax underneath the vase so that if it is hit, it will not fall over. 
  • If you do not want to keep up with changing and cutting the flowers, leave your vases empty to portray minimalism. 

HOW MUCH YOU CAN EXPECT TO SPEND ON A  crystal flower vase

They cost anywhere from $15-$500 depending on the material, the brand, size and design. 

Crystal flower vase FAQ

How do you test to see if it is made with real crystal? 

A. Wet one of your fingers and move it on the vase in circular motions. If the glass makes a sound, it’s real crystal. 

How do you clean a crystal flower vase? 

A. Fill it with warm water and use baking soda and vinegar as a solution to break up the dirt and debris inside of the vase. If there is stuck-on residue inside or outside of the vase, use any small scrub brush to gently remove it. 

What is the most popular shape for a crystal vase? 

A. Hourglass vases are the most popular because they allow for maximum space for water at the base. The middle is slimmer to securely hold the flowers into place and the flared mouth at the top is supportive. 

Can crystal vases only be made from glass? 

A. Crystal is a form of glass made with added minerals such as magnesium, zinc or lead. 

What are the best crystal flower vases to buy?

Top crystal flower vase 

Waterford Cassidy Vase

Waterford Cassidy Vase 

What you need to know: It is imported, created by a renowned glassmaker and comes in a durable gift box.

What you’ll love: Small and large flower arrangements fit into this vase and it is handmade. It is available for purchase as a set with other Waterford glassware. 

What you should consider: It is very expensive and fragile. It is not always packaged securely.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top crystal flower vase for the money

Slymeay Phoenix Tail Shaped Flower Vase

Slymeay Phoenix Tail Shaped Flower Vase 

What you need to know: It is inexpensive and is available for purchase in small and large sizes. 

What you’ll love: The glass is lead-free, shock-resistant and is showcased in various settings. It fits a few styles and sizes of flower arrangements and is made with high-quality crystal. 

What you should consider: This vase produces more glare and light reflection than other vases due to its shape and design. It comes in only one color. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

RCR Crystal Laurus Vase

RCR Crystal Laurus Vase 

What you need to know: This vase features unique vine detailing and the top of the vase is large to fit multiple sizes and styles of bouquets. 

What you’ll love: All corners and edges of the glass are smooth so that you do not cut yourself when handling it. It is lightweight and packaged securely.

What you should consider: This vase is only sold in one size and is not packaged securely enough when it is shipped. Some have noticed glass bubble imperfections on the side. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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