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While a phone charm can be small in size, it can significantly impact how you use it, whether to attach your keys or hold your identification cards.

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Which phone charms are best?

Phone charms can add style and accessibility to your phone, making it stand out from your peers’ devices. While a phone charm can be so small in size, it can significantly impact how you use it, whether it’s to attach your keys or to hold your identification cards. There are phone charms that suit various preferences, and some people use them as a necessity in situations such as relieving stress or a way of carrying their phone easier. Phone charms can be valuable, and the best part about them is that they can be extremely cheap. If you’re looking for a visually appealing phone charm that can withstand outside elements, the Bone Multi-Purpose Carton Phone Charm is the top choice.  

What to know before you buy phone charms


Before you invest in a phone charm, determine if you’re able to attach the charm to your phone in its current state. For older model phones that still carry headphone jacks, phone charms fit inside the headphone jack. However, if you have wired headphones, you can’t use the headphones and charm simultaneously. 

The best way to attach a phone charm is through the slots of a phone case. Assuming you have a phone case for your device, there are various slots in case that you can loop the strap through. The most common place to loop the strap through is on a side slot if the case has one. If not, you can simply loop it through the bottom speaker openings of the phone case. 


Phone charm straps come in various types of materials, and the one that’s right for you will depend on your preference. The most common material for phone charms is nylon, which is durable and won’t tear or come apart. There are also phone charm straps that consist of a beaded stainless steel strap. These may offer more accessibility for some because stainless steel straps can generally be opened and closed back together. 

However, the downside to stainless steel straps is that they can burst apart with enough force, and the strap may be too big to fit in certain openings. Rubber or silicone phone charms can adjust easily to different wrist sizes as the material can stretch out. These types of phone charms are waterproof and require minimal cleaning. Rubber and silicone can tear easily, though, so that’s something to keep in mind. 


Many sellers offer packs of phone charms, which allow you to have spare charms or give some to a friend. A lot of times, buying a pack of charms can cost around the same price as one. Some packs may come in different colors allowing you to customize your phone in fashionable ways. 

What to look for in quality phone charms

Wrist strap

If you want to hold your phone securely, a wrist strap can be handy. Many brands offer adjustable wrist straps or straps that can expand to your wrist size. If you attach a key ring to the phone charm, you’ll be able to carry multiple items in your hand by attaching items such as wallet, ID holders and more. 


A keyring makes attaching items to your phone charm easy. Many people like to attach keychains and various small items to a key ring. This can give your phone a cool look, or a key ring can simply be useful for keeping all your items together. 


Phone charms should be fun as they can improve the look of your phone and maybe an outfit you’re wearing on a specific day. Many phone charm manufacturers will offer different colors or styles so that you can customize your phone to your liking.  

How much you can expect to spend on phone charms

Phone charms can cost anywhere from $5-$50. In the $5-$20 range, you’ll find the typical phone charm with a key ring and a wrist strap made out of a simple material such as nylon. For phone charms that have lanyards or small figures attached, those will cost from $20-$50. But if you want a phone charm made out of jewelry such as faux crystals or wood, those will cost about $45 and more. 

Phone charms FAQ

How do you attach phone charms?

A. Use the short loop of the phone charm to wrap around an opening on your phone. If your phone doesn’t have an opening, you’ll need to attach it to a phone case opening. Phone cases have various openings, so you can pick one and tie the loop around it. 

Where did phone charms originate?

A. Phone charms originated in Japan, where original cell phone models such as flip phones have a designated keychain hole on the phone’s side, top or bottom. As phones continued to develop, keychain holes on phones have generally become a thing of the past. But now phone charms have made a huge comeback, and people have found creative ways to attach phone charms to their phone and style it. 

What are the best phone charms to buy?

Top phone charms

Bone Multi-Purpose Cartoon Phone Charm

Bone Multi-Purpose Cartoon Phone Charm

What you need to know: The silicone strap allows this phone charm to be expandable and waterproof. 

What you’ll love: There are multiple colors and styles of the charms available, where you can pick from different animal charms. The silicone material allows the charm to be stretched up to twice its original length. 

What you should consider: Some wish the animal charm was bigger. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top phone charms for the money

Bememo Cellphone Charm Cords

Bememo Cellphone Charm Cords

What you need to know: You’ll have more than enough phone charms to last you for a long time, as this pack of charms comes with 20 pieces. 

What you’ll love: Four colors come in the pack, with five pieces for each color. The nylon strap and metal keyring will hold heavier items such as cameras, flashlights and wallets. 

What you should consider: The charms are very small and isn’t as fashionable compared to competitors. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

iMagitek Playful Pea Bean Charm

iMagitek Playful Pea Bean Charm

What you need to know: If you struggle to keep focus or need something to help reduce stress, this phone charm comes with a squeezable charm. 

What you’ll love: The adorable pea pod charm is squeezable, and you can pop the peas out of the pods. The pea pod charm is made out of eco-friendly materials. 

What you should consider: The faces of the peas may fade after constant use. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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