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Which winter gloves for men are best?

Winter is here and it’s the season of frozen fingers. Unless, of course, you grab a pair or two of winter gloves.

But “winter gloves” covers a wide range of styles. There are basic leather gloves mostly used for driving, for example, or thickly cushioned mittens for long treks through the snow. Outside of the basic function of keeping your hands warm, you also need to consider any extra features they may have, such as if they’re waterproof.

What to know before you buy winter gloves for men

Winter gloves for men types

Winter gloves for men come in many types, but some of the most common are:

  • Leather: These are usually more about style than function, though good leather gloves have linings that keep your hands warm. Get a pair if your local weather isn’t that cold or if you only wear gloves while moving between your car and your destination.
  • Form-fitting: These are typically made of warm materials such as wool. They have individual fingers and don’t add much bulk, but they need to be of good quality to be effective. These are typically best worn in dry and not-too-cold weather.
  • Ski: These are typically worn while skiing but are equally at home in areas with consistently below-freezing weather. They have individual fingers and keep melting snow outside, but are extra bulky and need to be removed if you need to use your phone.
  • Mittens: These have no fingers, instead keeping your hands in one big pouch. This can make them extra effective at keeping your hands warm by concentrating their natural body heat. However, the lack of fingers makes it all but impossible to do anything while they’re on.


Most glove sizes are found by measuring the circumference of the palm just below the knuckles, without including the thumb. Once you have this measurement, you can compare it to a manufacturer’s sizing chart to ensure a proper fit. And you do want to ensure a proper fit; too small is obviously bad but too big and it won’t keep warm as effectively.

Each manufacturer is different, but generally speaking, the sizes and measurements are:

  • XS: 7 inches
  • S: 7.5-8 inches
  • M: 8.5-9 inches
  • L: 9.5-10 inches
  • XL: 10.5-11 inches
  • XXL: 11.5 inches

What to look for in quality winter gloves for men

Touch-screen compatibility

Most people depend on their phones for many aspects of their daily life, which is why it can be frustrating to wear gloves that block your fingers from being read by smartphones. Thankfully, glove manufacturers today understand this, and many gloves have special fingertips that can interact with touchscreens.

Gathered wrists

The best winter gloves for men have gathered wrists, which seal the glove around the wrist to keep your body heat in and melting snow and ice out. This can be in the form of elastic bands in the wrist — the most common option — or as cinchable straps, usually found in ski gloves.


The only thing worse than damp socks is damp gloves. Look for gloves that are waterproof, or at the very least water-resistant.


Some gloves incorporate grips into the palm, and occasionally the fingers. These usually take the form of silicone pads or dots. You may not need them if you only wear gloves for a few minutes at a time; otherwise, they can prevent dropping your phone.

How much you can expect to spend on winter gloves for men

Basic gloves that get the job done can cost as little as $5-$15. Better gloves and especially those with special features can cost up to $30. The best non-designer gloves typically top out around $50, with designer gloves costing as much as several hundred dollars.

What are the best winter gloves for men to buy?

best Achiou Winter Gloves

Achiou Winter Gloves

These are designed around you being able to use your phone as normal, from fingertips that a touch screen can read to silicone anti-slip grips on the palms. They come in 12 colors.

Sold by Amazon

best Carhartt Winter Gloves

Carhartt Winter Gloves

These ski gloves have gathered wrists to keep melting snow out and the rest of them are waterproof. Insulated for maximum warmth, they come in five sizes and in four colors.

Sold by Amazon

best Elma Winter Leather Gloves

Elma Winter Leather Gloves

These leather gloves are stylish and warm, lined with either fleece or cashmere. They come in black and brown and in five sizes.

Sold by Amazon

best Gordini Gore Gauntlet Gloves

Gordini Gore Gauntlet Gloves

These are waterproof but have some air permeability to let sweat escape. Adjustable wrist straps help keep heat in and water out, not to mention aiding in keeping them on.

Sold by Amazon

best Lethmik Winter Gloves

Lethmik Winter Gloves

These form-fitting gloves are knit together for a wholesome, almost made-by-hand look. Lined with wool for extra warmth and softness, they come in gray or navy.

Sold by Amazon

Ozero Winter Thermal Gloves

Ozero Winter Thermal Gloves

These gloves have silicone on the fingers and palms to better grip objects, and the fingertips can be recognized by a touch-screen device. The exterior is water-resistant, and they come in five sizes.

Sold by Amazon

best Simari Winter Gloves

Simari Winter Gloves

These form-fitting gloves are perfect for active people thanks to their slick designs, reminiscent of athletic wear, and the ability to use your phone while wearing them. They come in 11 colors and four sizes.

Sold by Amazon

best Skydeer Winter Gloves

Skydeer Winter Gloves

These are perfect for freezing weather, made of cushy, warm deerskin suede backed by polar fleece and stuffed with insulation. They come in three colors and in five sizes.

Sold by Amazon

best Timberland Magic Gloves

Timberland Magic Gloves

These have touch-screen tips on the index and thumb fingers, and they’re 7.5 inches long from the tip of the index finger down to the cuff. They come in seven colors.

Sold by Amazon

best Under Armour Armour Liner 2.0 Gloves

Under Armour Armour Liner 2.0 Gloves

These gloves can be worn on their own thanks to their plush interior lining or as a second layer underneath larger, thicker gloves. They come in five colors and in five sizes.

Sold by Amazon

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