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Consider how you’ll be carrying a shotgun case; most have a handle, but some also include a shoulder strap, which is a wise purchase when you know you’ll regularly be on the move.

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Which shotgun case is best?

There are many shapes, sizes and materials of gun cases available for purchase. However, you won’t find any that are specifically made for shotguns because most are marketed as long gun cases for both shotguns and rifles. The best case for a shotgun is the Plano All-Weather Premium Watertight Tactical Rifle/Shotgun Case. This specially crafted shotgun case is as durable as they come and features easy, pre-cut removable foam to customize a tight fit for your shotgun and extra gear.

What to know before you buy a shotgun case

Hard vs. soft

Hard shotgun cases are best used by shotgun owners who are regularly on the go. They typically have superior drop and other impact resistances. High-end hard shotgun cases also include better elemental resistance, including full waterproofing. These higher-end hard shotgun cases are the most expensive.

Soft shotgun cases are popular for casual hunters and range-only wielders. They are the lightest and most varied shotgun case types as well as being among the most affordable, depending on any extra storage options, padding levels and methods of carrying.


With shotgun cases, the width is more important than the height and depth.

Width: Shotgun cases measure sizes in terms of the maximum external width. As such, when shopping for a shotgun case to fit a specific shotgun, you’ll need to purchase a shotgun case with a measurement that is at least 2 inches wider than your shotgun.

Height and depth: For most shotgun owners, the height and depth of a given case is of little importance unless you have a special attachment you do not wish to detach or purchase an additional case for. These can be anything from ammo belts attached to the stock, specialty grips and sights.

What to look for in a quality shotgun case


Hard shotgun cases usually are made of hard, plastic exteriors with foam inserts. Low-end foams in hard shotgun cases are simple sheets on the top and bottom for your shotgun to be laid between. High-end hard shotgun cases can include stiff, pre-cut foams you can precisely move for a custom and more secure fit.

Soft shotgun cases have a wide range of materials that might be used for both their exteriors and interiors.

Extra storage

Many shotgun cases include methods for storing extra gear and extra ammunition so you don’t need to carry more cases or bags. Some shotgun cases have extra pockets intended to be large enough to store a handgun as well. Others, especially hard shotgun cases, simply increase the dimensions of the main compartment for extra storage.

How much you can expect to spend on a shotgun case

Shotgun cases aren’t a particularly expensive item, especially when compared to the costs of the shotguns they contain. Excellent options can be found for less than $50. There are extremely rugged shotgun cases available for sometimes as much as $100 or more, but these usually are specialty cases or for those who constantly travel.

Shotgun case FAQ

Is it safe to store extra ammo in the main compartment with the shotgun?

A. As long as you are properly storing your shotgun to begin with (i.e., it is fully unloaded and the safety is on), then yes, it is safe to store your ammo in the same pouch as the shotgun. That said, many people don’t like to do this for risk of the ammo moving around and scratching the exterior of the shotgun; you can mitigate this by placing the extra shotgun shells in an ammo belt first.

Are there any laws concerning the use of a shotgun case?

A. There aren’t any federal laws when it comes to the use of shotgun cases, but there might be certain restrictions on the state or local level; for example, some states require a shotgun case to have a lock. Check your local ordinances before purchasing or using a shotgun case.

What’s the best shotgun case to buy?

Top shotgun case

Plano All Weather Premium Watertight Tactical Rifle/Shotgun Case

Plano All Weather Premium Watertight Tactical Rifle/Shotgun Case

What you need to know: This tough shotgun case is built to provide maximum protection against any external force, including severe elements.

What you’ll love: The internal foam is pre-sliced into square-inch segments you can move to ensure a custom fit for your shotgun. It comes in three sizes (36, 42 and 52 inches) with the largest size including wheels for easy transportation.

What you should consider: This is a high-dollar shotgun case made for those who are constantly on the move in potentially severe conditions; others can find shotgun cases for half the cost.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top shotgun case for the money

Bulldog Cases Tactical Shotgun Case

Bulldog Cases Tactical Shotgun Case

What you need to know: This is a no-frills, low-cost shotgun case option for those who don’t need to transport their firearm often, only store it.

What you’ll love: This shotgun case is available in three sizes to best fit your shotgun while limiting its ability to move within the case. Two small pockets on the sides are perfect for storing a small amount of extra rounds.

What you should consider: Properly sizing this shotgun case to your shotgun is important because there is no extra-thick padding or internal strap to secure your shotgun against moving around.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Allen Company Daytona 52-Inch Soft Carrying Shotgun and Rifle Case

Allen Company Daytona 52-Inch Soft Carrying Shotgun and Rifle Case

What you need to know: This well-padded soft shotgun case has plenty of extra pockets and two methods of carrying for easy and safe travels.

What you’ll love: The carrying strap is adjustable to make wearing it across your back and shoulders comfortable. The canvas exterior and nylon interior are extra durable, lasting for many years of use. The shotgun is tightly secured to limit movement when the shotgun case is sealed.

What you should consider: The pockets of this Allen Company soft shotgun case aren’t very large, only being fit for extra rounds or small accessories instead of an extra handgun.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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