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A high-pressure showerhead makes your showering experience rejuvenating and relaxing, and with the right model, can even save you water.

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Which high-pressure showerheads are best?

A good, hot shower is excellent for rejuvenation and relaxation. To get the perfect shower pressure, you need a showerhead that allows a good amount of water pressure to flow through. Choosing the right high-pressure showerhead can mean the difference between a so-so shower and one that leaves you feeling refreshed and ready to face the day. 

If you’re looking for a low-priced yet high-quality high-pressure showerhead, the Kohler K-10282-AK-CP Forte Collection Showerhead with Katalyst Spray is the top choice.

What to know before you buy a high-pressure showerhead

Flow rate

In many places, the top flow rate a shower can reach is 2.5 gallons per minute. Perhaps counterintuitively, high-pressure showerheads can also be low-flow, which saves you money on your water bill and conserves water. If you’re in a community where water conservation is important, be sure to check your showerhead’s flow rate and find one that’s labeled low-flow by WaterSense. 

Wall-mounted vs. handheld vs. a combination

Showerheads come in a variety of designs, and each has its pros and cons. A wall-mounted showerhead, which usually installs easily by screwing onto the pipe extending from your wall, gets as high up as your showerhead can get, a particularly nice feature for the taller users of your shower. A handheld or combo showerhead needs more clearance but has the added perk of a faucet you can move around, which is ideal if you bathe pets, children or want to get into every nook and cranny of your shower while cleaning it.

Variety of settings

There’s something really satisfying about being able to change the settings on your showerhead to spray hard, spray light, pulse and any of the myriad options that adjustable showerheads can offer. If you find that you have differing moods when it comes to showering or if not everyone in your home likes the shower set at the same intensity, a high-pressure showerhead with a variety of spray settings is the way to go.

What to look for in a quality high-pressure showerhead


A showerhead that can withstand a lot of use is one with solid parts, inside and out. Key internal components made of plastic can fail first, so be sure to read the label to figure out if the internal mechanism is solid and durable. 


Nothing pulls a bathroom’s look together better than metals not just of the same color, but of the same finish. Check out your faucet and if applicable, towel rings, to match those.


If you’re the only one who will be using the shower, you can opt for a non-adjustable showerhead, but if you’ve got more than one person who will be using the shower, your best bet is probably an adjustable showerhead. This way, every member of your household can find the setting that’s best for them.

How much you can expect to spend on a high-pressure showerhead

You can find a solidly constructed high-pressure showerhead for around $20. On the top end, expect to pay $80-$100 for an adjustable showerhead with a handheld component, and more than $100 for bells and whistles like Wi-Fi capabilities. 

High-pressure showerhead FAQ

What are some techniques to maximize the pressure on my high-pressure showerhead?

A. Buying a high-pressure showerhead is the single easiest thing you can try to increase water pressure. If after installing it you still aren’t getting the pressure you’d like, you may want to get in touch with a plumber to ask about installing an unvented cylinder.

Do all showerheads fit all showers?

A. For the most part, yes. If you feel that you have a shower pipe of unusual dimensions, measure its diameter carefully before shopping for a replacement. Better yet, if it’s possible, take the showerhead you’re replacing with you when you shop so you can line them up and verify.

What’s the mechanism that makes a showerhead high-pressure, and which one is best?

A. There are a couple of different ways high-pressure showerheads achieve the kind of water pressure that make a shower relaxing and satisfying. The showerhead is either designed with a pressure chamber or is changed by user adjustments to various levels. In general, the pressure chamber variety of high-pressure showerhead tends to be more effective. 

What are the best high-pressure showerheads to buy?

Top high-pressure showerhead

Kohler K-10282-AK-CP Forte Collection Showerhead With Katalyst Spray

Kohler K-10282-AK-CP Forte Collection Showerhead With Katalyst Spray

What you need to know: This well-respected brand is a go-to for interior designers and builders thanks to the quality of their products. 

What you’ll love: Their catalyst water-induction technology creates large droplets that feel luxurious, along with a heavy water flow. 

What you should consider: Some users report that this showerhead is loud. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top high-pressure showerhead for the money

Aqua Elegante 3-Inch High-Pressure Showerhead

Aqua Elegante 3-Inch High-Pressure Showerhead

What you need to know: This no-frills, affordable showerhead lacks some of the bells and whistles of other options, but if high-pressure water is all you’re looking for, you’ll want to take a look at this crowd-pleaser.

What you’ll love: This showerhead offers easy installation and is reasonably priced, yet it’s remarkably sturdy and long-lasting. It’s designed to resist corrosion and doesn’t rust.

What you should consider: If you’re looking for a wider showerhead or one that offers a variety of spray settings, this may not be the one for you.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Moen 26009SRN Engage Magnetix Multi-Function Handshower and Rainshower Combo

Moen 26009SRN Engage Magnetix Multi-Function Handshower and Rainshower Combo 

What you need to know: Moen is another well-known brand that homeowners and contractors love, and this showerhead has many of its hallmarks: beautiful, eye-catching design, reliability and smart design.

What you’ll love: Simply put, this showerhead is sleek and beautiful, fitting into both modern and classic design schemes. The magnetic docking system keeps the handheld portion of the showerhead snugly in place. 

What you should consider: Some users report random detachment of the magnet, which can cause the handheld portion of the showerhead to fall unexpectedly. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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