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Although you may be eager to display your Christmas inflatables 24/7, it is recommended you read the owner’s manual before doing so. While some Christmas inflatables are great for continual usage, others are only intended to run for a few hours at a time.

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What are the best Christmas inflatables on sale?

If you take a short walk through your neighborhood this holiday season, you’ll find that more and more homes are incorporating Christmas inflatables into their decorating scheme. The reason for this is simple. Christmas inflatables provide the best bang for your buck and your time. You can set up a Christmas inflatable in just a few minutes, and the right one can make a more significant impact than lights.

The downside to these highly desirable items, however, is their price. Some high-end Christmas inflatables cost several hundred dollars each. The trick to getting the most from your holiday inflatables is to purchase them on sale. 

What to look for in a Christmas inflatable

Christmas inflatables are like Christmas lights, and everyone has their own idea of what is best. That is why there are so many designs and themes available. However, after deciding if you’re more of a cute penguin or a Santa-in-an-outhouse type person, there are two other essential aspects to consider: size and lights.


Do you want a massive inflatable that dwarfs your house and becomes the focal point of your yard or are you interested in something smaller? The choice is up to you. However, you should think about future purchases before making your final decision because inflatables with a similar scale will look the best when placed together.


Since you will most likely display your decorations at night, lighting is critical. Long-lasting LEDs are the best. Some inflatables have just a few lights, while others feature a more elaborate display. Again, the choice is up to you, but more lights will mean a slightly higher electric bill.

How to get the best deal on a Christmas inflatable

The best time to buy your Christmas inflatables is just after the season ends. This is when sellers want to clear out their inventory, allowing you to take advantage of deep discounts. Since that strategy won’t help you prepare for this year’s festivities, here are some money-saving tips that can let you get the best deals on Christmas inflatables right now.

Get organized

Without making any purchases, go shopping. Pick all the inflatables you’d love to have and put them on a wishlist. Prioritize the items, putting must-haves at the top of the list and alternative selections at the bottom. 

Set a budget

It’s easy to make emotional purchases, especially around the holidays. If you don’t set a limit on what you can comfortably afford, you’ll wind up paying too much.

Know what a good price looks like

Now that you have your dream shopping list and a budget, start paying attention to prices. If you do not know what an item normally costs, you won’t be able to identify a good deal. 

Take advantage of online money-saving tools

There’s more to shopping online than clicking on “buy.” Take advantage of the tools that are available to you. One option is utilizing Amazon’s 30-Day Price Tracker. This handy tool shows you the high and low price of any item over the past 30 days to help you identify a deep discount. Another option is to subscribe to the BestReviews newsletter. This email identifies buying trends, evaluates products, suggests quality models and points out exceptional deals.

Christmas inflatables to watch for sale prices

Although it is a little early to know precisely what will go on sale this year, here’s a list of top Christmas inflatables to watch. If you see any you like, add them to your cart or put them on a wishlist right now, so you don’t miss out on any upcoming holiday deals. Also, you’ll want to keep an eye on them to make sure these products don’t go out of stock before you have a chance to buy what you want.

Glitzhome Santa Snowman Gate Arch

Glitzhome Santa Snowman Gate Arch

You can quickly create a focal point for your home decorations with this 8-foot-tall arch. The lighted inflatable features two figures: Santa Claus and a snowman.

Sold by Wayfair and Macy’s 

Glitzhome Santa Claus on Pick Up Truck

Glitzhome Santa Claus on Pick Up Truck

This classic design features Santa delivering a Christmas tree in a pickup truck. The headlights, tree decorations and Santa are all brightly lit.

Sold by Wayfair and Macy’s 

Glitzhome Pre-Lit Santa's Sleigh

Glitzhome Pre-Lit Santa’s Sleigh

Two reindeer are pulling the sleigh as Santa waves at everyone who drives past your home. The inflatable is 7 feet long, and it comes with stakes and tethers for an outdoor setup.

Sold by Bed Bath & Beyond and Macy’s

Plush Baby Sven with Snowflake

Plush Baby Sven With Snowflake

This 6-foot inflatable features an adorable Baby Sven from Disney’s “Frozen.” He has a snowflake on his tongue, and the plush fabric allows him to stand out from other inflatables, making him an instant holiday favorite.

Sold by Home Depot

Home Accents Holiday Snowman with Penguins

Home Accents Holiday Snowman With Penguins

If you want to be the envy of the neighborhood, consider this giant 9.5-foot snowman. The snowman sits happily on the ground while three playful penguins climb on top.

Sold by Home Depot

Joiedomi Polar Bear Christmas Tree

Joiedomi Polar Bear Christmas Tree

This charming Christmas inflatable depicts a large polar bear helping a little penguin place a star on the top of a Christmas tree. It is 6 feet tall and lit with long-lasting LEDs.

Sold by Amazon

Rocinha Snowman with Penguins

Rocinha Snowman With Penguins

This offering isn’t just an inflatable. It’s a captured holiday moment. Two penguins, sitting amid presents, are hugging a giant snowman who has a dazzling display of lights in his tummy.

Sold by Amazon

A Christmas Story Ralphie

A Christmas Story Ralphie

If you think A Christmas Story’s leg lamp was the ultimate nostalgic decoration, think again. This 6-foot photorealistic Ralphie in a pink bunny suit is the must-have inflatable this holiday season.

Sold by Home Depot

Gemmy Industries Minnie in Winter Outfit

Gemmy Industries Minnie in Winter Outfit

Minnie never goes out of style. This 3-foot inflatable of your favorite mouse in her holiday attire is suitable for any size yard.

Sold by Wayfair

Thanger Store Snowman

Thanger Store Snowman

Christmas isn’t complete without a giant happy snowman. This 7-foot inflatable is priced to fit even a modest budget. There are built-in sandbags, four ground stakes and two ropes to secure your snowman.

Sold by Amazon


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