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The first boombox was manufactured in 1966 in the Netherlands and was originally called the “radiorecorder.”

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Which boombox CD player is best?

History often repeats itself. That is the case with the portable boombox that was wildly popular in the 1980s. Users transported these stylish sound systems to wherever music was needed, whether it be a party, the park and even a car when the radio speakers just weren’t enough.

Boomboxes are making a resurgence, but their style and technological capabilities have been upgraded to meet modern expectations. They now play CDs, have wireless connectivity and play music from external electronic devices directly connected to the boombox. The top choice is the Naxa NPB-251 Portable CD Player for its reliability and many standard features.

What to know before you buy a boombox CD player

More than CDs

Many people still rely on CDs for their personal music. There is no substitute for the overall quality of music on a CD, plus playing a CD does not require an internet connection or paid subscription. Compressed audio formats available with Bluetooth and other applications are the most popular today. Fortunately, boomboxes that play CDs are also compatible with the many different music formats that can be shared wirelessly or through a direct plug-in to an auxiliary jack. 

Streaming music

While carrying around a boombox CD player is convenient for taking your music on the go, a boombox can also be an excellent addition to your home sound system. If you use a digital home device such as Google Home or Amazon Echo, the speakers on your boombox likely provide better sound quality. Look for a model that can connect to your digital device through the auxiliary port.


Many boombox CD players require C or D batteries when you can’t access AC power. These batteries are heavier than lithium batteries that you can use in other electronic devices that you use. Boomboxes don’t have battery life indicators, so it is often a guessing game as to when they will run out. Keeping an extra set on hand is always recommended.

What to look for in a quality boombox CD player

Bluetooth technology

Most boomboxes have connectivity via Bluetooth to your phone, tablet or other electronic device storing your music. This is often the easiest way to ensure you listen to the music you want to hear.

Auxiliary port

Some devices may require that you connect to the boombox via the auxiliary port. This input typically requires a 3.5-millimeter cord that should have come with your connecting device. Look for boombox models with an auxiliary port.


Since boomboxes are often being transported to the beach or swimming pool, it is crucial to look for water-resistant models. The occasional splash or spill is bound to happen, so having a boombox that can stand up to water will ease your mind while extending the longevity of the player itself.

How much you can expect to spend on a boombox CD player

The most basic boombox CD players cost $50-$75 but may not offer Bluetooth technology. At the same time, players priced $75-$150 have wireless connectivity, excellent sound quality and other standard features. Boomboxes priced at $150-$500 typically have extra long-lasting batteries and powerful subwoofers that will generate enough bass to shake the ground beneath you.

Boombox CD player FAQ

How long do batteries last in a boombox CD player?

A. Typically, a set of batteries in a mid-range priced boombox CD player will last between 6 to 12 hours. Higher-priced models may use lithium-ion batteries and can play continuously for nearly 24 hours.

What is the easiest way to carry a boombox CD player?

A. Nearly all boombox CD players have a handle on top for easy transportation. Bear in mind that boomboxes weigh between 5 to 7 pounds, although bigger models with subwoofers weigh nearly twice that amount. If you struggle with the weight of a boombox CD player, consider models that come with a shoulder strap that will help you balance the weight more evenly.

What’s the best boombox CD player to buy?

Top boombox CD player

Naxa NPB-251 Portable CD Player

Naxa NPB-251 Portable CD Player
What you need to know: This reliable boombox has all the basic features and extra-long battery life.
What you’ll love: The two-way power source features up to 26 hours of battery life in addition to an AC power connection. It is lightweight with a soft-eject CD cover and Bluetooth capability. This boombox has programmable memory and high-performance speakers.
What you should consider: The volume is somewhat limited for anyone looking for an extra loud boombox.
Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top boombox CD player for the money

Jensen CD-555 Portable Bluetooth Music System

Jensen CD-555 Portable Bluetooth Music System
What you need to know: This stylish option has great sound and plenty of wireless features.
What you’ll love: This boombox features a top-loading CD player with an LED display. It is compatible with all Bluetooth devices and includes an auxiliary input jack for iPod or MP3. It also sports a programmable memory and bass boost.
What you should consider: This model is not capable of playing AM radio stations.
Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Philips Bluetooth Boombox Speaker

Philips Bluetooth Boombox Speaker
What you need to know: This futuristically styled boombox has a powerful sound and can be transported easily.
What you’ll love: The versatile speaker plays Bluetooth, USB, CDs and from the auxiliary jack. It also features a bass boost that lights up when music is playing. Fifty watts of clear sound is generated. It is extremely light and easy to carry.
What you should consider: This model requires eight D-batteries that do not come in the original packaging.
Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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